“I Put Myself Last”: Big Sean Is Making His Mental Health A Priority As He Enters His 30s

March 26, 2018  |  

Big Sean mental health


How did your outlook on things change when you entered your 30s? For rapper Big Sean, who just turned the big 3-0 on Sunday, he said he’s realized the importance of taking care of his mental health and says it will be one of his biggest priorities in this new decade following the recent death of a friend. The message he shared, via Instagram, was a poignant one, reminding us that we need to be open and honest about the things we’re battling with because at the end of the day, as he put it, “whatever you going through, you not alone.”

I’m turning 30 and I don’t regret nothin’ I’ve ever been through in life. Everything made me who I am, period. But if there’s something that I feel like I could have done better and I’m going to do better moving forward, and this is just for the people who need to hear it, it’s taking better care of myself, dog. Taking better care of my mental and how I feel. Because you know, I get caught up in trying to be that boss and take care of everyone around me. Take care of my family, take care of my crew and everybody, and I put myself last. But I realize that if I would have taken a little bit better care of myself, then I would have been more efficient in everything I was doing. Brought my best self to the table.  That’s what I want to do. I got problems internalizing a lot, when I’m depressed or going through real sh-t we all go through. But one of my homies shot himself in the head last week and did some other horrific things I don’t want to talk about. But nobody really knew what he was going through. Point is, we in this together. I’m not just talking about me and him, I’m talking about all of us. We in this together. If we going through a natural disaster, we in that together, that’s our problem. That’s why the kids at Marjory Stoneman Douglas, I respect them because they’re making a difference. The school shootings, those are our problems. If I’ve got a mental illness or anybody around us, we’ve got to speak up because those are our problems. And one of the things I’ve been trying to practice a little bit more of is togetherness because we don’t live in separate universes or bubbles or anything. We in one place together. We see the power we have when we come together and support what we love and believe in. From movies to people to political leaders we choose to social media. That’s a clear example of us coming together, putting our energy into something, from the memes to the things trending, all of that. So going into this next chapter of my life with music or anything I do, I’m only putting my energy into things I love, things I believe in, things that give it back to me. I’m going to cut down on the unnecessary because when people spread things that aren’t true about you or rumors or whatever, if enough people put energy into it, it can manifest itself into something. But imagine if you put that energy back into yourself in a positive way. Like, you could make dreams that’s not real, real too. You can make goals that ain’t manifested yet, happen. You can make things that you thought were impossible, possible. I’ve seen it happen. So to all my bros out there, all my sis out there, put your energy into things you love and believe in. That’s it. Remember, whatever you going through, you not alone. You’ve got to get yourself right, but also remember, we in this together.




After waxing poetic about the importance of tapping into your mental health and putting your energy into things that make you happy, Sean went and did the latter. He hopped on a jet with girlfriend Jhene Aiko, his mom, dad and friends to celebrate his birthday in Las Vegas. It was quite the good time. Check out his “Lil pre-birthday” fun below:




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