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January 1, 2018  |  
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You know how there are just certain times you try to avoid the freeway? Or times of year you wouldn’t dare book a flight? Well, January is a special time of year during which you should also stay away from some particular places and activities. It’s New Year’s Resolution time, after all. While it’s admirable that everybody wants to improve upon themselves, do they have to do it at the same time every year? Typically, you can expect people to give up on their resolutions by March (or April for the truly persistent). But, until then, places that are an ordinary part of your routine can be swamped with New Year’s Resolution junkies. You really wish they’d realize their “new” habit just isn’t going to take so they’d go away, and give you back your space. Until then, avoid these places in January that are crowded with New Year’s Resolution junkies.

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The gym

Move your workouts out of the gym and onto the beach for now. The lines for the workout machines at the gym will be so long that you may barely have time to run on the treadmill for 10 minutes by the time you get it.

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Open mics

Everyone wants to try their hand at some creative endeavor—be that slam poetry, short story writing, or standup comedy—this time of year. If your favorite coffee shop hosts an open mic night, you can believe that that will be a very busy evening there for a while.

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People swear to become more cultured, to take a deeper interest in the arts, and to explore their own city more in the New Year. For this reason, museums and theaters are sold out weeks in advance.


Cooking classes

Cooking for oneself saves money and instills a sense of pride, which is why many people resolve to cut back on delivery and ramp up the cooking. If you’ve been meaning to take a cooking class, wait until the Spring.

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Speed dating events

This is the year—the year everybody wants to find the one! That’s what they tell themselves, at least. People want to give love a chance in the New Year. So speed dating events will be over-crowded.

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Volunteer locations

You should, of course, make an effort to volunteer any time you can. But know that many places may actually turn down your help until the Spring because they have an influx of volunteers and not enough time to train them all. If you want to be of help, walk around your city and hand out bagged lunches to those in need. Or, pick up trash on the sidewalk.


Financial advisors

We mean to set up these investments and begin direct deposits into that retirement account, but just don’t have the time to look into it. Until January, that is. If you’ve been hoping to get an appointment with your financial advisor, you may be out of luck until March.



Meetup groups

Been meaning to join a meetup group? This may not be the time to do it. They’ll be swarmed with people that will be gone by March, so why invest in them? In the Spring, you’ll find the people who plan on sticking around.

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Everybody says they’re going to read more books and patronize the library and brick and mortar bookstores. While these may typically look like ghost towns, around this time of year, they can have lines out the door.

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Yoga classes

Serenity is something everyone aims to get more of as the year turns. So your yoga and meditation classes will be so full, they’ll actually cause you more stress than they will make you feel calm.

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Any popular hiking trail

Spending more time in nature is another big New Year’s resolution, which is why that one secret gem of a hiking trail will be a secret no more. Don’t be surprised to find that resolution junkies have taken over your favorite hilltop spot to sit and look out over the city.

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Places to sell your clothes

There is Spring cleaning, and there is New Year’s Resolution cleaning—the latter is equally as popular as the former. So those stores that let you walk in with a bag of clothes and walk out with a wad of cash will take a particularly long time to see you.

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The car wash

Everyone vows to keep their cars cleaner in the New Year, which is why the lines for the car wash will be so long, regular traffic will actually sit in them, believing they’re waiting for a red light to turn green.

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Dental hygienist

This is the year you’re finally going to stay on top of your dental cleanings, right? And you’ll begin in January, isn’t that correct? No. It’s not. Your dentist is booked up until late February.


Storage/organizational stores

Who doesn’t want to be more organized? And the New Year seems as good a time as any to do so. So your Container Stores, Ikea, and the sort will be overwhelmingly busy.

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