The Reunion Between HurtBae & Her Ex Prove You Can’t Always Get Closure

March 1, 2018  |  

A couple of months ago, we reported that 24-year-old Kourtney Jorge, better known as HurtBae, had found a new love. 

In case you forgot, HurtBae sat down with her ex, Leonard Long III to discuss what went wrong in their relationship. During the recorded conversation, that eventually went viral, Long spoke about how he cheated on Jorge so many times that he’d lost count. She shed real tears throughout the chat, while Long looked on, seemingly apathetic. To his discredit, there was very little remorse in his tone.

As you can imagine, men and women across the inter webs didn’t exactly embrace Leonard with open arms. He was enemy number one. And with comments like, “I made that b*tch famous,” it wasn’t hard to dislike him.

Hell, even the announcement of HurtBae’s new boo, served as an opportunity for Leonard to act a donkey. In the caption of a picture with her new man, Leonard wrote: “When you can’t get Polo so you go grab some USPA.”

Ugh. He’s just immature.

So, for the life of me, I can’t understand why these two, HurtBae especially, would agree to sit down with Long ever again. But she did. And if you thought Long was going to keep his pettiness on the internet, you thought wrong.

He was awful.

And by awful, I mean he told her that he never wanted to see her again.

Take a look at the video below.

As you can see, he still showed no remorse…again This time, he took additional jabs like saying he was in a relationship the last time they spoke, suggesting that she was still checking for him at the time of the first video. And the real zinger, that they were never together as a couple.

I don’t know if there was a contract involved or what, but her decision to sit down with this one again is strange, right? Judging from his behavior during your relationship and on social media, there was no way this conversation was going to go any differently than it did.

And I hate that she subjected herself to that type of negative energy. The aftermath reminded me of a scene from Two Can Play That Game. In it, Anthony Anderson talks to Morris Chestnut about how to influence, manipulate and eventually convince Vivica Fox, his girlfriend, to take him back after her was seen out with another woman. Both of them were, as the title suggests, playing games, and in this scene Anthony was speaking about energy transfer and getting the upper hand. At the time of the conversation, Chestnut was hurt and despondent because Vivica was ignoring the hell out of him, punishing him for his bad behavior. Anderson instructed him to show up to her house, unannounced, get into an argument with her and then leave. He did what he was told. And sure enough, Morris left feeling on top of the world, while Vivica was emotionally drained.

I can’t say that Leonard Long III felt on top of the world leaving this conversation. A part of me, looks at his slightly shifty eyes and thinks maybe he knows he’s behaving badly and just can’t help it. But I know, for sure, that Kourtney left that room feeling worse than when she entered it. And for someone who has moved on, who is happily dating someone else, there was no need to expose herself to that toxicity. Because now, she’s only going to bring it right back to her man.

The whole sit down reminded me, yet again, why closure is often times a fantastical concept. Sometimes we feel like we can have a conversation with an ex and all of our questions will be answered. And while that is possible, if you’ve truly moved on, why do you need it? We can’t put people’s maturity and growth on a timeline. Some people will never be ready or willing to accept their mistakes. Clearly, Leonard isn’t ready to grow up. So for the love of God, Kourtney should leave him the hell alone and let him wallow in the aftermath of his cruelty on his own.

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