10 Workout Moves That Are The Absolute Worst But The Absolute Best For Your Body

March 7, 2018  |  
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As tiring as walking on a treadmill or using an elliptical machine sounds, many people flock to them at the beginning of their fitness journey. Why? Because while it requires energy and effort to maintain a pace on such machines, you control everything. That includes how fast you go, how much resistance you use, and how long you’re on them.


But if you want real results, after a while, you’re going to have to switch it up and get into some of the more intense moves. And yes, that includes all of the stuff they make you do in group classes and personal training that you roll your eyes at the mention of. And while they do drive everyone crazy, they work muscles most of us don’t have the patience to make a priority — including the core. Check out 10 moves that are the absolute worst, but also the absolute best for your fitness goals.


Lunge Jumps

Looking to strengthen your lower half? Lunge jumps work your hip flexors, your legs and those glutes. Jump softly though, especially if you have problematic knees.



When asked to do these at the end of a workout, you might want to throw in the towel. It’s understandable. But burpees are great for just about everything, particularly your arms, your core, your chest, hamstrings and glutes.



You don’t have to be a track star, but running, and even better, sprinting, is great for building muscle, improving cardiovascular health and decreasing body fat. And in particular, it’s great for strengthening, externally, muscles in your legs, and internally, the heart.



Just terrible. But push-ups are all about increasing strength, including your shoulders, your triceps, chest muscles and core. Start off slow and see if you can work your way up in the number you can do.



Similar to push-ups, planks are fantastic for working on your stomach and strengthening your core (including the obliques), as well as your hips and back.


Mountain Climbers

Yes, they’re incredibly hard when you’re already exhausted. But mountain climbers are a must as a full-body workout. We’re talking biceps, triceps, core, hamstrings, hip abductors, chest — everything is going to feel on fire in the beginning but will be stronger in the long run.


Squat Pulses

Squats are tough enough, but squat pulses? They’re something serious. They do a number on the glutes, hamstrings, quads, and core without requiring the same intensity as the other moves on this list.


Jumping Jacks

Another full-body workout, jumping jacks tone a wide variety of muscles and provide flexibility.


Pike Sit-Ups

Your core will thank you later, sis. Sometimes called V-Ups, they are a doozy on the abs, the lower back, triceps and all those leg muscles you’ve been looking to tone up.



If you can do at least one, you’re on the right track. Pull-ups help to strengthen your biceps as well as the back muscles — and you look pretty fierce when you do them.

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