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Chicago Rapper Who Hired Friends To Kill His Mother Faked Sadness When Speaking To Media, Became Gun Violence Activist

December 30th, 2013 - By Victoria Uwumarogie
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This guy is truly the scum of the earth.

We told you last week about 24-year-old Chicago man Qawmane Wilson, also known by his rap name, Young QC. The young man enlisted the help of his friends in order to murder his mother, Yolanda Holmes, in an attempt to get his hands on her two life insurance policies and her bank accounts. Holmes was the owner of the salon, Nappy Headz, in Chicago. While Wilson walked away with more than $90,000 soon after her death (that was just from her bank accounts), he inevitably was caught by police and was charged this month with murder and home invasion. His friends, Loriana Johnson and Eugene Spencer, the driver and the hit man who actually went into the home of Yolanda Holmes to shoot and stab her dead in September 2012, were charged with everything from first degree murder, to home invasion, as well as  aggravated discharge of a firearm.

The story was bad enough, but it seems that after Holmes’ death, Qawmane became something of a faux outspoken activist against gun violence. According to the site KollegeKidd, he not only attended “Stop The Violence” rallies, but he even showed up at the funeral for Hadiya Pendleton, the slain 15-year-old who who was shot and killed a week after performing at President Obama’s inauguration ceremonies early this year. While there, Wilson spoke to media about the need for gun violence to cease, sharing the story of his mother’s murder:

Quawmane Wilson lost his mother to gun violence on November 14.

“My mother, she was a neighborhood woman. A guy [went] into the home, you know, and murdered her, just to steal.”

Wilson even posted about his interview on Twitter looking for a pat on the back: AT 15 YEAR OLD HADIYA’S FUNERAL R.i.P I’VE LOST FAMILY TO GUN VIOLENCE SO I HAD TO SUPPORT

And he somehow managed to keep a straight face during this interview. But then again, when you’re a sociopath, you can do things like this; on top of using the money from the mother you had killed to buy luxury vehicles, designer clothing, shoes, get weekly massages, and throw hundred dollar bills into the air for your “fans” to catch–just to put it all on Instagram.

Check out his interview with WGN-TV in Chicago at Pendleton’s funeral, as well as another clip of him taking $20,000 out of the bank, blood money that belonged to his mother.

Chicago Man Hires Friends To Kill His Mother For Her Life Insurance Policy

December 26th, 2013 - By Victoria Uwumarogie
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Q. Wilson

While most of us were trying to get in a jolly spirit for the holidays on Christmas and Christmas Eve, some pretty terrible events were making it into the news, including this story of a man from the West Side of Chicago who has been charged in the murder of his own mother. All of this over money.

According to the Chicago Tribune, 24-year-old Qawmane Wilson arranged for his friends to murder his mother, Yolanda Holmes, 45, in September 2012. Holmes was the successful owner of the popular Chicago hair salon, Nappy Headz, and she was also known for organizing community events at her shop. Police say that Wilson wanted to get his hands on the more than $90,000 in her bank accounts, and to also have access to the two life insurance policies she had that he was a beneficiary of. Wilson’s friends, 22-year-old Eugene Spencer and 23-year-old Loriana Johnson were the ones who carried out Wilson’s plans on Sept. 12, 2012. They went to her home in the wee hours of the morning after Wilson called and woke his mother up to say he needed to come by. An autopsy showed that the mother was stabbed multiple times and also sustained a gunshot wound to her head. Spencer was the one who attacked Holmes, while Johnson was the driver. The boyfriend of Holmes was also in the home at the time of her murder, and he was pistol whipped by Spencer after being awoken by the sound of a gun firing and getting into a “struggle” with the young man.

Assistant Attorney Maura White says that a week after Holmes’ horrific death, Wilson emptied his mother’s bank accounts and was, of course, the beneficiary to her life insurance policies. Wilson was an aspiring rapper by the name of Young QC, and in his Instagram account, he can be seen showing off that money, all while running around with his mother’s name tattooed on his right shoulder. Disgusting.

But after a thorough investigation, Wilson was arrested and charged with murder and home invasion in the death of his mother, as was Ms. Johnson. As for Eugene Spencer, the hit man in this case, he received charges of first degree murder, as well as home invasion and aggravated discharge of a firearm. Phone records showed that Wilson contacted Spencer and Johnson before, after and even during the murder. All three are being held without bail.

Employees at the slain woman’s salon say that Holmes would have given anything for her son, so to hear that he would stoop to such lows for her money is terrible. This includes stylist Ayonna Anderson, who was good friends with Holmes. She said this to the Chicago Tribune:

“Her son she took care of … he could’ve gotten anything from her. It’s so heartbreaking. She was trying to build a future for her son to have. But I guess money is the root of all evil.”