Black Hair Meets Afro Tech In New “Hair Nah” Game

November 16, 2017  |  
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If you’re a Black woman, no matter how you wear your hair, you’ve likely been approached by women and people of different races who are particularly curious about it. So curious in fact that instead of asking you about your hair, they skip the small talk and just stick their hand in it. I wrote about a similar experience for On She Goes. As I mentioned the experience is far from unique to me, so when another Black woman with different creative skills had the same experience, she decided to create a game for Black women who have to dodge the prying hands of strangers.

In her interview with On She GoesMomo Pixel explains what inspired her to create the game.

Hair Nah! came from my favorite word and a situation that happened. It’s a little funny. But I say “nah” like way too much. It’s one of my favorite words because it can mean so much, and depending on my tone it can be funny or serious. And I was telling my CDs (creative directors) a story about people touching my hair, and there’s this part where I dodge a girl’s hand and I’m like, nah. When I was trying to explain it to my CDs, one of them was like, “Oh man, like I’m trying to imagine the dodging.” Now, I’ll just say he’s a very animated guy, and he starts ducking and kinda swatting. And I’m laughing, ’cause I’m like, nah, it’s not all the time like that, but feels like it. But then as I’m watching him, it dawns on me! I’m like, that would make a hilarious game. Then, boom! Hair Nah!   

Learn more about the game and its objectives on the following pages.


What I particularly love about the game is the customization. Because it was created by a Black woman–for Black women , here are a healthy variety of skin tones and hair styles for you to choose before you start fighting crime.

Momo tells On She Goes,  the objective of the game is to help Aeva catch her flight and protect her hair by stopping the reaching hands. And it may seem and look pretty easy, I can tell you that it’s not.

I couldn’t get past the first, but I’ll keep trying.

See what people have to say about it…

As you know, everything ain’t for everybody and there was at least one person who didn’t appreciate the game.

She was in the minority though.

When asked what she hoped to accomplish with the game, Momo said,

“I’m hoping to push the conversation further. Because I don’t know how many times Black people can keep telling folks to stop touching our hair and in how many different mediums before they get it. There are countless videos, hella memes, Solange made a song, now there is this game. So if folks don’t get it, it’s because they don’t want to. I hope this game gets big enough, to the point [where] people have those honest conversations with themselves and others and stop.”

You can play Hair Nah! here. Do it! It’s fun.

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