Is This Petty? On Ciara, Russell & Sharing Provocative Photos On Social Media When In A Committed Relationship

January 5, 2018  |  

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You’ve probably already seen the stunning pictures Ciara shared recently of herself without makeup, wearing braids and embracing her body. Some were identified as images taken by her husband, Russell Wilson. That includes this one:

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While for others, the photographer was unclear, but the images were just as beautiful and were taken by the water:

And while the vast majority of people seem to love the images, there have been a few who say they aren’t a good idea to share as a married woman. Yes, some people took it there.

While scrolling through Instagram last night, I saw that a young woman tried to chide the singer for the pictures. I thought she was the typical outlier, so I scrolled on past. But there were other comments, in the same vein, that stuck out on other threads and posts. Like comedian Lil Duval saying Ciara looked like the “thot slave that didn’t wanna leave with Harriet Tubman.” And comments like these:

@Ciara, I adore you and @dangerusswilson, and you have nothing to prove; y’all are the bomb. However, posting semi naked pics only perpetuates the myth that women are merely sexual objects for all to see. Do whatever makes you happy, but if it were me and my man, I’d keep bedroom pictures in the bedroom.

Pictures for her husband on social media? What, she doesn’t know how to text privately? Come on ….

Gone are the days when mothers/married women were modest and not attention seeking h–s.

Considering that her husband is the one who took at least some of the images and even commented on a few to share his approval, these type of statements don’t fit the scenario. The Wilsons are happy, they were having fun and it honestly isn’t anything people haven’t seen before. It’s 2018 and she’s a pop star for goodness sake.

But when you’re not a star like Ciara and your boyfriend or husband didn’t take them, is it inappropriate to share provocative images of yourself on social media when you’re in a committed relationship?

I guess you first have to decide what your definition of provocative is. What about photos of yourself in a two-piece on the beach? Is that risque? Or what about displaying your gains in the gym, showing off your backside and posing in a sports bra? Does that cross the line or is it all about celebrating hard work? Is a photo in a low-cut or tight dress cause to pause? Or is it that anything that shows some skin is out of the question when you’re in a relationship?

Once you have that figured out, then the next question is why are the images problematic? Do they, in your or your partner’s mind, give off the impression that you are single? That you don’t respect the relationship that you’re in? Do they mess with idea in your partner’s head that your body belongs to them (it doesn’t by the way)? Does it say that you’re attention seeking?

What if you just want it to say that you’re confident? What if you’re feeling what you’re wearing, or just generally feeling yourself and decide to share a photo on your social media? Not everything is necessarily about seeking likes, private DM messages or thirst-trap attention. Sometimes you just share certain things because you want to, you can, and there truly is no harm.

While I wouldn’t share too much of myself or my body online, it’s not for my husband. Instead, it’s a preference, and out of respect for myself. But if others choose to pose in provocative images and share them online, that’s their business, their page and their relationship. So I must say, I do find it interesting that complete strangers tell individuals what their mate will or won’t be ok with, not knowing that said boyfriend or husband might actually know about such pictures but be secure enough to not care.

If your significant other has an issue with the types of photos you share, it’s important to hear them out on it. But when it comes to outsiders who try and use misogynistic standards to tell others what is appropriate in relationships they know nothing about, tune them out. In Ciara’s case, if Russell isn’t bothered, then it doesn’t make sense for others to be…

But per the usual, that’s just my opinion. What say you? 


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