Newsweek Tweets Picture Of Martin Luther King In His Casket…Bernice King Asks “Why?”

January 2, 2018  |  


We work in media. And in doing so, I’ve learned that it is hard to get people to read a headline, let alone a full article. So there are a lot of little games we play to entice people to just read the stories. And it can be really easy to lose sight of integrity in an attempt to get clicks. Because the clicks equal money.

The people over at Newsweek found themselves in this trick bag recently trying to promote one of their recent articles. In a piece titled, Have You Seen My Friend Martin?, Newsweek tweeted a picture of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. in his casket.

It was an unnecessary image. And it wasn’t long before Bernice King, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s daughter, questioned their decision.

Naturally, many came to Bernice’s defense, commending her for her grace in this unfortunate situation.

It wasn’t long before the outlet eventually issued an apology for their decision.

Still, there were those who felt it wasn’t sufficient. People argued that the image and copy had been approved by more than one person. It wasn’t a mistake or error, but rather a terrible decision. One, that some felt someone needed to pay for.

Later, Bernice accepted the apology and tweeted a video of herself discussing the situation and the fact that this year, April 4, 2018, marks the 50th anniversary of Dr. King’s assassination.

In the video, she said, “It was very difficult to see that. I think, sometimes, in the zealousness of publishing and wanting to get the ratings, we do things without thinking fully…But I want to thank Newsweek for immediately responding and removing the image and for giving an apology.”

Afterward, she challenged news media to remember that there is a family who was connected to Dr. King, one who suffered a great loss.


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