Things You’ll Be Glad To Have In The Delivery Room

March 22, 2018  |  
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If this is your first child, you’ll want a fully-loaded hospital bag. First-time deliveries tend to take longer. They can be as short as eight hours (which, obviously, isn’t short) or last for several days. Delivery is not the way it looks in the movies. It isn’t a whirlwind of drugs and doctors and suddenly a crying bundle of joy in your arms. There can be a lot of waiting around and a feeling that nothing is happening. Delivery can put you out for days. But, you aren’t in the comfort of your home; you’re in a hospital, away from your closet, your gadgets, your kitchen, and your bathroom. There will be a few things you’ll be very grateful to have on hand, especially if you don’t have a friend or family member available to run back and forth between your home and the delivery room to grab your belongings. Here are things you’ll be happy to have in the delivery room.

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A pen and notebook

When there are no nurses or doctors in site, that will be the exact moment you think of a dozen questions you have for a nurse or doctor. You’ll be glad to have a pen and notepad to write those down for when a doctor returns.


Dry shampoo

You may not have the energy to get in the shower or even the patience to have someone wash your hair over a sink. So you’ll be grateful for some dry shampoo when your hair is starting to look like a nest.

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Leave in conditioner

Don’t forget the leave in conditioner! The last thing you need when you get home and have a newborn to attend to are knots that will take an hour to comb out. Bring a wet brush, too, and have your partner or friend comb your hair for you.

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Face wipes

If you don’t have the energy to wash your face, you’ll want some way to remove the grime that builds up from sweating and crying and not showering for a day to several days. Bring some face wipes—your favorite kind, even if they’re expensive. It’s the birth of your child, after all. legs wearing pyjamas hanging off bed

Slipper/shoe hybrids

Your feet will be too swollen for regular shoes but too cold for flip-flops. Slipper/shoe hybrids like UGG or Croc loafers are perfect for the trip home from the hospital, or any walks around the hallways.

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A phone charger

So you can keep your friends, family, and followers up to date on the delivery! You’ll want a fully charged phone for your Instagram stories, Snapchats, and Tweets. plug

An extension cord

Don’t assume there will be an outlet anywhere near your hospital bed. Bring an extension cord for the many things you’ll want to plug in (we’ll get to another one soon).

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A tablet

A laptop may be too hefty for the delivery room since there aren’t many places to store things, but bring a tablet. From there, you can binge watch your favorite shows or ready e-books.

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Hospital noises aren’t always pleasant. When the screams of another mom in labor get to be too much, you’ll be glad to have some good noise-canceling headphones. No disrespect to that mama, but you’re trying to stay positive here.

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A fluffy towel

Hospital towels are basically glorified dishrags. If you do find the energy to take a shower at the hospital, you want to be wrapped in a luxurious, thick, fluffy, warm, hotel-quality towel. cute cat

A sleeping bag

For friends, family, and your partner who want to stay the whole time but need a nap. They’ll be grateful for a sleeping bag to curl up in in those otherwise stiff hospital chairs.

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Your favorite snacks

There will be vending machines, but you may not like what’s in them, or they may run out of your favorite food. So pack your favorite snacks. If ever there were a time to give into cravings, this is that time.

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Vending machine change

Of course, you may eat up all your snacks sooner than you thought so have change on hand in case the vending machine is an old one that doesn’t take credit cards. bathrobe

A super cozy robe

After delivery, you will not want to lift a foot to get into different pants. You’ll appreciate having a super soft and fluffy robe to get into for the drive home.


Earplugs/eye mask

Again, there are a lot of sounds in the hospital—not all are great. And while the nurse may turn down the light above your bed for naptime, there will still be plenty of flashing lights in the room. Bring earplugs and an eye mask so you can rest.

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