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People often tell married couples it’s not good for them to spend too much time apart. But when work duties call — specifically business travel duties — how far are you willing to go for the sake of your union? That may sound like a figurative question but it was a literal one Adrienne and Israel Hougton discussed before walking down the aisle.

Today the co-host of “The Real” disclosed an important talk she and her husband had before they jumped the broom which was how they would handle work obligations that would require them to be away from one another.

“Long distance relationships…for some it may work, for most it does not,” Adrienne stated before Jeannie Mai jumped in saying, “That’s why you’re smart because you and Israel, you’ll travel with Israel. You’ll pack up and go, even if Israel has a job you’re like right by his side.”

Adrienne chimed in to declare she’s going to Nashville this weekend because of an obligation Israel has, saying, “We made that commitment and I think it’s so important to have conversations…we brought up worst-case scenarios and any concerns and issues. Literally, he and I have discussed what is the worst thing that could happen and how do we think we could handle it?”

One of those things Adrienne said was, “God forbid if Israel got a job in New York do I leave this job? Does he give up an opportunity of a lifetime? Those are real conversations you have to have before you get married.”

Traveling for work with your partner versus relocating for your spouse’s career, while similar, are two drastically different considerations. As for the first issue, I remember having a hypothetical conversation with my best friend about the idea of traveling with your husband — something women in her church encouraged single women to do once they tie the knot — and I told her I wasn’t interested. I have my own career, which she retorted allows me to work remotely when needed, but above all, I said I wasn’t interested in following my husband on business trips just to make sure he doesn’t trip up, i.e. cheat. Of course, if my husband were going somewhere unique or extending his travel so we could have a getaway, I’d be down. I’d even consider going along every now and then if he had a particularly travel-heavy job. But going any and everywhere my partner’s job requires just doesn’t feel necessary in my currently single mind (which, of course, is subject to change). What do you say? Do you go with your husband when he has to travel for work? Would you?

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