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While some women are born with “good skin,” even the most blemish-free among us have to work to keep up that natural glow we admire so much. As the saying goes, beauty starts from within, and when it comes to great skin, achieving it is equal parts practice and product. We spoke to Rachel Roff, founder of Urban Skin Rx, the brand celebrities like Eva Marcille and Fantasia trust to achieve their flawless faces, for advice on the routine us everyday women need to follow to better take care of our skin. Here’s what she told us.

MadameNoire (MN): What elements are essential for a good skin care routine for normal, dry, and combination skin?

Rachel Roff (RR): The essential elements for a good skin care routine start with getting a good night’s sleep with
makeup-free skin and always washing your face before you go to bed. A clean diet that is low on sugars and preservatives is important as well as a daily application of a hydrating sunblock with spf 25 or higher, like the Urban Skin Rx Dermshield SPF from my line Urban Skin Rx.

MN: What’s the biggest mistake women make when it comes to their skincare routine?

RR: One of the biggest mistakes women make when it comes to skincare is waiting to invest in their skin. Starting a thorough, preventative skin care regimen in your early 20s will have you thanking yourself in your 40s and 50s. Using a Vitamin C serum of 10-20% Ascorbic Acid keeps your skin even toned and improves collagen to slow signs of aging. The UrbanSkin Rx Super C Brightening serum contains 20% Ascorbic Acid, which is great for evening out uneven skin tone and warding off future signs of aging.

MN: What’s key when it comes to finding a good mask and scrub?

RR: Finding a good mask and scrub starts with learning about the right ingredients that will address your main skin concerns. Sulphur masks are great for acne while masks with Niacinamide help with brightening. It’s important to learn about the top ingredients that will work for your skin type and reading products labels before you buy your next scrub, mask or any product.

MN: How often do women need to do major treatments like extractions, chemical peels, etc?

RR: I recommend at minimum of every 4-6 weeks. At my medical spa, Urban Skin Solutions in Charlotte,
we have clients with problematic skin such as acne or severe ingrown hairs that come for oxygenating chemical peels every 3 weeks. Keep in mind, the stronger the treatment the further in between sessions you should go. However a lot of people don’t know that doing a facial or microdermabrasion every 10-14 days isn’t excessive for your skin, however it can get expensive

MN: How can women help ward off adult acne?

RR:  I highly recommend following an anti-inflammatory diet of low sugar, processed foods and low
dairy. Also, using a clinical strength Retinol serum or prescription RetinA 3 to 4 days a week always will ward off clogged pores and keep skin firm.

MN: What are the best ways to care for the most sensitive areas of of face like our lips and around
our eyes?

RR: It’s important to be extremely gentle when touching your orbital area as it has the thinnest
skin on the body. Apply eye serums with a light tapping of the fingertips. For the lips, keep them hydrated and protected with SPF daily. Our clients are obsessed with our Urban Skin Rx Hydrating Lip Treatment which is great for firming and plumping the area around the lips as it contains peptides and Avocado Oil.

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