Two Women Couldn’t Stop Fighting Over A StairMaster At The Gym, So They Got On It Together…

November 8, 2017  |  

Have you ever worked out at the gym and stepped away for just a second from a machine you were using, only to come back to it and find someone else jumped on it? Like, totally overlooked your towel and water bottle and got right to work? It’s pretty vexing.

fighting over machine


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Some of us might just count our losses and move on to something else. Other people might tap the person on their equipment of choice and let them know they impeded upon their workout. But two women were so set on using the same machine they ended up getting on it together. This wasn’t done out of unity, but rather, because neither woman would surrender use of it. The result is pretty crazy:

One of the women ended up sharing her story (hit the flip above) and said while standing right in front of the StairMaster, the other woman stepped right in front of her and got on the machine. They had a less than pleasant exchange, and when the woman on the machine wouldn’t get off, our storyteller unplugged the machine, forcing the woman to get off. When she plugged the StairMaster back in, she finally got on the machine, but her exercise rival hopped on too, refusing to let it go.


We’re going to go out on a limb and say the very empty StairMaster next to the women must have been broken, because why else would someone go through all of this? A treadmill with a high incline could have just been as much work, but hey, whatever floats people’s boats.

But the positive we can take take away from this is that at least these two ladies are serious about getting a good workout in! That’s all I’ve got to explain this…

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