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If you’re in the online dating game, it can feel like there are limitless men out there. If you swipe left, another one will pop up. If you reject the matches a site sends you, they’ll just round up another batch tomorrow. As far as you’re concerned, you can be as picky as you want because the Internet matchmakers will just dive into their bottomless barrel of men and send you more. But maybe you’ve had that idea for a while, and your morning batch of matches is getting smaller and smaller. Maybe you’ve even come across the same guy a few times which means you are approaching slim-pickings territory. If the site or app you use lets you go back and re-review some matches, perhaps it’s time to use a less critical eye. Here are guys to give a second look online.

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Limited photo guy

Would you rather a guy with 40 selfies? Maybe limited photo guy is just too busy being present and enjoying the moment to stop and take a photo. He could actually be a lot of fun, and just not great at stopping to take photos.


The one with female friends

Finding a female friend in every photo a guy posts can be intimidating. But if you think about it, aren’t you a female friend of some guy? Perhaps a guy who has several female friends? And is that guy bad? Promiscuous? Probably not. In fact, he’s probably just good at understanding women.

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The man of few words

If you think back to high school, where the world was separated by distinct categories like English, science, math, and art, people tended to thrive in one area or the other. But the guys who were bad at English weren’t necessarily socially inept or awkward. So maybe your man of little words isn’t big on writing—especially about himself—but he could still be a joy to talk to.

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The one who doesn’t want to be on there

Don’t be too turned off if a guy says something about disliking online dating or being hesitant about the whole internet love thing. He isn’t necessarily saying he’s above it—he’s just stating he isn’t used to it. And, to some extent, none of us really ever get used to it.


Not looking for anything serious guy

Look: there is a difference between the “not looking for anything serious” guy and the “looking for a casual hookup” guy. A lot of guys say they aren’t looking for anything serious when they just mean they don’t want to rush things. Ask for clarification before writing this guy off.


The one with the drinking photos

Men can be a little clueless when it comes to posting photos online. The guy with all the drinking photos may not be out drinking every night. It might just be that the only times he remembers to catch a photo are at special events, and there tends to be alcohol at those.


The in-transition guy

Obviously, it can be hard to know what a guy means when he says he’s “in transition” with his work. But when some men say this, they’re actually in the middle of an ambitious move. Perhaps they left their day job to finally start their own business and are still collecting capital. Ask questions before writing off this guy.


The self-proclaimed workaholic

All men like to fancy themselves workaholics—seriously. Even the ones who aren’t really say they are. Don’t let this adjective throw you off. Besides, wouldn’t you rather a guy cared a lot about his work than not?


The fitness fanatic

So maybe you don’t want to spend all of your weekends hiking and kayaking. Remember, again, men are clueless when it comes to posting photos. For all you know, a friend told this guy to post all his outdoor photos because he thought it would make him look good. But there is probably more to him than rock climbing harnesses and protein bars. african american business man posing isolated. Young confident businessman in suit. Success, professional concept

The guy who is private about work

There is no knowing why a guy is private about his work until you find out what he does. Don’t forget that a lot of men are private about their work simply because they are very wealthy or have a high profile job, and they don’t want women going after them for the wrong reasons. If he seems normal and forthcoming in other areas, give him a chance.

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The one who takes a while to respond

Alright, alright: if he takes a month to respond, he probably isn’t taking online dating seriously/just goes on there after breakups. But if a guy takes, say, four or five days to respond, that could just mean he has a life. That’s a good thing!


The divorced guy

Give divorced guys a chance. If you met many of these guys in real life, some of them would charm you so much that by the time you learned they were divorced, you’d still want a date. The Internet, unfortunately, puts that little “Divorced” stat on there so it’s one of the first things you see. But try not to judge a guy for it. There are some great divorced men out there.


The one with kids

Pretty much everything I said about the divorced guy applies: if you met this guy in real life and hit it off, you wouldn’t mind that he had kids. So don’t overthink this fact. Go on a date and see how that goes.

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The long-winded guy

Hey, some men just want to give you all the information you can get. So long as they don’t say anything conceited, frightening, creepy, or upsetting, let them ramble. I cannot state this enough: nobody helps men with their profiles. They aren’t like women, who gladly sit around together and edit these things.

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The one who doesn’t smile in photos

Though it can be off-putting when someone doesn’t smile in photos, it shouldn’t be a deal breaker. Maybe this guy just doesn’t like his smile. Everybody has their little insecurities. Maybe he doesn’t even realize he chose all photos in which he isn’t smiling.

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