Ways We All Say We Won’t Be Like Our Moms…Then Are

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Ah “Mom behavior.” It’s endearing, it’s the butt of a lot of jokes, it’s the inspiration for many anti-fashion blogs and plenty of Instagram pages. Moms are hilarious! And yet, we all swear that we’ll never wind up like our moms. This is particularly true when we’re in our twenties and try to take vacations with our mothers. It seems like every decision highlights our major differences from our mamas at the time, and spurs that, “Ugh. I’ll never be like that” comment. But maybe there’s a reason mom behavior seems to be pretty consistent across all, well, moms. There must be something about getting older, being a woman, and having children—that magical trio of events—that brings out new behaviors, preferences, and opinions. Be careful about being too critical of your mother because you may understand her too well for your comfort one day. Here are ways we all say we won’t end up like our moms, but do anyways.

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Needing specific meal times

Low blood sugar is a real issue! It’s not an issue that seems to plague us in our twenties, but by the time we hit our thirties or forties we kind of get it—it’s important to have set meal times, each day. And if people try to make plans that interfere with those meal times, we get a little antsy.


Worrying about the uncontrollable

Remember how much it used to drive you crazy when your mom would obsess over things like “What if we can’t get a good table at the restaurant?” and “What if these two friends don’t get along?” Now you worry about those things, don’t you?

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Obsessing over making appointments/reservations

You were all spontaneity in college and your early twenties, right? The person in the room insisting you made reservations at this restaurant or an appointment at that massage place was teased for being a buzz kill. Now you are that person.

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Wearing the same color all the time

You probably used to roast your mom for wearing all the same color, head to toe, every day. Now you realize she was onto something. She figured out the color that flatters her the most and is playing to her strengths. And so are you.

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Falling asleep in movies

Remember when you used to get so upset at your mother for fighting to watch the movie she wanted to watch, then falling asleep 20 minutes in? You do the same thing with your boyfriend or partner now too, don’t you?


Packing snacks in every bag

When you’d go in your mom’s purse to find chapstick, you’d have to dig past packets of peanut butter, bananas, bags of almonds, and sticks of cheese? Sounds a bit like your purses now, huh?

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Asking a dozen questions at restaurants

You used to roll your eyes with embarrassment when your mom would ask the server a dozen questions about the food. Now you get it—you do want to know if the salmon sauce is really heavy because you want to save room for that one scoop of sorbet you want later.

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Treating our partners like our children

When your mom used to ask your dad, over and over again, if he remembered to bring a jacket, you’d think, “My relationship will never be that boring.” Now you drive your boo to his doctor’s appointments, just to make sure he goes.


Checking the weather for our outfits

Admit it. You now check the weather before deciding what to wear. But when you were younger, you thought your mom was so geeky for letting a few clouds dictate her attire.

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Needing time to rest between social encounters

You finally understand the need to just take a break before social encounters. Just because you’re free on Thursday night (when your friend wants to go out) doesn’t mean you’re free: you’ll be tired from Wednesday night, and needing to rest before going out Friday night.

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Loving a bargain

Your mom’s obsession with bargains and coupons fascinated and embarrassed you when you were younger. Now, you and your best friend love to get together and tell each other how cheap your clothes were.

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Getting tipsy after a glass and half of wine

Gone are the days of having four margaritas on a “light night of drinking.” You’re just like your mama now, giggling uncontrollably after a glass and a half of Chardonnay.

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Being a little judgy

Your mom used to turn up her nose at women who were getting too turnt at a restaurant, or donning mid-drift-showing tops in public and you thought she was mean. And now…oh…there it is! You’ve started to make that same face at women showing their tummies in public.

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Telling long-winded stories

“So I was sitting at home the other night read a book—that new one by Christopher Rivingston…or is it Livingston…Livingster?…doesn’t matter—and there was a knock at the door. And I was thinking, who could be here? It’s too early for my husband to be home. I didn’t order anything from Amazon. Sometimes my neighbor stops by to ask if I accidentally got one of her packages, so maybe it was her…” Does this sound like your mom telling a story, or you? Uh oh!

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Loving HGTV

You never quite understood the appeal of channels like HGTV and the Food Network—at least not until you grew up, realized how frightening and complex life can be, and how sometimes you just need a show that’s all about cake.

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