Natural Features We Should Embrace More

February 5, 2018  |  
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Sometimes I become deeply sad and angry, at the same time (sangry?) about the enormous, thriving industry of making women believe they’re not good enough. There are several industries, really. There’s makeup, anti-aging products (the name itself is laughable—like some science fiction product), hair dye, hair relaxers (why does my hair need to relax? Maybe it’s having a great time!), weight loss teas, tummy tucks, and so much more. Evidently, many of the totally natural things that occur to our appearance, just as a result of living, laughing, eating, and breathing are “wrong.” How could that be possible? Is it so bad that there might be evidence, on our faces and bodies that we’ve been living? I’m over it. Here are natural features we should embrace more.



Smile lines

Oh you mean those lovely things that indicate that you’ve lived a happy life, full of time spent with loved ones, full of laughter, and full of joy? Why would we want to erase those? They’re visible proof of a life well-lived.

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And our smiles, at that

So many women feel insecure about their smiles! Maybe they worry their crow’s feet are too pronounced when they smile, or that they don’t have perfect teeth. If you’re smiling, then you’re beautiful. There’s no such thing as a smile (the most innocent, pure thing in the world) that is bad. with gray hair

Greying hair

Grey hair can look downright awesome. And you know what looks a bit odd? Someone who is clearly in their seventies or eighties who doesn’t have grey hair.


Our tummies

Real talk: if you’re a woman with a rock-hard stomach and chiseled abs, well, you’re probably under-eating. Women’s bellies contain some of the most incredible organs—like the ones we use to make babies—and should have a little soft, protective layer.


A little jiggle

I love that my legs and arms jiggle a little when I walk. It makes me feel feminine. It reminds me that I’m alive—it’s like my skin saying, “Hi! We’re having fun!” And again, women are supposed to jiggle a little.


Resting bitch face

Hey, if you have resting bitch face, stop contorting your face into exhausting, uncomfortable smiles, to make others feel comfortable. Whether or not they’re comfortable around the way your face looks, when it is resting, is their issue.


Our brows

We pluck them, shave them, and wax them, and yet, they keep coming back. Maybe we should just let them be? Full brows look awesome, anyways!

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Forehead lines

So they show that you’ve worried. They show that you’ve been a thinker. They show that you’re contemplated. All of that is true because you’ve been alive. Forehead lines are signs of an interesting life.

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Aging happens. It’s happening to you right now. You aren’t weak for aging. You aren’t wrong for aging. And you certainly don’t need to hide the fact that you’re aging.



Who says you need to have a small nose to be feminine? You take air—your life source—in and out of your nose. And for that reason, it’s perfect.



Ever since contouring became a craze, a lot of makeup companies are making big bucks off of the concept that we should all have cheekbones that reach our foreheads and the appearance of no fat on our faces. But it’s created a scenario in which a lot of women, following the same makeup practices, are all wearing the same face! Don’t you want to keep your face? It’s one of your most unique traits.

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Waist to hip ratio

This is a leftover beauty standard that implies women with smaller waists and wider hips are more fertile, which isn’t true. So lets quit it with the waist trainers and the need to create some artificial hourglass shape.


Our voices

Is your voice so high that you worry people will read you as meek and ultra girly? Or is it so low and raspy that you fear people will read you as seductive and provocative? Anyone who judges you on your voice is close-minded and silly, so who cares what they think?



Let your curly hair be curly. Let your straight hair be straight. We do so much damage to our hair, trying to control it and manipulate it each day. Chances are that your natural hair is what best complements your face—nature tends to know what it’s doing.

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If you love heels, then wear them—no matter how tall you are. On the flip side, if you hate heels, then skip them—no matter how small you are. You don’t need heels to demand attention or have presence. And as for tall women, you don’t need to ignore the shoes you love in order to make men feel comfortable.

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