Funny Things Women Do During Transitional Phases

March 6, 2018  |  
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After breakups, after leaving a job that was crushing our souls, after cleansing our life of a few toxic friends, or perhaps after finally finding the strength to go permanently off with a man you’d been on-again-off-again with for years, something happens to a woman. We come alive. We open up. When women go through one change, they tend to crave and seek out several other lifestyle changes. I don’t think it’s a bad idea! Hey, if life already feels uncertain, why not take a few risks? You can’t put your stability at risk when things aren’t stable. But we can have some pretty funny, dependable things that seem to be consistent throughout females. Here are funny things women do during transitional phases.


Get rid of our clothes

A serious closet cleaning is necessary after we clean anything—like a job or boyfriend—out of our lives. I don’t know why, but if a major person leaves, we suddenly want all our garments gone, too.

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Buy a new, specific wardrobe

Once the old wardrobe goes, we want a new one—but it’s usually a very specific one. If we felt life was too rigid before, we might pick up a lot of flowy skirts and bohemian tops. If we recently found our inner boss lady, it might be a lot of Michelle Obama type structured dresses and power pantsuits.

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Chop off our hair

Something about a new haircut makes a woman feel like a new person. I don’t think haircuts have this same effect on men. But if we leave a relationship or move to a new city, we probably are about to chop six to 12 inches off our tresses.


Do some apologizing

We tend to learn a lot about ourselves—like the wrongs of our ways—during transitional phases. If you know a woman going through a major change, don’t be surprised if she reaches out to apologize for some things she’s done wrong to you.

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Buy exercise Groupons

Though we’ve never taken an interest in it before, during a transitional phase, we’ll suddenly get very into krav maga/water aerobics/spinlates—so into it that we’ll buy 20 classes at once.

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De-clutter our space

It’s possible that Goodwills and Salvation Armys rely mostly on women in transitional phases for their donations. When we turn a new page in our life, we want to live in a new space, and we give away a lot of stuff.

A troubled wife turns to Reddit for advice after struggling to forge a relationship with her new husband's ex.


Talk a lot about the transition

Just be prepared; if your friend is going through a transition, it’ll be about the only thing she’ll talk about until it’s over. Transitions require all of our mental space. Even if we seem like we’re listening to what you’re saying, we probably aren’t.

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Start a blog

Transitional phases inspire a lot of writing. Usually, we see life through a new lens when we make a major change, and that lens presents us with revelations and anecdotes we want to share with the public every day.

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Start a brand

This usually goes hand in hand with the blog—the brand. Women especially want to turn themselves into a brand after leaving a job that was oppressing their dreams, killing their souls, and dampening their creativity.

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Cut out sugar, wheat, or alcohol

When we cut out this ex, that friend, or this circumstance, we want our bodies to feel as pure as our minds do! That’s why transitions often come with a new no-sugar, no-dairy, no-gluten, no-alcohol, or all-of-the-above rule. Eventually we realize we know how to feel positive and pure without cutting out the foods we love.

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Get briefly but very into nature

Nature has a way of showing us truths, of grounding us, of giving us perspective and of revitalizing us. That’s why many women get very into nature during transitions. But it’s short-lived because, in case you haven’t noticed, trekking out to the middle of nowhere is a lot of work. We’ll usually settle for a few potted plants on our balcony after a while.


Travel somewhere we aren’t prepared for

In the vein of “Wild,” we decide to take on a trip we aren’t prepared for. And we end up a little hungry and a little frightened in a hostel that looked much different online, not quite sure if we booked a train trip or camel ride through the tour guide who barely speaks English.

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Hook up with someone who isn’t our type

I couldn’t quite tell you why, but during transitional phases, we often seek out a man who is completely different than someone we’d normally date. Maybe we think he offers some type of energy we haven’t yet experienced.


Become very outspoken

Transition often comes with freedom. If we leave a job or relationship that was very constricting, we might be so tired of editing and filtering what we say and do, that we remove all of our filters. But then we offend a friend or get arrested and need to cool it.

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Start making things by hand

Jewelry, headscarves, clothes, cashew butter, baskets, dog collars, soaps—you name it, and there is a woman out there who has made it in bulk because she was in a transitional period.

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