Things You Should Never Say To A Bride To Be

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If you think your bride-to-be friend is a little nuts right now, you’re right! So then you probably shouldn’t say anything to irritate her because she doesn’t have the patience, rationale, or emotional stability to respond to it the way she normally would. You’d be surprised how many friendship fall-outs happen between the bride and her maid of honor during those fragile pre-wedding months. Tensions run high. The bride is trying to plan a perfect day and being told every day why she can’t have this or that thing she wanted. Everybody is putting in their two cents where it isn’t wanted and putting their foot in their mouth. If I were you, I’d be very delicate about what you say around a bride-to-be until at least three months after the wedding. Only then are they sane again. Here are things you should never say to a bride-to-be.



Oh darn; I could’ve gotten you a discount if I’d known

Well it’s too late now! She already booked that caterer or put a deposit down with this florist. So telling her you knew a florist that would’ve given her the same deal for half the price just infuriates her.

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You’re eating that?

Do you not think that the bride is thinking about her wedding-day body? Of course she is. If she’s eating three donuts it’s because she desperately needs them for her sanity. Trust her: she’s already thought a lot about this. Now eat your donut and be quiet.

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Oh, you didn’t invite that person? Aw.

It was probably very hard for the bride to cut certain people from the wedding guest list. Don’t make her feel worse by letting her know how much you were hoping to see that person at the wedding.

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I’m happy to spend my savings on your wedding

Great, then don’t mention it. Really. If you’re happy to spend a lot of money to attend the wedding, then why are you making the bride feel bad that you’re doing so?


There’s always divorce

You may think this is a funny joke to tell when the bride is complaining about her fiancé, but it isn’t. It will only send her into a panic attack. ceviche made out of raw mahi-mahi fish (Spanish: perico) red onions and aji (Peruvian hot pepper) and served with roasted corn (cancha) and cooked corn. In the back Peruvian cocktail called “Pisco Sour” limes and a flower. (Selective Focus

You should serve this food/that drink

Oh really? You’d like that wouldn’t you? Okay then the bride will just change the carefully-curated menu that she spent months on so that you can have mac and cheese balls.


I saw someone else do that at their wedding!

This is the last thing any bride wants to hear. She’s spending every waking minute that she’s not working trying to put together a one-of-a-kind wedding and you’re telling her it’s a replica of somebody else’s.

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Will there be heaters/AC?

Look, whether there will or won’t be, there is nothing you can do about it now. Nobody wins if you ask this question. At best you get a “yup!” and at worst you make the bride feel terrible because the answer is no.

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You’re getting your hair done before, right?

Don’t be the one to point out that the bride is due for a root touch up or trim. She knows. Her mom probably tells her every day.


I can’t believe you’re the first one to get married!

Uh, okay? What’s that about? Way to make the bride wonder what all her personality and physical flaws might be that made you think she’d be the last to get married.

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That dress reminds me of so-and-so’s

You should definitely say this if you want to see a bride’s blood boil in front of you. And if you want to possibly die.


Just be careful about this in your honeymoon spot

The pickpockets, the malaria, the hurricanes—she knows. But this is where she wants to go, so just talk about the good stuff you know about the place.


You go girl. You wear a white dress.

Thank you? She never saw anything odd about wearing a white dress until you said that. Now you’re making her wonder if everyone is going to raise an eyebrow when they see her, because she isn’t a virgin.

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I have lots of weddings to go to right now

The bride-to-be believes hers is the only wedding you’ll be attending that wedding season so just let her think it. Don’t make her feel like it’s just one more you’re checking off a list, like a chore. wearing wedding dress and rubber boots, low section

I love that you’re doing things your way

In other words, you think she’s doing things a little strangely and it’s certainly not the way you’d do things. Got it.

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