Bad Habits You Quit When You Embrace Your Body

January 11, 2018  |  
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So many different events can trigger a woman deciding to just embrace her body. It could be that she’s just plain fed up with caring so damn much. It could be that she has a near-death experience that makes her realize how silly it is to obsess about appearances. It could be that, no matter how hard she tries to be the perfect physical specimen, she still doesn’t get to skip the line at that hot-people-only nightclub. Whatever the reason, many women wake up one day and say F It. As they should. And once you do that—once you embrace your body—you realize just how many bad habits you had that stemmed from rejecting your body. Remember embracing your body doesn’t mean you aren’t open to change, but it means always listening to your heart and intuition when making changes. Here are bad habits you’ll quit when you embrace your body.


Only wearing things that suit your body

Who says what suits you and what doesn’t? You change your definition of what “suits” you—if it makes you happy, then it suits you!

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Count calories diligently

You have some awareness of the number of calories you should have to maintain the weight you want, but you don’t count that number diligently. You understand that, if you feel good, you’re staying in the healthy range and that’s all that matters to you.

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Have strict rules about food

You let go of strict rules like “No artificial sugar ever” and “Never have red meat more than twice a month.” If an occasion calls for you to break your rules and you’d have a ton of fun breaking them, then you go for it.

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Avoid fitness magazines

You used to turn away from fitness magazines because all you could do was compare yourself to the six-pack-donning model on the front. Now you don’t think about that and you enjoy the articles.

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Lie about your weight

You don’t do wordplay with your weight. You don’t say you’re in the 135 to 140 range. You state your weight when asked. Or maybe you don’t even weigh yourself anymore so you don’t know the number.


Apologize for your fitness habits

You don’t hang your head and say with shame, “I only power walk a few times a week.” You say it cheerily and with pride—you know you’re doing your best out there.


Apologize for your eating habits

You also don’t tell people what you’ve eaten with shame. You don’t apologize for ordering the burger in front of your friend who gets the salad. You don’t say, “I’m being bad today.” You just eat your burger.

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Avoid the mirror after big meals

You don’t cover your mirrors with sheets in anticipation of a large meal and avoid your reflection on all other surfaces after. One meal alone cannot affect your self-image.

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Leave that top you love because it’s a big size

If you love a top, just because it’s a size large and you’re usually a medium, you still buy it. You don’t walk away for fear of having a size large item in your closet.

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Caring about clothing sizes

You don’t really care about clothing sizes anymore. You know every brand is different. If you love something, you just find the size that fits you and don’t fret over what size that may be.


Using the word “Allowed” in food talk

You don’t say “I’m only allowed this many fries” Or “I already had all the ice cream I’m allowed this week.” Who isn’t allowing you?


Skip something fun when you’re full

You don’t skip an activity because you feel guilty about a big meal. You feel entitled to good food, fun, socializing, and all great things in life.


Keep score

You don’t think about things like, “I can eat another piece of pizza because I’m going to exercise an extra 30 minutes tomorrow.” Life isn’t a series of calories consumed/calories expelled score-keeping.

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Let diet talk consume social hour

You don’t let diet talk take over your time with your friends. In fact, you change the subject if somebody else is letting diet talk consume happy hour talk.

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Care what society thinks

You don’t really care what is “in” right now in terms of body shapes. How can a body type even be in? It’s your body. It’s not a trend. It’s the vessel in which you live.

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