Grooming Little Ladies to Be Leaders

January 31, 2012  |  

It’s a wonderful time to be a black little girl in America. With so many strong black women sprinkling sheer Black Girl Magic around, it’s hard not to raise a little force to be reckoned with! To the left – you have media mogul Oprah Winfrey imparting all sorts of Presidential behavior, and to the right – you have the filmmaker, Ava Duvernay, and Insecure’s own, Issa Rae locking the storytelling space down with bold and positive images. Looking at all of this empowering activity, it’s only right to groom our daughters to be just as strong, sound and successful. As a mom of two, I’m constantly thinking of ways to boost my kid’s self-esteem, so it was rather simple to write down 4 tips that could support Madamenoire’s readers on grooming little leaders.


Be Her Reason
Look in the mirror, mama – what do you see? When I look in the mirror, I see a woman who is committed to showing my children how to be a boss, an activist, and one who inspires. The steps I take include showing my children positive images of leaders who look like them and speak their language. I try to walk the walk so my values align with the goals that I set for my minis. If my children don’t like whom they see in the mirror, or if they don’t regard me as a role model – when they navigate the world independently they may struggle with being secure. As fabulous moms, we have to be their first teachers. We have to be their example of awesomeness.

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Glow In the Dark

An important self-esteem booster is teaching our little daughters how to step into a room with not only style and grace, but also with unbeatable confidence. Teaching our little leading ladies the benefits of making strong eye contact with their peers while holding their shoulders up straight is a valuable jewel that will help them through their formative years into adulthood. Showing them how to glow in the dark will hopefully teach them that if they face roadblocks in life, pulling out that light from within will guide them back to stable grounds.

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The Art of Manners
Put your napkin on your lap when you sit down at the table. Don’t touch your food until your prayers are said. Speak words reflective of your age. Address adults in a respectful manner, even if they are not kind. These jewels are stressed in my home. In a world where moral responsibility and being respectful is touch and go, I think if we get back to teaching our daughters the importance of etiquette and manners, we will raise more little ladies with the kind of confidence that beams. Each one, teach one.


Style and Grace
Keeping your hair well done and your shoes shined is a staple for moms who exude confidence. Those traits are important when raising little daughters. Teaching them how to manage their hair by using light and weightless products such as Just for Me Hair Milk Oil Moisturizing Lotion (which is my favorite because it hydrates, shines, and strengthens young hair), or by wearing nails well-manicured shows that your external presentation is just as solid as your internal. Creating a style that reflects your true self is vital to your little one’s outlook on life. If she sees that her mom is stylish (and wears her crown confidently over her mane) while being graceful most of the time, chances are she will be also.

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