“It Took A Lot Of Protecting My Space For A Long Time” Comedian Quinta Brunson Talks Twitter, Her New Book and ‘Flying’ With The Philadelphia Eagles

March 24, 2018  |  

quinta brunson working on she memes well book 2


Quinta Brunson is proof that the Philadelphia Eagles are the only winners hailing from the “City of Brotherly Love”. The 28-year-old resident funny girl of social media worked as a producer and and development partner at Buzzfeed Motion Pictures for four years before recently cutting ties with the content powerhouse to pursue her own creative projects. After transferring her hit series Broke to YouTube Red adding show runner to her list of accomplishments, Brunson launched a mockumentary on go90 called Up for Adoption followed by a new series titled Quinta Vs. Everything on Facebook Watch.  She recently sat down with OkayPlayer to talk her upcoming projects including her literary debut, “She Memes Well” as well as how her home team’s recent Super Bowl win motivated her to take off and aim for the sky herself:

“You know what? It really motivated the s**t out of me. As soon as that win happened, the next day I was going—I sent my book proposal, I finished up two proposals, I was just on fire. It motivated me so much.”

“Everything has just been a rolling ball. [Laughs] For me and all my friends from Philly it has just been such a symbolic win. I feel like Philadelphians always feel like the underdogs and it just gave us the push we needed to really get through the year [laughs].”

In her already ambitious, busy schedule, Brunson has also found time to pencil in her television debut appearing on the CW’s upcoming drama End Of The World As We Know It. But TV is a departure from the internet, where Brunson ruled as viral video queen for some time.  She shares her feelings with OkayPlayer about being an internet pioneer:

“In reality, I’m a child of the internet. I was born with it, I love it and I use it every day. I don’t want to abandon it. People want to cross the bridge and leave internet in the past which is so strange. It’s the smartest, strongest tool, but people think that they have to get out of it to be on TV or movie land. They think that that is the next frontier. I don’t feel that way and I never want to feel that way. I think there’s so much value in the internet space.”

“I would hope to continue to do things to make that clear for people, that they don’t have to leave the Internet to feel that they’ve become successful.”

Brunson maintains that although she has crossed over in TV land, she is working on season 2 of Quinta vs. Everything. She also shares that as much as she loves the internet and social media, she recently had to fall back from her Twitter profile:

“Twitter was a huge issue for me. I love to use Twitter. I love to tweet. But I don’t always love what happens right after I tweet. My own tweet can get away from me in a way that’s crazy. It could be really, really cool or the absolute worst. It can turn into a whole movement without me realizing or knowing or anything like that. Also, just reading about what everyone else is doing was starting to affect me in a negative way.”

“Last week I turned off Twitter notifications on my phone. I also took the app off my phone so now I have to go on Safari to access Twitter. It’s so terrible, but I have to trick my mind into making it harder to get access to all of that and it really does work. Having to go into Safari to get into Twitter and not having the tools so you can see trending tweets, I don’t want to see that stuff anymore. I’m honestly really over it. I know it’s the way things go, but I’m over it. It’s too much and it makes me mad sometimes. Twitter is just non-stop nowadays and it didn’t use to be like that.”

Although Brunson has had to back off from her followers, she’s using that time to connect with her real-life friends who include Donald Glover and Issa Rae, who nominated her for Forbes 30 Under 30 list. She says she had only met the “Awkward Black Girl” creator a few times before the nomination:

“I was like ‘Hey, were you a part of this? I see your name on the website. Did you help make this happen?’ She was like ‘Yeah, girl, me and Jill Soloway. You can do it.’ That was really sweet. That is the moment that’s really the moment, uplifting other people and putting them in spaces like that. Issa was a conversation and a network came.”

When it comes to black creatives in Hollywood, Brunson shares that although she didn’t tune into the Oscars because she didn’t “really care about it”, she is rooting for writers such as Jordan Peele and is still basking in Black Panther glory like many of us and singing producer Ryan Coogler’s praises:

“I think I also just have this real soft spot in my heart for straight, black men in the industry trying to do anything.”

“Even the success of Black Panther… Ryan Coogler is the hottest director in the world right now and that’s so f**king tight. He’s a straight, black man who talks like he’s from Oakland. Ryan Coogler is possibly the most inspiring person on Earth to me.”

Brunson is currently working on “She Memes Well” a book she says was inspired from gems she picked up in Gabrielle Union’s “We’re Going To Need More Wine” and will include stories she think will be good for people. She revealed to Okayplayer how it feels to be able to maintain control and ownership over her work up until this point:

“I find it very important and I think that I’ve had to learn to let go a little bit. Even recently with being in this pilot, that was me not being able to have as much control as I’m used to. But I do think that it was important for me as a creator to maintain that for awhile because I did feel a little bit unique in a lot of different departments.”

“It took a lot of protecting my space for a long time in order to grow as myself while I was doing all of these things, especially when it came to sense of humor. It’s really important for me to keep that precious until it’s understood, then I was able to work with people more once they understood that. It’s important for anyone who feels unique. I think people who feel that way often try to conform, but I think they should try to hold on to it for as long as they can.”

You can read more about Brunson’s work including a partnership with ASOs to give back to her fellow Philly “jawns” in the full interview here.

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