Body Odors That Warrant A Doctor’s Visit

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Businesswoman with unpleasant smell

The human body is a funny thing that goes through thousands of processes every day. Between digesting your food, regulating your temperature, and dealing with your ever-fluctuating hormones, your body has a lot of work to do and while it’s doing that work, it can create some odd sounds, sensations, and smells. Most of them are nothing to worry about. You’re bound to be a little stinky after a workout or during that special time of the month. Your private parts aren’t supposed to smell like flowers. And your breath can do all kinds of things. Body odors are nothing to be embarrassed of, but you should familiarize yourself with the normal smells your body creates. They give you some insight into your health. These body odors warrant a trip to the doctor.

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Stinky stool

This one seems a bit counterintuitive: of course, stool smells bad. It’s waste product, after all. But you know the difference between regularly smelly poop and particularly pungent droppings.

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