Positive Thoughts To Get You Through This Next Wedding Season

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The official start of wedding season may still be a few months away, but you’ve likely already started planning for it. You need to book hotels and flights early. It’s very possible that you’ll be going on bachelorette weekends for July weddings already in April or May. You just made back some of the savings you spent on last year’s wedding season, and you’re already having to dedicate it to this year’s. It’s easy to start to feel like…okay…let’s just say it: you hate weddings! They are a curse put on you by your friends. A financial curse. A calendar curse. They drain you of your savings and your vacation days. Negative talk like this can spiral out of control fast when you get that third or fourth save the date card for this upcoming wedding season. We can help. Here are positive thoughts to get you through this next expensive wedding season.


You get to visit a new place

Do you have to fly to Stockholm, Sweden or do you get to fly there? Come on. You wanted to go there at some point in your life, and you know that if a wedding didn’t force you, you may have never gotten around to it.

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Maybe you’ll meet someone

You like the bride. You like the groom. There is a very good chance that they like the types of people that you like. You might be walking into a scenario best curated for you to meet someone.

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Or your bf will be inspired to pop the question

If you go with your partner, maybe attending all of these weddings will inspire him to finally pop the question. Or at the very least, you can steal some fun wedding ideas. Bring a notepad; write down what you like.

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Your friends really are touched that you’re going

Don’t forget that creating their guest list wasn’t easy for the bride and groom. If you’re on it, you’re very special to them. When they look out across the ceremony, they will feel touched when they see your face.


Open bars

Um hello? If you make enough use of that open bar, you can almost make back the money you spent on the hotel room. And you can actually have the top shelf alcohol.


Hotel rooms. Those are fun.

Paying for the hotel room: not so fun. Staying in the hotel room: so fun. If you’re going with a date, you know there’s nothing like hotel sex. And then you can use the pool, hot tub, and cable (you probably don’t have cable at home anymore. Nobody does).

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Did we mention open bars?

I mean seriously, all of your fury and financial worries will melt away when you are reminded that there is an open bar. There may also be things like unlimited shrimp cocktail and caviar.

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Everybody will owe you one

Every person whose wedding you attend will remember that and they will owe you one later. Translation? They’ll come to yours. And buy you presents.


You’re racking up miles on your credit card

At least you’re racking up those miles. All the plane tickets you have to buy for wedding season could earn you a free plane ticket, later, for a trip you really want to take.

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You’re racking up hotel points on your credit card

You’re also racking up those hotel points. Again, you may just get a free night (or several-night) stay out of all of this.

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You get a chance to look fabulous and take photos

How often do you have an excuse to get your makeup and hair professionally done? Or dress to the nines? And take a bunch of photos of it for social media?


The bride and groom are spending SO much more

You may have to drop anywhere from $300 to $1,000 on this wedding, but the bride and groom are spending around $20,000 to $50,000. And somehow, there is comfort in this fact.


You’ll get all the money back when you get married

When you get married, you’ll get all the money back that you spent on other people’s weddings. Remember: you don’t have to do the whole registry thing. You can just ask for cash.


You don’t have to say yes to everything

You do not have to say yes to every single wedding. If you’re not very close with someone, they probably know it was a 50/50 chance you were coming anyways, and will understand if you can’t swing it. If you got your invite close to the big day, then you were on the C list anyways, so you really can feel free to say no.


In a decade, you’ll cherish the memories and not miss the money

One day, you won’t even notice the money you spent on all of these weddings and you’ll cherish the memories—you’ll just remember how happy your friends looked, and how fabulous you looked.

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