How To Escape Super Bowl Sunday Not Totally Bloated

February 1, 2018  |  
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Super Bowl Sunday is riddled with traps for overeating. It’s a day when pride runs high, and when people are feeling proud of their teams, they tend to want to make celebratory foods. Celebratory foods aren’t usually things like celery and hummus or egg white omelets. Nope—celebratory foods involve a lot of cheese, fried potatoes, macaroni, sour cream, and more cheese. So you have piles and piles of comfort food and the possibility that, should your team be struggling, you’ll need some comfort. Add this to the fact that you’re sitting in the same room as those seven-layer nachos for anywhere from four to seven hours, and it’s very likely that you will overeat. A lot. Do you see how the entire day is just a binge-eating trap now? But you don’t have to fall into it. Here are tips for leaving Super Bowl Sunday not feeling totally bloated.

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Only dip with carrots and celery

Super Bowl parties tend to be laden with dips—seven-layer bean dips, queso dips, sour cream and onion dips. If you live for the dips, then you need to avoid the chips that come with them. Carrot and celery sticks should be your primary dipping tools.

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Or, bring light chips

If you must have chips, either bring Pop Chips, or make your own healthy chips at home with thinly sliced potatoes, olive oil, and sea salt. tomato stuffed with Spinach Artichoke Parmesan Dip on a party plate of crackers

Beware of multi-layer items

You never know what’s hiding below the surface of a multi-layer dip, but it probably involves a lot of salt and cheese. Sticking to items with limited ingredients is a good way to avoid accidentally eating your weight in sour cream.


Light beer might be your friend

Drinking hard alcohol, on a long day like this one, can make you drunk quickly. The next thing you know, your food judgment goes out the window. Light beer is low in calories, and fills up your tummy with liquid so you may not eat as much. Plus, it won’t get you too drunk, too fast. Satay; barbecued skewered chicken shown on white plate with peanut dipping sauce on the side.

Stick to one protein

There will be turkey burgers, beef burgers, hot dogs, chicken sandwiches, and more. But you really only need around three to four ounces of meat in a meal. Choose just one (your favorite) protein and stick to it. Besides, it’s not like burgers or hot dogs are that rare—whichever you don’t have today you can just have tomorrow.

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Sit far from the buffet

This is a pretty easy thing to do: sit far from the buffet! In fact, cram yourself into a couch. Make it so that, should you want to get up and walk to the buffet, you’d be disturbing a lot of people. This will make you think twice before grabbing more cheese dip.

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Chug water before

Drink plenty of water before arriving at the party. Filling your belly with fluids can kill some of your cravings.

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Stick to appetizer plates

Only use the little plates. This will force you to consume small portions and have to walk back to the buffet if you want more food. You won’t want to take your eyes off the game to get more.

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Watch the commercials

Don’t consider the commercials as a good time to reload your plate. Super Bowl commercials are some of the best ones! People will be talking about them tomorrow. So sit tight and watch them.

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Bring a light alternative to your favorite heavy dish

Think of your favorite dish that you know will be at the party, that’s also your diet’s enemy. Let’s say it’s nachos. Okay, so get ahead of the issue and make healthy nachos. Go light on the cheese and sour cream. Use whole beans rather than sodium-loaded refried ones. Go easy on the chips, and use ones that contain flax seeds. Grab light or vegan sour cream.

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Don’t feel pressure to try everyone’s food

Everybody is going to insist you try their “Famous” brownies/potato skins/cheesecake. But you don’t have to, and they won’t even notice if you don’t.

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Have a good bite for every bad bite

Set a rule that for every “bad” bite, you need to take a “good” one. So each time you take a bite of a chicken wing, you need to eat a celery stick. This will help you fill up on low-calorie veggies before overdoing it on heavy foods. spicy chicken wings with sesame seeds served in cast iron skillets

Choose unbreaded wings

Opt for unbreaded chicken wings. Chicken wings can actually be quite healthy if they’re just the chicken and hot sauce. latinamerican mexican sauce guacamole in clay bowl and avocado sandwiches on dark background. Top view

Chop this into your guac

Guacamole can get rather heavy, but you can sneak in healthy ingredients and sneak out some of the fatty vegetable. Consider removing 25 percent of the avocado and swapping in chopped edamame or cucumber. Nobody will know the difference, and you’ll cut calories.

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Hot sauce is your friend

Treat hot sauce as the only condiment you have. Relish and ketchup contain too much sugar. Barbecue sauce can also be loaded with sugar. Hot sauce boosts your metabolism and is low in calories.

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