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This past week, the internet has found space in their heart to sympathize with Tennessee student, Keaton Jones.

Jones went viral after his mother filmed him in the video talking about how his classmates have been going out of their way to bully him, throwing bread at him, pouring milk on him. His recollection of the events was incredibly sad. And considering the fact that bullying has caused several children across the country to take their lives, like 10-year-old Ashawnty Davis, it’s an issue that needs our collective attention.

So, in support of Jones, celebrities and regular folks helped the video go viral. Over the weekend, we reported that celebrities like Snoop, T.I., Cardi B. and Chris Brown shared the video in support of Keaton Jones.

After the video started gaining traction, Joseph Lam launched a Go Fund Me account in support of Keaton.

In the description for the Go Fund Me, it says that the money raised will be used for Keaton’s future. Still, that doesn’t seem to address how that will address the issue of bullying, which is why we know Keaton’s name in the first place.

Still, despite this hole, the Go Fund Me account which sought to raise $20,000, raised $56,851 in two days.

Sometime after the launch of the campaign though, people started doing their research. And what they found was disturbing. Keaton’s mother, Kimberly Jones, wrote an anti-protest post on Facebook, one that seemed to be antithetical to the message against bullying.


There were also images of Kimberly and her children toting the Confederate flag.


Later, theories emerged suggesting that the reason Keaton was bullied because he called his classmates the n-word.

Lastly, when professional boxer Joe Schilling reached out to Keaton Jones’ mother online to invite her son to a fight and to meet other boxers, he realized something was awry. Jones said that all she wanted Schilling to do was donate to and promote her Go Fund Me account. When he asked her how the money was going to be used, she said as Christmas gifts for her children.

You’ll notice that in the correspondence with Jones, Jones tried to reprimand Schilling for not sticking together, as two White folks, against the predator. (There are those who believe the Instagram account has been proven fake.)

Some sick stuff going on out here.

Once all of this information came to the forefront, Go Fund Me suspended the Keaton Jones campaign.
Since the story blew up on the internet, it has imploded there as well.

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