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Watch: Zoe Saldana Flips Out In ‘Rosemary’s Baby’ Teaser

April 3rd, 2014 - By Jazmine Denise Rogers
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Zoe Saldana flips out in 'Rosemary's Baby' teaser for NBC remake.


Back in January we told you that Zoe Saldana snagged the leading role in NBC’s “Rosemary’s Baby” remake. In case you missed it, the remake, which was shot in Paris, will air in the form of a mini series.

“Zoe has proven that she is one of our most gifted actresses,” said NBC’s Quinn Taylor in a statement regarding the remake. “We think she has the perfect combination of spirit and gravitas to take on the title role from Ira Levin’s infamous novel.”

“With Zoe leading the cast under the direction of Agnieszka Holland, this reimagined event mini-series is off to a great start,” she added.

The network recently debuted a brief teaser for the series and it looks like viewers will be in for quite a ride. As previously reported, the screenplay for the miniseries was written by Scott Abott and ”American Horror Story: Coven” writer James Wong.

Zoe Saldana flips out in 'Rosemary's Baby' teaser for NBC remake.

Source: NBC

Watch the teaser on the next page. 

10 Ratings & Box Office Winners To Look Forward To This Year

March 31st, 2014 - By Candace Smith
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With the sounds of birds chirping before dawn and temperatures inching above 50 degrees, warm days and comfortable nights are not the only things to get excited about this spring and summer season. There are a host of television shows and films to salivate over.

As the critics continue to chatter, take a look at the 10 TV shows and movies we think will usher in top ratings and box office success for the rest of this year.

Is She Worth it? Zoe Saldana Lands L’Oreal Paris Campaign

March 30th, 2014 - By Madame Noire
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zoe saldana lands l'oreal


People is reporting the the 35 year-old Colombiana star will join beauties like Blake Lively and Beyonce as a L’Oreal Paris spokesperson.

When asked what the title meant to her, Saldana answered:

“It puts the stamp on, like, ‘Congratulations, you’re finally a real woman!”

Cyril Chapuy, L’Oréal Paris’ brand global president says that the company is proud to have Saldana representing the brand because of her “audacious style” and “feline beauty”. The company admires her boldness, confidence, values and asserted femininity.

Saldana describe her personal beauty routine as simple, clean and strong completed with a signature red lip. She goes on to defend the slight controversy surrounding women of color rocking the red lip, which some celebs have been quoted as saying “not being for everybody”:

“In the years I’ve been on this planet, I’ve grown to believe that every woman on this earth can rock a red lip.”

“It doesn’t matter how big or how thin their lips are, how dark their skin is, or yellow or light or pink, there’s so many shades of red, you can find the right shade. Women just look so beautiful and powerful when they’re wearing red lipstick.”

L’Oreal is among a list of projects the actress has lined up for this year including a sequel to the box office blockbuster Avatar as well a starring role in the NBC adaptation of Rosemary’s Baby.

“Growing up, I was taught to believe that I am capable to do anything a man can do,” she explained. “This family philosophy has shaped who I am today, and is a conviction that will always accompany me through life.”

Congratulations to Zoe on this major deal. We know she will rock the L’Oreal brand as well as all of her upcoming roles.

“I Can Act Like I Can Sing”: Mekhi Phifer Says He Wants To Play Al Green In Biopic

March 25th, 2014 - By Victoria Uwumarogie
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Mekhi Phifer Al Green

Source: WENN

In an interview with Sister 2 Sister and Mekhi Phifer to promote the film Divergent, the topic of biopics came up. With the new James Brown biopic, Get on Up, on its way starring Chadwick Boseman, and clips surfacing from the Jimi Hendrix biopic, All is By My Side, starring Andre 3000, these films are everywhere. It seems that playing a beloved black musician or figure is a win (or at least decent exposure) for black actors and actresses these days (and recent rumors say that Zoe Saldana might be playing Eartha Kitt soon). So when Sister 2 Sister chatted with Phifer, they asked him if he would be interested in being in a biopic, and he expressed serious interest in playing Al Green of all people.

“I’ve always been an avid fan of Al Green. I would love to do the Al Green story. I think his story is a very intriguing one and when you talk about a character arc… His story is the ultimate character arc to me.”

While he loves Green’s life story, which includes changing the focus of the singer’s life and becoming an ordained pastor in the ’70s after his girlfriend killed herself, Phifer admits that he can’t sing a lick. However, he’s more than willing to pretend:

“I can act like I can sing, the way Angela Bassett act like she was Tina Turner. That’s something that I would love to explore. I love the music. I love the era in which he’s at the height of his career. I would definitely love to do something like the Al Green story.”

But on top of wanting to be in a biopic, Phifer says that he just wants to see more diverse black films doing well at the box office. He says black actors/actresses and films still have a long way to go in Hollywood:

“We have a lot of films and stories to be told. Right now, what’s mainstream is more the comedies and more slapstick. We’re still missing out on the dramas or real romance films or action films. We’re not really seeing a lot of that…We still haven’t become totally mainstream yet. There’s still a ways to go.”

I do agree that Green’s story would be quite interesting to see on the big or small screen, but I’m not too sure if Phifer would be the man I’d pick to play Al. Maybe Nate Parker? Or…actually, that’s all I’ve got because I’m in love with Nate Parker (someone did mention Usher though). But what about you? Do you think that Phifer would make a good Al Green?

And congrats to him on the success of Divergent at the box office!

Zoe Saldana To Play Eartha Kitt In Biopic?

March 17th, 2014 - By Brande Victorian
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Source: Biography/ WENN

Source: Biography/ WENN

Get ready to either be mad or grateful casting directors have finally gotten it right, but word around Shadow and Act is Zoe Saldana is slated to play Eartha Kitt in an upcoming biopic on the entertainer’s life.

Apparently, a lot of sites skipped over the news reported by the Huffington Post, MSN Entertainment, and other celebrity news sites earlier this month, but it seems an Eartha Kitt biopic is in the works and discussions concerning Zoe playing the lead role are definitely being had. According to MSN:

The movie is expected to depict Kitt’s rise to fame and obstacles including the time when she suffered a substantial professional setback in 1960s. She opposed the war in Vietnam and reportedly made Lady Bird Johnson burst into tears with her criticisms during a White House luncheon.

The plan to bring Kitt’s story to the big screen is still in early development. No director is announced for the project.

The natural question, after hearing Zoe’s been tied to another biopic, is whether folks will take issue with this casting choice as they did with the Nina Simone biopic in which Miss Saldana played the singer-songwriter. The main problem many had with that casting was that Zoe is Latina, fair skin, and looks nothing like Nina Simone in the slightest bit (even with prosthetic teeth, dark makeup, and an afro) and has no musical skills to speak of. With Eartha Kitt, though, the physical resemblance is undeniable. If Zoe proves to have the acting chops to portray such a vivacious character, this might actually be a great move for her career and a moving cinematic piece. What do you think?

Black or Latina: Afro-Latinas Are Often Asked to Make a Choice in Hollywood

February 2nd, 2014 - By Nicole Akoukou Thompson
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zoe saldana
Zoe Saldana, Lauren Velez, Tatyana Ali, Melissa de Sousa and Gina Torres are the names of some of the most successful dark-toned Latinas making key appearances on the big and small screen. Women such as Judy Reyes, Dania Ramirez and the aforementioned actresses have helped to update the image of what it means to be Latina on television or in film. Nonetheless, difficulties for Afro-Latinas persist. Latina marketability in Hollywood is intertwined with colorism. Fairer Latinas not only earn more Latina roles, but Afro-Latinas are often pushed to solely play African-American parts, forced to stifle a part of their ethnic identity. Failure to devise more roles for Afro-Latinas in Hollywood is problematic because it perpetuates the social invisibility of Afro-Latinos, and isolates them by failing to promote the diversity of Latino skin tones and national backgrounds.

Hollywood homogenizes ethnic groups of color, simplifying race on screen by creating a sense of uniformity.  Brown is brown, unless it’s Black. If you happen to both, then you are asked to choose between the two, because to be biracial or bi-national is apparent too complex.

Cuba, Panama and Columbia are only a fraction of Latin American countries that’s included within the African diaspora. Nonetheless, women who generally represent those nations on screen are no darker than Sophia Vergara; and Latina women who also identify as Black are slated to exclusively portray African American roles, and are excluded from roles that are advertised to Latinas. The “choose one” attitude of directors is one that has been reported by many Afro-Latina actresses, though the choice is usually made for them.

The book Negra & Beautiful: The Unique Challenges Faced By Afro-Latinas quoted Panamanian writer, poet, activist, and Founder and Director of Encuentro Diaspora Afro in Boston, Yvette Modestin, saying: “It doesn’t help that despite the high-profile black Latinas making it in Hollywood and other industries, black Latinas are rarely seen as such in movies (many black Latina actresses play African Americans on screen) and in ads, which generally depict Latinos as light-brown hued. The effect on Afro-Latinas, Modestin says, is the creation of a “very schizophrenic world” in which many are not understood or accepted.”

Dominican Judy Reyes, who played the Dominican nurse Carla on Scrubs helped to modernize the perception of Latinos and Afro-Latinos in Hollywood.  She remains committed to her dual identity as both Black and Latina. Lauren Velez, one of the few Black Latinas in Hollywood to have a prolonged career, indicated that initially she couldn’t get Latina roles because she was Black, but forced her way into those roles. As a result, however, it has become impossible for her to acquire African American roles, because she has somehow transitioned into being seen as Latina due to certain success.

Latinas being hiring based on skin color is not an act perpetrated by white directors, but Latino directors as well, which Afro-Panamanian actress Melissa de Sousa once attested to. She once stated many Latino directors don’t want to cast Latinas who are darker than Jennifer Lopez or Shakira.

The internalized racism orchestrated by members of the Latin community and the Black community works to cripple an effort to get the American public to see the diversity within Black, Latino and Black Latino cultures; particularly at a time when successful directors of color are becoming more apparent in Hollywood –and have an opportunity  and access to realistically display ethnic experiences.



“You Feel That You Were Wronged” Zoe Saldana Opens Up About Her Father’s Death

January 21st, 2014 - By Madame Noire
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Zoe Saldana

Source: WENN


From Hello Beautiful 

Zoe Saldana plays a struggling mother with two young daughters and a bipolar husband in the Infinitely Polar Bear, an independent film making its rounds at the Sundance Film Festival this year. The 35-year old actress is notoriously private about her personal life, but during a recent interview at the annual festival in Utah, she revealed that the movie is incredibly close to her heart for a reason few fans may know.

“I couldn’t go up on stage today right when the film ended,” she shared. “My sister and my assistant and some family members were with me and we went afterwards to dinner and everybody’s lower lip was just trembling because we were so moved. Especially for my sisters and me, because we lost our father when we were very young. It hits home. You feel that you were wronged.”

Read more about Zoe at 

Zoe Saldana Snags Lead Role In NBC’s “Rosemary’s Baby” Remake

January 15th, 2014 - By Jazmine Denise Rogers
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Source: WENN

Source: WENN

Zoe Saldana is working really hard these days. In addition to her already busy schedule, the newly married actress has just been cast to star in a “Rosemary’s Baby” remake for NBC, E! Online reports.

Zoe will be playing the title character, Rosemary, which was played by Mia Farrow in the original 1968 film. According to reports, the project will be produced as a miniseries. Filming is scheduled to begin in Paris later this month.

“Zoe has proven that she is one of our most gifted actresses,” said NBC’s Quinn Taylor in a statement. “We think she has the perfect combination of spirit and gravitas to take on the title role from Ira Levin’s infamous novel.”

“With Zoe leading the cast under the direction of Agnieszka Holland, this reimagined event mini-series is off to a great start,” she added.

The screenplay for the miniseries will be written by Scott Abott and  ”American Horror Story: Coven” writer James Wong. So far no names have been mentioned regarding who will be cast to play Rosemary’s husband in the series, but we’ll keep you posted as further details emerge.

Is this something you’d be interested in checking out?

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Are Red Carpets An Exception To The Fight Against Body Shaming?

January 14th, 2014 - By La Truly
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Dear Celebrity Style Critics/Twitter Trolls,
We’ve constructed a double standard when it comes to judging/picking apart women’s bodies and style choices. Feminists (especially on Twitter) join in solidarity to correct men who dare to police women’s bodies. It’s unacceptable and patriarchal and we ain’t havin’ it. Bullying and body shaming have been brought to the forefront of popular cultural attention with campaigns to end both horrible norms among children and adults alike.
How then, do we find room for publicly and so ruthlessly shaming women celebrities at each and every major red carpet event? While unfortunate style choices are very much a reality and must be discussed for the sake of entertainment, is it fair that many celebrities become the brunt of vicious fat jokes and other forms of body shaming?
At Sunday night’s Golden Globe Awards, celebrities like Zoe Saldana, Paula Patton, Lena Dunham and Gabourey Sidibe were called out as Worst Dressed on an array of fashion blog sites and shows. I noticed that the slimmer of these celebs were simply challenged for their choice of dress. One blog called Paula Patton’s dress a ‘giant Kleenex’ while another called out Zoe Saldana’s ‘annoying elbow straps’. But when it came to Gabourey Sidibe and Lena Dunham, blogs as well as random Twitter trolls let loose their venom. One Tweeter called Sidibe ‘the chubby ghost from Casper’. Another tweeted that they were ‘tired of her on the red carpet looking like she headed to an oven.’
Blogs picked apart Lena Dunham’s body, asserting that her dress would have been perfect on someone else’s body and that her arms were too big to be uncovered.
Dealing with my own body insecurities currently, this influx of criticism troubled me. We are a society that allows the bullying and picking apart of women as long as it is under the guise of ‘fashion/styling’. Not many offered solutions, only mean, heckling commentary on what was wrong. Why not post photos of the looks that HAVE worked on these different celebrities in the past, and suggest ways in which they could flatter their physique next time? Why not put your “extensive fashion knowledge” to work in a positive way?
How can we call ourselves feminists (or even just good people) and so viciously rip our sisters apart with no regard for their feelings, simply because they are celebrities? How can we go so hard against the tyranny of patriarchy, but become so mean when it counts the most to be kind? Yes, dressing for body type is important and styling is something of an art, but there is a way to disseminate that information without possibly ruining another human being’s self-esteem and dismantling the sisterhood and sense of decency some of us have worked so hard to build as a community of imperfect people.
Noticeably the sites with the most ruthless critiques of celebrities’ red carpet styles were the sites with a large amount of traffic, and those with the most insensitive tweets were the ones with higher retweets and follower counts. It’s sad to think that red carpets are the exception to bullying and body shaming for shock value and cyber fame.
We can do better. But in the meantime, Gabourey Sidibe will continue to serve fierceness and shut every single hater down with comebacks like this, and I am ALL here for it.

Golden Globes 2014: Fashion, Moments And People That Had Us Talking

January 13th, 2014 - By Victoria Uwumarogie
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The 2014 Golden Globes have come and gone. Awards were handed out (quite a few we didn’t agree with), jokes were shared that had us cackling, speeches were made that were absolutely ridiculous and heartwarming, and the few people of color there were dressed to impress (or they tried their best to impress that is). Here are the looks, the moments, and the people that had us talking from the show.

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