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Seasonal affective disorder can strike no matter where you live. It can, naturally, feel more intense if you live in areas that experience the true four seasons, but regardless of the degree to which the weather changes, a change in the weather at all can affect your moods. Unfortunately, when your moods are down, so too can be your immune system. It’s a vicious cycle. If you want to protect your emotional and physical wellness in the fall, one thing to capitalize on is home décor. You may not be able to tell your boss how to decorate the office, and you certainly cannot control the way the streets look outside, but you can control the way the inside of your home looks. Since our surroundings greatly influence our emotions, you can’t afford to not use these tips. Here are apartment hacks for a healthy, happy fall.

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Warm up your bedding

In the summer you may want light bedding and neutral colors like light blue or beige linen because they produce a visually cooling effect on the room. In the fall, it’s time to bust out burnt orange, forest green, and ruby red comforters to breathe life and color into your room when the outdoors look so lifeless and bland.

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Add more rugs

Keeping your feet warm is an important part of keeping your entire body warm! Add more area rugs around your home. The fluffier and more textured, the better. They’ll keep your toes toasty and add a physical comfort as you walk around, kind of like stuffed animals, but for the floor.

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Dress up your windows

When you look out the window, the site may be depressing, so at least the frame should be uplifting. Grab some gorgeous, statement curtains with plenty of fall colors. Get oversized ones that will bunch up around the window and make the otherwise depressing view look lovely.

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Add colored lampshades

Slightly translucent and colorful lampshades can do a lot for a room. Swap out your white lampshades for orange or red ones. These will cast a beautiful warm light around your home that feels much cozier than white, fluorescent lights.

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Add throw pillows and blankets

Make sure you have plenty of throw pillows and blankets everywhere, from the bench at your front door to the daybed at the foot of your regular bed. These not only make the place look cozier, but they’ll make sure you’re always warm, no matter where you decide to sit.

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Indulge in candles

If you’re worried about flames, you can opt for electric candles. But don’t be afraid to overdo them! A giant tray filled with a dozen candles looks romantic and enchanting in a room that might otherwise look empty and sad.

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Invest in aromatherapy

A smell can do a lot to lift your moods. Invest in some aromatherapy sticks or candles. Peppermint could be especially good in the fall—it can open up your nasal passageways and combat seasonal depression.

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Warm up your balcony

The trees may all be dead outside but you can liven up your balcony. Add colorful potted plants to your outdoor areas. If you don’t want to take care of fresh plants, you can make dry plant arrangements with painted pinecones, twigs, and dried flowers.

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Use open-format shelving

You don’t want to feel claustrophobic on top of depressed in the fall. Rather than using bulky, heavy bookshelves and cabinets that jut out into the room, opt for open-format shelving. These should just have the bare minimum, like simple slats to hold your books and nothing else. This type of furniture will open up your space.

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Fill a produce basket

Fall produce is some of the most gorgeous produce! So it can be your healthy snack and your décor. Load up baskets around your house with apples, pears, pomegranates, and persimmons. They’ll add a pop of color, and help ensure you get your vitamins.

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Keep a tray of teas out

Hot tea of any kind is deeply comforting in the fall. Make the most of it by drinking teas that can combat colds and flus. Keep a tray of teas out on your coffee table to make the room look welcoming.

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Invest in an adorable tea set

While we’re on the topic of tea, having an adorable kettle, cups, and saucers will encourage you to drink more of them. Plus, these make charming decorative items.

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Decorate and cook with gourds

Gourds aren’t only dramatic, statement-making decorative items; they’re also good for you. Gourds are high in vitamin c, zinc, magnesium, riboflavin, iron, and thiamine. So stock up on them, and decorate your home with the ones you don’t use for cooking.

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Add some pinecones

The scent of pinecone has wonderful healing powers. The smell is uplifting, and these beautiful little pieces of nature are easy to decorate with paint or flowers. Plus, pine nuts boost your energy and have tons of antioxidants.

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Change your wall colors

If you can’t paint your walls, invest in some vibrant removable wallpaper. You can change the appearance of your walls every season with that stuff. Go for aqua blue, light green, violet, or yellow—these are all very calming colors.

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