Why He Doesn’t Deserve An Invitation To Thanksgiving Dinner

November 22, 2017  |  

Baby it’s cold outside and cuffing season is definitely upon us. So are the holidays, which can make for an interesting dynamic when it comes to someone you barely see before the sun goes down. You may be ready to have ol’ boy meet the family and sit at the adult table for Thanksgiving, but is he ready or even remotely interested? Before you let him taste your sweet potato pie this year, find out if he’s actually earned a seat at the table. If you’re confused, here are some clues he doesn’t deserve an invite to the festivities.

You’re still trying to get to know him. 

If the courtship is fairly new or if you’re still investigating some things about him, it’s safe to say you’re not ready to stamp this man as yours. So if things are still fresh, why make the situation even more complicated by inviting him to the big family gathering? Naturally, your family will be asking 21 questions like, “What are your plans with my granddaughter?” and “When can we expect some little ones?”  You will be aggravated, but let’s keep it real, sis. Because you’ve introduced Mr. Maybe to the fam, they’re under the impression that the relationship is solid, so family will be their nosy selves and pry into your love life. Once Thanksgiving is over, you may feel pressure to make the courtship work so you don’t have to be embarrassed that it didn’t. Don’t put unnecessary stress on yourself.

You don’t hear from him unless you call or text him first. 

There’s no reason imaginable why a guy who doesn’t show proactive interest should be allowed around your family and friends for the holidays. If you’re always texting him first to see what he’s doing or suggesting the date plans, cancel that situationship  and any thoughts of bringing him a takeout plate. He’s not interested in seeing you, so your relatives would be a stretch.

You’re hoping that spending the Thanksgiving  holiday together will make him take you seriously.   

Whatever the foundation of our relationship with a man consists of plays a huge role in the way he views us–good, bad, or indifferent. Letting him carve the turkey this year will not undo all the times you’ve allowed him to disrespect you in any way. If the depth of the relationship is sex, he probably will decline your invitation anyway so don’t bother extending one.

He says he doesn’t understand the importance of meeting your peeps.

You may think that he’s totally lost on the subject or doesn’t get the sentiment associated with this because “he’s never had a real relationship before,” but it’s all a faςade. Even young children understand that holidays are celebrated with the people you love. He simply doesn’t want to be bothered.

His family doesn’t know you from a can of green beans.  

If you just so happened to have run into his sister or his mother while you were at the store, that doesn’t count as meeting his family. Not because of the location, but because the meeting was not intentional. If the man you’re seeing has not intentionally made an effort to introduce you to his family, there’s no reason for you to arrange a meet and greet with yours.  If he says his folks live too far away, he’s stalling. Technology has made remarkable strides by connecting people via Skype, FaceTime, Google Hangout, Duo, Facebook Messenger, and so many other convenient apps for virtual communication.  Don’t believe his hype and keep your invite to dinner.

You’ve already concluded you have no future together. Showing up to another family function stag doesn’t sound fun; we get it. But don’t let the holidays make you lose your sense of self-worth just because you aren’t coupled up. If it’s not a fit, resist the urge to call him for the holidays.

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