Why You Should Prioritize Stable Blood Sugar

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Blood sugar is only something diabetics need to worry about, right? Nope. In fact, failing to monitor and balance your blood sugar could lead to diabetes down the line. Blood sugar also isn’t just a term used by your hypochondriac friend or that really finicky family member who insists on eating at the exact same times every day, and forces everyone to accommodate their schedule. Actually, that family member may be finicky, but they are also onto something—perhaps we should all be that militant about our eating times. Blood sugar is nothing to mess around with. Perhaps in your younger years you could get away with not eating food for 16 hours at a time, but if you keep up that behavior in your thirties and beyond, you could have a public fainting episode coming your way. Here is why you should care about stabilizing your blood sugar.

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So you don’t faint

As if fainting isn’t a terrifying enough experience, consider what would happen if you fainted and hit your head on something? Or if you fainted when nobody was around to help you? Letting your blood sugar drop too low can lead to dangerous fainting spells.

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To maintain your weight

Should you wait until your blood sugar is so low you’re ravenous to eat, you’ll likely scarf down your food so quickly you can’t tell when you’re full. This tends to lead to over-eating. Eating five or six small meals a day makes it much easier to monitor your appetite levels.

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To fight diabetes

If you allow for too many regular blood sugar fluctuations—with high highs and low lows every day—your body will stop producing insulin, as well as responding to insulin, in a proper way. This is how you can develop type two diabetes.

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For mood management

Would your friends and family label you as “emotional?” You might just be suffering from blood sugar fluctuations, which tend to cause mood fluctuations. Extremely high blood sugar can lead to bouts of what looks like mania, and low blood sugar can cause lethargy, fogginess, and even depression.

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For sleep management

If you struggle to fall asleep or stay asleep at night, blood sugar issues could be at the root of your problem. If you wait all day to have a proper meal, scarfing down a big dinner, you’ll send your blood sugar sky rocketing right before bed, making it difficult to fall asleep. When your blood sugar inevitably drops, you could wake up because you feel hungry.


To crush cravings

If you let too many hours pass without sustenance, by the time you do eat, you won’t have the will power or clarity of mind to make healthy decisions. Furthermore, your body will crave the item that is highest in sugar and fat to make up for the energy it’s been missing.

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For your heart health

Unfortunately, if you develop diabetes, you’ll be at a higher risk for heart disease or stroke. Managing your blood sugar now could prevent very serious health conditions down the line.


To prevent kidney problems

Did you know that diabetes is the top cause of kidney failure in the US? Your first line of defense against the debilitating and life-threatening issues that accompany diabetes is managing your blood sugar.

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For a healthy libido

Your blood sugar and your libido have a strong connection. If your blood sugar is out of whack, you’ll feel too moody, too tired, or too manic to have sex. So keep some healthy snacks on hand and save your sex life.


For healthy vision

Poor blood sugar management can lead to temporary and permanent vision loss. When blood sugar is too high, this can lead to temporary blurry vision as your lenses swell. Diabetes, unfortunately, can lead to permanent vision loss.

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For good circulation

If mismanaging your blood sugar results in type two diabetes, you could be at risk for circulatory problems. This can lead to several other complications, including clogged arteries and the need to amputate extremities.

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So you can exercise

Exercising with low blood sugar is very dangerous. But even going into a workout session with high blood sugar can lead to some problems. You could feel so hyper that you over-do it, and ultimately send your blood sugar plummeting. Steady blood sugar can result in a quality workout.


To prevent stress

Your cortisol levels increase when you’re starving. If you constantly feel that you are under stress, it’s possible that mismanaged blood sugar levels are to blame. The world just feels a little less intimidating when your blood sugar is in check.

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To be mindful of what you eat

If you eat five to six little meals a day, you’ll naturally be more mindful of what you eat. You’ll be setting aside more time to prep snacks and meals, and to sit down and eat them, so you’ll appreciate your food.


You’ll be happier

Overall, if you manage your blood sugar levels, you’ll feel happier. Your brain will be more focused, which will result in higher quality of work and social interactions.

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