Kandi is “Beyond Classless”: Porsha Reacts to Kandi’s “Begrudging” Essence Party Invitation

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Welp! It seems like Kandi Burruss still isn’t in the forgiving business when it comes to Porsha Williams…just yet. On Sunday night’s episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, Burruss wanted to celebrate being on the cover of Essence magazine, and what better way to do it than with a party? So, she not only invited her friends, she invited Porsha – the woman who contributed to spreading the lie that Burruss was a rapist throughout last year’s season of RHOA.

On Watch What Happens Live! with Andy Cohen, Buruss asked why she invited Porsha. “Well, first of all, she’s on the show,” she said. “We probably would never talk again if we weren’t on the same cast. Let’s be honest. But on top of that, I am trying to grow past it because we do work together.”

Kandi answered the question again a little later, and the answer was brief, but it still echoed what she said earlier.

But if you saw Sunday’s episode, then you know how the Porsha invite thing got started. Carmon, her best friend and assistant, asked Kandi whether Porsha was invited. Don Juan, her friend and General Manager, piped in and said no invite was sent to her. Kandi responded, “Send it to her…I just want [her] to see the glow up, see what’s real, see what winning looks like.” Bloop!

When Porsha was on her couch watching the episode just like the rest of us, she was heated, and she expressed that heat on her show Dish Nation. She was asked why she even accepted the invitation considering their nasty history.

“For me, I accepted the invitation because you know, if you’re trying to get to a better place with somebody, and they invited you somewhere, especially something special like this, I felt like I needed to go to show my support, you know, as an effort towards doing better in our relationship.”

Porsha’s appearance at the event was cringeworthy, but she did try to make an in-road with Kandi, congratulating her and thanking her for the invitation. Porsha even hugged her, and although Kandi returned with a polite church hug, Porsha was still hopeful in her confessional that this was a start. But as she watched that awkward scene back, she came to realize that her invitation was more of a “twirl on your haters” kind of thing.

“I was like, ‘This girl is so petty’, it was just like beyond pathetic, beyond classless, I thought it was ridiculous. I wish I hadn’t have gone, I’ll tell you that much,” she said. “When I looked at it, I was like ‘damn, and then plus, I didn’t know that she was giving the invitation begrudgingly, like ‘oh I’mma invite her, so she can see what winning looks like. ‘Baby, you not the only one getting blessed Honey. And I already thought that she thought that she was better than me  and better than other people and now I see and that’s not humble, Sweetie. Check your attitude. I know exactly what winning looks like. This is it right here. blessed and highly favored.”

Da Brat hilariously responded with “Shinin’, Shinin’, Shinin’, Shinin’, Yaaahhh.” Do you think Kandi was “classless” and “petty” for inviting Porsha begrudgingly or does Kandi get all petty passes because she was the subject of a criminal lie for an entire season?

You can see Porsha’s response on Dish Nation below.

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