Why Vacation Is Important For Your Health

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Vacations shouldn’t only be considered a luxury, or something you can take or leave. There is a reason, after all, that many jobs offer paid vacation. Those companies understand that your performance at work will take a hit if you never take a break. Vacation, by the way, doesn’t have to involve going on a cruise or staying at a five-star resort. The word “vacation” comes from the Latin word “vacare” which just means “be unoccupied.” You don’t have to do something on your vacation. In fact, to take an authentic vacation, you should really do nothing, as the origins of this word tell us. So don’t feel bad asking for those days off, and don’t feel guilty taking several days to laze around and order food—you’re doing something good for yourself in the end. Here is why vacation is good for your health.

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You have something to look forward to

Research has found that simply having something to look forward to, like a vacation, can improve one’s happiness for weeks before the actual event occurs.

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It boosts heart health

Studies have found that taking regular vacations can lead to an overall lower mortality rate, particularly for mortality related to coronary heart disease.


It helps you focus

Vacations can alleviate chronic stress, and chronic stress makes it very difficult to focus. Have you ever noticed that when you’re under stress, you forget to turn off the oven, write the wrong name on a check, and make other little mistakes? Those can lead to even more dangerous mistakes, like failing to notice a red light while driving.

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It boosts your immunity

Another issue that comes with chronic stress (a major problem for those who never take breaks) is that it exhausts your adrenal gland. When your adrenal gland is constantly put to work, your immunity takes a hit, and you could get more colds and the flu.

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It helps you be more food-conscious

When you’re always doing something, you rarely have time to make a healthy meal, let alone eat slowly and think about what you’re putting in your mouth. Taking regular vacations allows you to focus more on what you eat, and this can carry over to when you return to work.

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It’ll put you and your partner in the mood

When you and your partner have the time to have sex, why don’t you? Stress. Exactly. You’re just not in the mood because you have too much on your mind. Vacations relax you, which puts you in the mood for sex, which improves your bond with your partner.


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It strengthens your relationships

Whether you travel with your best friend, your significant other, or your family, you strengthen those ties when you travel. Having strong relationships in your life can actually reduce your chances of disease.



It promotes gratitude

When you travel, you can’t help but feel more grateful. You feel grateful for the expendable income you have that allows you to travel, you feel grateful for your relationships (and finally have the time to appreciate them), and you feel grateful for your lifestyle if you visit a place where the locals are not as fortunate as you are.

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It encourages activity

You can’t help but want to be active when you travel. Whether you site see, walk on the beach, hike, or just shop, you’ll move far more than you would be if you were sitting at a desk.

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It improves your sleep

The relaxing effects of a vacation may help you sleep better even after you return. And, of course, you get in some extra zzz’s on the actual trip because you don’t have to set any alarms.

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It can make you financially conscious

Interestingly enough, planning regular vacations could make you even more financially conscious and financially stable. If you plan trips, you have to be extra aware of your spending and your saving. It will force you to sit down and look at the other places you’re spending (and perhaps wasting) money.

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It boosts creativity

In order to be creative, you need to essentially be bored. Your brain operates on two levels: one of which is task-oriented, and the other is what happens when you let your mind drift. That’s where you come up with some of your best ideas.


It makes space in your brain

Too many professionals are suffering from information overload. They spend so much time taking in new information, but they don’t have time to process it, which means they can’t make more space in their brains for new data. Taking a vacation can fix that.

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It fights depression

Taking regular vacations can fight depression, and being depressed causes all sorts of other health issues.



It inspires more vacations!

Once you take one vacation, the vacation bug bites you and you want to take more. So take the leap and plan that first one. It will get you in the habit of planning regular ones and having an overall healthier, happier life.

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