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15 Celebs Who Are Not Aging Very Nicely

September 4th, 2012 - By MN Editor
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We know celebrities put a lot into their looks, and many of them seem to have successfully stopped the hands of time when it comes to aging.  Others…hmm…not so much.  Some celebs have gone past looking a little more mature than their age to looking down right old.  The following eight celebrities seem to have contracted a serious case of Benjamin Button—in reverse.



1. Lindsay Lohan

Excessive partying and drug abuse have taken a toll on the 25-year-old Lindsay, who looks like she’s pushing 40.  And even that might be a bit generous considering the paparazzi once mistook her for a 60-year-old star.

15 Hottest Faces Under 25

July 11th, 2012 - By madamenoire
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Growing older is never a bad thing, and many would say 40 is the new 20. But there’s no doubt that some young folks in Hollywood are really making a name for themselves. Whereas youth may be associated with recklessness and wild nights, some of the 25 and under crowd are doing it big, while they’re enjoying the high life. They’re household names (or quickly on their way to becoming one) and securing deals that pale in comparison to what most youngsters their age are doing. These young celebs are proof that age ain’t nothing but a number when it comes to living your dreams and making major moves.

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10 Child Stars Who Grew Up To Be Surprisingly Normal

October 27th, 2011 - By Julia Austin
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"Child actors"

Having the mind of a child and the money of a grown up—a very, very rich grownup—is usually a bad combination. I’m talking about child stars. It doesn’t help that most laws are just “laws” to them. What’s the drinking age for a child star? Something like…14, right? Then add the fact that they have just as many responsibilities as a 30-year-old, so they end up dating 30 year olds, and it turns out to be very hard for a child star to grow up a healthy, normal human being. Lindsay Lohan is the new poster child for child stars gone wrong these days. But for all the Lohans out there, there are those who somehow manage to transition seamlessly into adulthood. Check out the 10 who did just that.