Curveballs To Prepare For With An Outdoor Wedding

November 3, 2017  |  
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Many couples dream of an outdoor wedding. Their union feels so natural, so being amongst nature makes sense. Besides, there’s really no backdrop or ceiling art any human can create that will come near the beauty of the great outdoors. And, you can sometimes save a little money if you hold your wedding sans a roof and walls. But, while nature is beautiful, it’s also unpredictable. That’s what you love about it! It’s complex, wild, and uninhibited—like your love! But you won’t love it if it starts to rain, snow, or hail during your vows, or if your reception is taken out by a big crashing wave. Wedding planning takes a lot of preparation. Outdoor wedding planning takes even more. Here are curveballs to prepare for if you have an outdoor wedding. wearing wedding dress and rubber boots, low section

Mud on your train

It’s okay if your train runs over a little bit of dust and dirt, but mud is another story. And even a little drizzle an hour before your ceremony can create mud. Either lay down a walkway leading up to the alter or make sure you have several guests willing to hold up your train for you. Tailed Wasp – Hedychridium roseumd close-up.


It’s hard for guests to enjoy themselves if they’re swatting bugs away. When having an outdoor wedding in a bug-heavy area, use candles and tikki torches that contain bug-repellant in them. Also, make sure your centerpieces aren’t made of plants that attract insects.

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Sound issues

Planes overhead, wind, cars honking, children playing in a nearby park—these are all sound issues to consider when planning an outdoor wedding. Before saying yes to a venue, dedicate 15 to 30 minutes to focusing on the sound. That should be long enough for you to see if there are regularly occurring problems, like planes that circle every 20 minutes.


Mud on your shoes

Even if your train is handled, you still have those beautiful shoes to take care of! If there is mud on your wedding day, bring a pair of cute rain boots. They look really adorable in photos, actually.


Wind and your hair

Ask your hair stylist to give you wind-proof hair. You may even ask her to stick around for touch ups right before the ceremony, and for photos. An updo is typically best for outdoor weddings—you don’t need strands flying everywhere.


Rain and your makeup

If your mascara is going to run on your wedding day, you want it to be because you’re crying from happiness. But realistically, you don’t want it running at all. So if there is the possibility of rain, make sure your makeup artist gives you waterproof makeup—all of it, from foundation to liner.

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It’s unbearably hot

You knew it’d be warm, but you didn’t think about the fact that your guests will have to sit in direct sunlight to listen to your vows. Sitting under the sun for 45 minutes is very different than walking around in it, and finding some shade. Make sure there are plenty of umbrellas or even a tent.

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It’s freezing

You knew it’d be nippy, but the climate dropped 10 degrees below what it said it would, and you didn’t prepare guests for that. They just have light jackets. Make sure you have space heaters ready if there’s even the slightest possibility the area will be colder than expected. dinner

Candles/Tikki torches blowing out

Your candles and Tikki torches create a nice ambiance, but they’ll blow out every ten minutes. Go with battery-powered faux candles and Tikki torches for your big day. Nobody will even notice.

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Birds landing on everything

You don’t want your guests to worry about birds picking up their bread rolls, any time they get up from the table to grab a drink. A tent can come in handy again here, too. Really, just have a tent if you’re going to have an outdoor wedding. They’re pricey but they can save the day.

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High tide

Make sure you’re very familiar with the times of high tide if you’re having a beach wedding. Just to be safe, set up as far from the water as possible. Having your ceremony near the water may be romantic, but it could also be a recipe for disaster.

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Noise ordinances

If you’re having a wedding outdoors, some people may not be as happy about it as you are. Make sure the neighborhood doesn’t have extreme ordinances, like ones that kick in at 9pm.


No access to indoor bathrooms

If you are having your wedding at an outdoor/indoor venue, like a winery, ask about the bathroom situation. Just because the winery itself has bathrooms doesn’t mean they’ll allow your guests to use them, if your wedding is technically outdoors. If that’s the case, budget for nice porta potties.


A sinking dance floor

It’s always safest to set up an elevated dance floor if you’re going to have your wedding outdoors. One that sits flush to the ground easily gets wet and dirty throughout the night.



If there are no walls, then there is nothing to keep crashers out. Make sure you hire a couple of security guards to keep an eye out for crashers.

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