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My mom recently took my sister and me to an all women’s retreat. At first, when she booked it, I thought some judgmental things I won’t write here (Okay, stuff like “Is this the resort of the Ya Ya sisterhood? Are we going to ovulate in a tent together?”) Hey, I didn’t say I was proud of those thoughts! But, for me, vacation usually revolved around fabulous outfits, cocktails, and places where there are men. I don’t need men to be there, but I’m just so used to them being there that, without realizing it, I had created my idea of a vacation to accommodate the presence of men. It was what I was used to. And, besides, I enjoy the company and conversation of men sometimes. But, the truth is, I get plenty of that (if not too much) in everyday life so, I figured I’d lean into this all-female resort. I’m so glad I did. Here is why you should visit an all-women’s retreat, at least once.

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No caring about appearances

Do you know how nice it is to just lounge around in yoga pants, a flowy top, no bra, no makeup, a messy bun, and flip flops for days? Not just in your home though. On a resort. In the bar area. In the restaurant. It’s incredible. It’s like a multiple-day slumber party, all over a gorgeous resort property.

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The energy is gentle and peaceful

When you arrive, the gentle and peaceful energy is palpable. You feel instantly relaxed. You can feel the nurturing, empathetic, intuitive energy of women everywhere.


No fighting to speak

Conversations are remarkably quiet at an all women’s resort. Why? Because we don’t realize how often we have to speak louder than feels natural to us or interrupt someone just to be included in a conversation with a man.

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Female-focused classes

You’ll enjoy awesome female-focused lectures on all sorts of topics ranging from relationships to career to wellness. You just don’t get as many of those at coed resorts because they wouldn’t be as well-attended. But this whole experience will be about enhancing your knowledge and wellbeing.

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Female-focused fitness

There were fitness classes that were not only a lot of fun (women just don’t bring that aggressive, competitive energy to a workout class that men do), but were also designed to flow with a woman’s body. You’ll feel energized and physically at ease.

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You can feel the love

If women are at a women’s retreat, it’s because they’re craving reconnection with women. So you can instantly feel the love and acceptance when you get there.

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Delicious menus that make you feel good

The menus are also designed with the female body in mind. Our unique biology responds to certain ingredients and flavors very well, and the menus are usually created with those in mind.

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You can lose the filter

You instantly realize how much you filter what you say when there are men around. Removing that filter feels so liberating.

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You feel totally safe

There’s no worry about men hitting on you, men catcalling you, or men simply asserting themselves over you in any way. That power dynamic men often try to play out (with them on top) doesn’t exist.


You can network with great women

You can meet some incredible women at these retreats, and in a natural way. It’s much better to connect with a possible professional contact over pina coladas by the pool than at a convention in pantsuits.

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Focus on your relationship with you

To “retreat” means to get away from all of your regular obligations and distractions. At a women’s retreat, when you don’t have your significant other or children around, you can just focus on your relationship with you and check in on your emotional and mental wellbeing.

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We need to remember our bond

In this current social climate, it’s more important than ever for women to remember our bond. It’s unbreakable. You’ll leave the retreat deeply feeling that, everywhere you go, you’re surrounded by members of an exclusive club (that of women) that really care about you.

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We can talk about our experiences

When you travel with men, you feel that you need to balance out the conversation to include topics that are interesting to men. But at an all women’s retreat, you finally have the time to talk about the female experience, without worrying about cutting it short so the present men don’t become bored.


No catering to the male ego

You’ll feel this tremendous weight lifted at an all women’s resort. What is that? It’s like a heavy presence floated away…Oh. It’s the male ego. You don’t realize quite how much energy you spend catering to it (keeping it from throwing tantrums, rather) until there are suddenly no men around.


They’re honestly just so fun

Women’s resorts are so much fun. They feel like a vacation on vacation. The chance to eat at buffets, stay in nice hotel rooms, and enjoy entertainment is a vacation on its own. Remove the men, and it’s the most relaxing experience ever.

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