Draymond Green Is Making Fitness Affordable For His Hometown

March 10, 2018  |  

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For some reason, between his clueless reaction to Fergie remixing the National Anthem during NBA All-Star weekend and Dave Chappelle saying he has the blackest name ever, Draymond Green is slowly becoming one of my favorite people in the world. The Golden State Warriors power forward recently sat down with GQ to discuss his recent endeavor to create healthier communities and make fitness affordable.

Green recently announced a partnership with Blink Fitness to open 20 value-based fitness centers around the country. The player says health and fitness are obviously core parts of his life and when it comes to opportunities off the court, from endorsements to investments he chooses to be involved with areas that are “organic” to him. He says he feels like health and wellness are becoming something that is a priority to the general public and are not just passing trends:

“I do care about people getting into shape. I think it leads to a much healthier lifestyle. People being healthier allows for healthier options. All of a sudden, you see healthier food spots. It just makes everything a lot better.”

The 28-year-old speaks about wanting to bring opportunities for affordable fitness as well as jobs to his hometown of Saginaw, Michigan:

“I grew up in Saginaw, Michigan, and our first location will be in downtown Detroit. Dan Gilbert’s done a great job down there bringing the city back [but] I don’t think it necessarily has the big city money. The chance to help add to what’s going on in downtown Detroit, to help continue to build that out, that will also in turn eventually help my hometown of Saginaw.”

Green adds that exercise is something he wants introduced to youth as well, reflecting on the fact that he didn’t know what cardio equipment was until he was an adult:

“To add jobs to the state of Michigan, to take gyms to Detroit, to take the gyms to possibly Saginaw, to add jobs in Saginaw, to help people live a much healthier life in Saginaw, that’s incredible. Growing up as a kid, we didn’t really have gyms like that. I didn’t know what a piece of cardio equipment was until I got to college. Being able to add a value-based gym with low rates to a city like Detroit, possibly to Saginaw, that’s very important to me.”

When asked if locker room talk includes details about business deals, Green shares that he and teammates like Steph Curry and Klay Thomas often come to each other for advice and that there’s more support than competition when it comes to their lives beyond basketball:

“But at the end of the day, we all wanna see each other succeed. It’s not about being super competitive, more so than it is about sharing our deal flow with each other.”

“So I think it’s more about us sharing our deal flow with each other and allowing each other the opportunities that one guy may get, just sharing those deals with each other, more than it’s about being competitive. We’re not trying to compete, we’re all trying to eat together and live a much better life, create a much better life for our families, and for ourselves down the road. So it’s about helping each other more than it’s about competing.”

When asked if he’s been able to use any transferable skills from basketball to the board room, Green shares the two areas actually have a lot in common:

“But what I would say is being a basketball player your entire life, it teaches you certain things. It teaches you how to work with a team. And in business, no one can do it by themselves. And so knowing how to work with a team, knowing that there are roles within that team, that you need to fulfill and everyone else needs to fulfill, I think it helps in the business world.”

“As far as myself, I’ve been a leader on the basketball floor. I think that those leadership qualities … you can use those in the business world. Now, in saying that, [when] in a majority of these businesses that we all get involved in, we’re not as smart as a CEO. We’re not as smart or as talented in that field as we are in what we’ve been doing our entire lives. The goal is always to learn.”

You can read more about Green and what his future career goals include here.



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