What Can Happen When You Quit Late Night Eating

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While late night eating may not be the best for us, it can feel like the late hours of the evening were designed for snacking. For starters, the fridge is right there. Unlike the rest of the day, when your work and other tasks take you away from the fridge, the night puts you in close proximity to it. You also finally have the time to enjoy your food—in the mornings and afternoons, you’re always in such a rush that you inhale your nutrients and barely taste them. The evening seems like the ideal time to relax and enjoy that leftover lasagna. But late-night eating can derail a lot of things, like your fitness goals, stress levels, and sleep. If you’ve been looking for motivation to quit the nocturnal noshing, here is what can happen if you stop late night eating.

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You won’t wake up for bathroom issues

The liquid and solids in your nighttime food probably make you wake up, needing to use the toilet. Many people don’t think of food as making them have to pee, but remember that fruits and vegetables contain a lot of water.


You won’t stay up due to guilt

You will also sleep better because you won’t stay up, tossing and turning, feeling guilty about what you ate that night. Admit it: you spend quite a while, in bed, calculating how much longer you’ll have to work out the next day to undo that night time snack.

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You’ll become a breakfast person

Late night eating probably leaves you full in the morning and as such, you skip breakfast. But this leads you to some odd blood sugar fluctuations throughout the day. If you skip late night eating, you’ll finally become a breakfast person.

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Your eating schedule will get back on track

Once you become a breakfast person, your eating schedule will get back on track. You’ll actually be hungry on your lunch break, rather than at an awkward 11 am (the way you would before, when you skipped breakfast).

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You’ll have dirty dishes

Hey, who doesn’t want fewer dirty dishes lying around? And you know you’re always too tired to clean the dishes from your late night eating, so you leave them in the sink overnight.

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You’ll be happier in the morning

You won’t wake up with the guilt of last night hanging over your head. You’ll wake up feeling proud of yourself for making good food decisions at night, and you’ll wake up feeling light and fresh.

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You’ll get off your sugar habit

Due to your energy dropping at night, you probably reach for sugary treats for your PM snacking. But the more sugar you have, the more sugar you want. Kicking your late night eating might help you kick your sugar cravings.


You’ll get more done around the house

It’s hard to finally wrap those presents, clean those windows, or hang those paintings when you have a spoon in one hand. If you quit your late night eating, you can finally get some tasks done around the house.


You may exercise in the morning

When you graze in the kitchen by moonlight, you probably want nothing to do with the gym by daylight. You feel too sluggish after late night eating to work out in the morning. If you quit it, you may wake up ready to exercise.

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You’ll re-think your day foods

If you know you cannot eat late at night, you’ll make sure to have satisfying meals during the day. Quitting your midnight feasts could help you re-think what you eat during the day.

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You’ll have to find a new night hobby

If eating is your evening hobby and you quit that, you’ll need to find a new hobby. Who knows? Maybe you’ll finally use that paint and canvas your mother gave you.

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Your kitchen will become a happy place

Late night eating can make you feel so guilty that it puts a dark vibe over your kitchen. Your kitchen becomes a place associated with naughty behavior. If you stop late night eating, your kitchen can become a happy place.

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You may have more sex

It’s hard to do the deed on a full stomach. If your late night eating has been killing your sex life with your partner, you could put an end to that.


You’ll feel more in control

When you are more in control of your eating habits, you feel more in control of your life.

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You won’t want to eat at night

The less you eat late at night, the less you’ll want to eat late at night. As of now, you’ve conditioned your brain to anticipate late night eating, but you can wean your brain off of that.

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