How Women Could Help Each Other More

January 19, 2018  |  
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A select few men in this world focus on helping women. The rest don’t try to stand in our way, but they just haven’t walked in a woman’s shoes and realized the challenges females face that men just don’t. The handful of men who make lifting up women a priority are a very special group, and they have to work hard to keep women’s needs, rights, issues, and obstacles in the forefront of their minds. Women, in the meantime, don’t need to work hard at all to know what other women are going through. The knowledge is in our bones. It’s been passed down to us, through our DNA. We can see an interaction that a woman we don’t even know has with a man on the street and know almost exactly what she is thinking and feeling. Because we know all of this, we have a responsibility to lift each other up when we can because, well, we can’t entirely count on men to help us. Here are ways women should help each other more.

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Suggest another woman for the job

If someone offers you an opportunity that you aren’t in a position to take, immediately recommend another (if not several other) woman who would be great for it.

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Praise each other, to our faces

When you are impressed by something a woman has done, tell her. Tell her she’s amazing. Encourage her to keep going. Don’t just assume that she knows how great she is. By the fact that she is a woman, there is a good chance she hasn’t been told it enough.

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Praise each other, to other people

Praise one another, to other people. Tell people how impressed you are with the things the women you know do. Spread so many positive rumors that it will get back to those women that you were out there singing their praises. Do this to combat the negative talk.


Share all the helpful information we have

When you learn anything that you think your group of female friends, colleagues, and family members would benefit from knowing, share that information with them. Get everyone on an email list, gather your tribe, and share the knowledge.

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Warn each other about predators

When you become aware of someone who is tearing down women, harassing women, preying on women, or in some way taking advantage of their position in power to abuse and taken down women, tell everyone.


Stand together when one person stands up to a predator

If several women—including yourself—have endured harassment or mistreatment by someone, and one victim decides to stand up, stand up with her. Prioritize standing together with other women over being favored by men who want you to keep quiet. They don’t care about you.

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Be mentors

When you see a woman who could use your guidance in her career—or anything, really—offer to be a mentor. Bring her with you places she wouldn’t otherwise be admitted so that she can learn and meet people who can help her even more.


Make all the introductions

Introduce all of the wonderful women you know to one another. Actively think about how the women you know could benefit from knowing one another. Host networking events for women, even if they’re small.

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Shut down men who tear down women

If you hear a man tearing down women, shut him down right then and there. Take on a zero-tolerance policy for even marginally misogynistic talk. Other women will hear you, be inspired, and hopefully be bold enough to do the same.


Accompany one another where only men go

If a woman you know wants to take a night class or go to some event that will be a predominantly male-attended event, go with her. Get a group of women to go. Adjust the scales so there are more women in attendance.

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Shut down women who tear down women

Also shut down women who you hear tearing down women. We really cannot afford to tear each other down because the rest of the world is already doing that.

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Celebrate one another’s advances

If a woman you know has a success, celebrate her. Write her a card or a heartfelt email about how happy you are for her, and how much she deserves this. Throw her a little party!

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Don’t watch shows that portray women poorly

Don’t support shows that exploit negative images of women to get their numbers up. You know the ones—like the reality shows that purposefully incite fights between women and aim to make women bully each other.


Be one another’s publicists

If a woman you know does something great, publicize it. Post about it on all of your social media forums. Send out an email about her accomplishments.


Support your female entrepreneurial friends

Buy candles from your friend with the small candle business, rather than from a big department store. Have your friend who is starting a social media strategy company strategize for your business, rather than some mega, pre-established firm.

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