Fruit With The Highest And Lowest Sugar Content

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We’re made to believe that everything that comes from the ground is good for us. And the truth is that if it grows on a tree or on a bush, or sprouts from the ground, it that food is likely chalk full of important vitamins and nutrients for your body. But the rule everything in moderation applies to everything, including produce—and especially fruit. If you look up weight loss regiments, you’ll notice that many of them allow for unlimited vegetables, but only certain fruits. That’s because certain fruits are so high in sugar that the sugar count cancels out the benefits of the fiber and other nutrients in the food. If your blood sugar spikes too high, it’s very hard to moderate your appetite and energy. So yes, there are even some fruits you should limit or avoid. Here are fruits with the highest sugar counts, and their low sugar alternatives.


High: Cherries

One little cup of these dark and gorgeous fruits can cost you 20 grams of sugar. If you love cherries, toss a handful into your fruit salad along with low-sugar fruits, but don’t down that whole bag you got at the farmer’s market in one sitting.


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