How To Be There For Your Single Girls This Valentine’s Day

February 14, 2018  |  


Well, that was quick! Once again 12 months have passed in the blink of an eye and it’s already that always loathsome time of the year again: Valentine’s Day season. The annual embodiment of the term “Hallmark Holiday,” Valentine’s Day is sometimes fun, but rarely easy, whether you’re in a relationship or looking for that next special someone. But directly following V-Day is a day made for those who are still on the prowl: Single’s Awareness Day (S.A.D.)

S.A.D. (February 15) is one of those holidays that gives adults the opportunity to run around like they’re still in college and see if they can find a love match, and if not, at least someone attractive to pass the time with. But what happens when your single days are behind you, yet the majority of your friends are still sowing their wild oats? You want to be a supportive friend, but you don’t know your place now that he’s put a ring on it — and you actually have someone to spend V-Day with. Well, allow us to give you some much needed advice to be the most awesome married friend your single girls ever had. Today, send your BFF a text to let her know she’s loved, tomorrow follow these tips:

1. Leave The Man At Home and Let Your Hair Down

When you get married or are in a serious relationship, the knee-jerk reaction to most outings is “can I bring the boo?” Rather than being that lone lady wolf venturing out with her pack, you guys often become a package deal — where one goes so does the significant other. But even though you’ll be in a lovey-dovey mood (assuming he didn’t botch V-Day), leave his behind at home. Yes, you might be off the market, but for your girls it’s their time to have some fun. And, not for nothing, sometimes it’s fun to channel your single days every now and again. Just because you’re leaving the ball and chain at home for the night, doesn’t mean you have to act like you’ve got one foot in the convent. Sometimes it’s really, really fun to get back out their and put your flirty pants on. We’re not saying it should go any further than a passing glance across the bar or maybe even a flirty word or two. If you feel yourself getting pulled too far in, pumped the breaks and remove yourself from the situation. But we all remember the days when we were on the prowl and maybe didn’t walk away with a guy on our arm, but definitely had a few good stories to tell afterwards. When you’ve got a single fiend in your midst relive those glory days for her benefit … and yours.

2. Be The Most Epic Wingwoman Ever

Our friends come in all shapes, sizes and attitudes. While some women will spot a guy and beeline right for him to strike up a conversation and hopefully leave with the digits, other women are a little more on the timid side. But obviously if they’re celebrating Single’s Awareness Day, their more restrained approach isn’t exactly working. So be a good friend this February 15th and put yourself out there for your homegirl. Since you already have a beau at home, there are no stakes involved and who cares if you get shot down while attempting to make a love match? But a few words to the wise: If your friend isn’t the type to be that balls-y when approaching men, don’t throw her into the deep end. Be very casual and do the heavy lifting yourself. DO NOT wave a guy over, make a passing comment about you friend being into him and then dip. Be by her side until she is noticeably comfortable and then make a subtle exit (or at least get out of their immediate area). Keep an eye on things and make sure she is having a good time, but let her do her.

And if your friend is feeling down in the dumps and just not about finding a man, then hang up your wingwoman cape and just be there for her. Sometimes being the best wingwoman you can be really boils down to knowing what your friend needs and when. Which leads us to …

3. Make Her Feel Special (With Or Without A Guy)

Whether she is looking at Single’s Awareness Day as live-action Tinder or just wants to spend some time with her ladies, make her feel special. From small gestures like buying her a drink or treating her to a meal all the way to moving heaven and earth to find her a nice little male distraction for that night, do something above and beyond to make her feel loved and appreciated. As much as we like to quip that Valentine’s Day is a Hallmark Holiday (which it is) and that it doesn’t really mean anything (which it doesn’t), it doesn’t make it any easier when love and couples and happiness are thrown in your face at every turn to simply give it a handwave. All of her insecurities and resentments will bubble to the surface and sometimes it can really make for a rough few days. But all we can say is be the best friend you can be and just support her in whatever she needs. As cliché as it may sound, reassure that better days are ahead and that sometimes it just takes a little longer to meet Mr. Right.

And, somewhat selfishly, if you’re the one in the relationship don’t just view Single’s Awareness Day as something you can’t participate in. If you’ve got some single lady friends, think of this day as a great way to kick back and have some truly fun and very much needed girls time.

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