15 Things You Should Know About Protein

January 15, 2018  |  
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Protein is such a buzz word. If a product has a lot of protein, you better believe it’s going to advertise that largely and proudly across the packaging. Many smoothie shops allow you to add a shot of protein for a small fee—what even is a shot of protein? Do we even know? It’s not like they’re throwing half a chicken breast in your banana smoothie. For the most part, people generally agree on the fact that protein is good, and the more the better. Oddly enough, barely 60 years ago, diets focused more on carbs and fats from vegetables and starches. This protein obsession is relatively new in the grand scheme of human diets. So maybe we should learn a little bit about it before we build a shrine in its honor. Here are interesting facts about protein everyone should know.

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This cheese is high in it

We don’t often think of cheese as our friend in the protein department, but did you know that low-sodium parmesan cheese contains over 20 grams of protein in just half a cup?

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