Stuntin’ Is A Habit: Vincent Herbert’s Repo’ed Rolls Royce & Other Financial Woes

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Over Christmas break, we saw some commercial for Tamar and Vince’s reality show. Naturally, they were discussing the fact that Tamar filed for divorce. My aunt was watching as the commercial aired and mentioned that she thought the whole thing was a farce, that the two were going through this whole divorce thing in order to drum up ratings for their show. At the time I was like “Nah.” Consistent viewers of the show have watched the way he speaks to her…on camera.

Right now, I’m not sure. Who knows what those two will end up doing. But there is another theory that suggests Tamar filed for divorce so she wouldn’t be held accountable in his financial troubles. In case you’ve missed the headlines and don’t know what type of financial troubles I’m referencing, go ahead and click through this slideshow.

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Rolls Royce

The latest report of Herbert’s financial troubles were released today as several news outlets reported that the music executive owes money for a Rolls Royce he leased in Florida. According to TMZ, a judge has ordered Herbert to pay $65,000. Herbert was so behind on payments that the vehicle was repossessed. The company has already resold it. But since they lost money in the deal, Herbert is still responsible.



According to Essence, Sony won a lawsuit against Herbert for an advance they gave him in 2013. The money was supposed to be used to find five new artists but Tamar was the only one he brought to the table. Herbert was in the process of paying back the advance but then Sony sued. Because Vince failed to respond to the lawsuit, a judge issued a default judgment for $3.7 million.

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Tax Lien

Back in 2014, the IRS hit Herbert with a $3 million lien for not paying his taxes in 2010, 2011, and 2013. What made the news particularly interesting is that in 2011, years before all of this information came out, Tamar said she can’t understand people who don’t pay their taxes.

“I’ve never wanted that issue. I don’t understand when people say, ‘I owe $100,000 in taxes.’ Or, ‘I owe $8 million in back taxes.’ What? How that work?! Pay your taxes and keep the IRS off your behind!” Kissing Baby Boy with love and smiles


In 2015, we reported that there were rumblings of contention between Herbert, Braxton and their former nanny. The former childcare worker hired a lawyer because she claimed she had not been paid for her services. The nanny was hired during Braxton’s Love and War tour. When she accepted the job offer, the couple refused to draft up a contract. The parties agreed that she would be compensated at $1,500 a week. But apparently, that didn’t happen because she says she was owed $161,060., foyer


When you buy a home, it’s only a matter of time before it will require some type of maintenance. In 2016, Herbert and Braxton embarked on a renovation project for their Calabasas home. They hired a company to install custom wiring but when it was time for them to get paid, Herbert and Braxton were missing in action. They sued for an overdue balance, plus interest and collection fees, a total of $3,724

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Around the same time the news about the band members was released, Tamar was publicly beefing with an unknown member of her team. While she didn’t give a name initially, it wasn’t long before we learned that she was referencing her former stylist DiAndre Tristan. Like the nanny before him, Tristan alleged that Braxton never signed an official contract. While this might fall under Tamar’s responsibilities, as her manager, this should have been something Vince took care of.

Makeup artist

You know the story by now. There was no contract. But unlike other employees, Braxton’s makeup artist, Terrell Mulin, spoke openly about the fact that Braxton didn’t compensate him fairly for his work. Years later,


Band members

We can take this bit of information with a grain of salt because there’s no official documentation. But given everything else we’ve seen and read, it doesn’t seem like that much of a stretch. In 2014, Funky Dineva reported that Tamar Braxton’s band members had not been paid for their services. There’s also an alleged recording studio the couple is banned from because of failure to pay.


Default on their mansion

You may have heard that Tamar was caught off guard by the news that her husband had put their home on the market. But the reason they’re selling the mansion is because they’ve defaulted on several payments.

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