Foods That Cause Bloat, And The Foods To Combat Them

October 31, 2017  |  
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Bloating is, to put things simply, trapped gas. Gas gets trapped in your intestines when your stomach struggles to digest something you’ve eaten. Some foods are just known to cause gas in everybody. But you may also be allergic or sensitive to some items that wouldn’t cause gas in everybody. Bloating is no small problem. As you likely know, it can ruin your day! Nobody wants to exercise, dance, socialize, or even be seen when their stomach is as hard as a drum and sticking out like that of a third-trimester pregnant woman’s. If you refuse to let bloat ruin another day for you, then it’s probably time you learn which foods cause it. Here are the top foods that cause bloat, and those that combat it.

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Bloat: Corn

While it is a vegetable and vegetables are supposed to be good for you, corn causes some issues. Humans aren’t really meant to digest the stuff, so when we eat it, bacteria in our stomach tends to start to ferment and become trapped, causing bloat. person holding a paper bag of freash geen beans

De-bloat: Green beans

Next time you’re looking for a veggie side dish at a barbecue, reach for green beans. These are gentle on your stomach and have a mild diuretic effect that could help beat water retention bloat. soup

Bloat: Canned soup

If you’re craving hot soup in the fall and winter, you’re best off making it yourself. The canned varieties have too much salt. When salt sits in your bloodstream, it attracts water, and that causes that water-retention bloat. Above Shot Of Leek In Basket

De-bloat: Leeks

So we know you should make your own soup rather than get the canned variety. If you want to add plenty of flavor without adding salt, make a leek-based soup. Leeks have prebiotic properties, which can boost the healthy bacteria in your stomach and have anti-inflammatory effects.

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Bloat: Diet soda

Diet soda poses two problems: It’s carbonated, and it contains artificial sweeteners. The gas that creates the carbonation just turns into gas in your body. On top of that, your body doesn’t know what to do with the artificial sweeteners, so you face indigestion.

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De-bloat: Green tea

If you need a caffeine fix, skip the diet soda and grab some green tea. Green tea not only has diuretic effects that can help you lose water weight, but it also aids in digestion. Of Fruits For Sale In Market

Bloat: Dried fruit

Guess what? Some people not only struggle to digest artificial sweeteners but also natural sugars! And dried fruit is high in natural sugar. Dried fruit are also densely packed with fiber, but they’re so small, it’s easy to overeat them in one sitting. When you do that, you’re asking for a gas attack. Of Melon Slices Over White Background

De-bloat: Honeydew melon

When you want a sweet treat, slice up some honeydew melon. It acts as a diuretic. This fruit also has high potassium levels that can work like electrolytes in your system and fight bloat-causing dehydration.

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Bloat: Apples, pears, and plums

These are, for all intents and purposes, very healthy foods. But the same thing that makes them healthy makes them cause bloat, and that’s their fiber. Many individuals bloat up after eating these fruits, which is why they’re off limits on the IBS-healing Low FODMAP diet. (Actinidia deliciosa) and pocketknife on wooden table

De-bloat: Kiwis

This beautiful fruit is a godsend for those who suffer from IBS. Having just a couple of these fruits a day can greatly alleviate bloat-causing constipation.

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Bloat: Onions

Onions are a huge no-no on the IBS-healing Low FODMAP diet. Onions are very high in a complex sugar called fructans that our bodies have no idea what to do with. A lot of individuals report stomach pains and major gas after consuming onions—particularly raw onions.


De-bloat: Celery

If you need something to chop up and add to soups or a stirfry but know you can’t eat onions, try celery. Celery is a wonderful digestive aid and can speed up bowel movements and regulate intestinal gas. It’s best to eat the stuff cooked to prevent any stomach irritation.

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Bloat: Alcohol

Alcohol causes bloat in several ways. First of all, it can interfere with digestion, making you backed up, which always makes a person feel bloated. Furthermore, it dehydrates you, causing your body to retain water.


De-Bloat: Ginger beer

Okay, we know: there is no replacement for a good cocktail. So if you must drink, have a Moscow Mule or some other cocktail that incorporate ginger. Ginger is a wonderful anti-inflammatory food that can stop bloat in its tracks. red cabbage chopped on wooden board photographed with natural light (Selective Focus Focus one third into the red cabbage)

Bloat: Broccoli, cauliflower, and cabbage

These veggies boast a lot of nutrients, but they also have something called raffinose, a complex sugar most human bodies cannot break down. When you eat these things, they wreak havoc on your gut bacteria and result in a lot of gas. Of Multi Colored Vegetables On Table

De-bloat: Beets

Looking for your vegetable fix? Eat some beets! These can kick your digestive tract into gear and regulate your bowel movements, alleviating any constipation-related bloat.

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