When Is It Okay To Talk About Your Siblings’ Marital Woes?

March 22, 2018  |  


This season of “Braxton Family Values” promises to be a doozy. The Braxton sisters have always had a contentious relationship. But this season promises to be even more drama because of the ongoing divorce Tamar and her husband Vince are currently undergoing.

In the months leading up to tonight’s season premiere, Tamar’s family has been anything but quiet when it comes to sharing their thoughts and feelings about Tamar’s decision to leave as well as the aspects of their relationship that may have caused the split in the first place.

First, Tamar’s mother gave extensive details about one abusive incident between the couple. Then, when Tamar announced that she had finally filed for divorce, her sisters flew to L.A. to support her. But before they could even leave the airport, they told TMZ that the rumors about Vince were true, that there had been more than one violent altercation.

Now, there are rumors that Tamar Braxton is refusing to promote the new season of the show because she is not happy with the way her estranged husband is being portrayed publicly.

So naturally, the only thing for the sisters, Towanda, Trina and Traci, to do is sit down with TMZ again to speak about their decision to discuss Tamar’s relationship publicly.

“At the end of the day, we’re sisters and we talk about each other’s situations all the time. One of the crazy things is, you can’t talk about our relationships and think that it’s okay and then when it’s reciprocated, it’s supposed to be off limits. And besides, we’re not the ones who put it on social media about her truculent relationship with her “estranged” husband.”

Towanda added that when Trina announced her divorce, Tamar shouted.

“Unfortunately, I wish some of this stuff was scripted but this is real life. It’s not like all the other shows where we’re put together. All the other shows, when they go through situations, they get to go home. But for us we have to take it home and we still have to deal with it. The things that you see on Braxton Family Values is real life stuff. Tamar really did go on social media and say these things, Mommy did talk to you guys TMZ and say how she felt about things. For our show, I wish that some of it was scripted so it wouldn’t be so painful.”

Then they asked if they were on speaking terms with Tamar. They said it’s sporadic and depending on her mood.

Then when asked if they were speaking to Vincent, there was another resounding no.

I’ve been watching all the drama unfold since Tamar filed for divorce. I’ve told y’all that I really don’t have any reason to doubt that Vince is indeed abusive. I suspected as much not only from the way he spoke to her on the show but also based on the incident where he bit her finger in a hotel lobby.

So, I’ve asked myself if I knew, believed, or had witnessed my sister or my child dealing with an abusive relationship, would I speak publicly about it? If I were a mother and thought it could save her life, absolutely. If I were her sister and someone asked me a question, I wouldn’t lie. I didn’t blame them at all for that.

But the notion that these ladies are talking about their sisters’ marital woes because she talked about them just seems unnecessarily vengeful. I’ve watched more than my fair share of “Braxton Family Values.” I saw how Tamar commented on every last one of her sisters’ marriages, past and present. It was all clearly wrong. Still, because they couldn’t stand it when she did it to them, is all the more reason for them not to repeat the behavior with her. Not because Vince deserves the protection but because how does you continuing to speak to the media about your sister’s marriage do anything but drive a wedge in your relationship?


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