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Struggles All Big And Tall Women Understand

December 29th, 2015 - By Meg Butler
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Image Source: Twitter

Image Source: Twitter

From flooding jeans to little men, these are the struggles that big and tall women understand. Did we miss any of your experiences?

Famous Women Accused Of Not Supporting Other Women

December 10th, 2015 - By Meg Butler
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Image Source: Shutterstock

Image Source: Shutterstock

Have these women been less than supportive of other ladies or are they misunderstood? How do you feel about these stars accused of leaving other women out to dry?

Grace Mugabe And When Powerful Women Perpetuate Rape Culture

November 30th, 2015 - By Deja Jones
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Grace Mugabe

(AP Photo/Tsvangirayi Mukwazhi)

During a public rally in Mberengwa, Zimbabwe recently, First Lady Grace Mugabe told thousands of Zanu PF party supporters that women who choose to wear miniskirts are to blame if they’re raped. During the public rally last week she stated, “If you walk around wearing miniskirts displaying your thighs and inviting men to drool over you, then you want to complain when you have been raped? It’s unfortunate because it will be your fault.” First Lady Mugabe then went on to suggest that women have a choice in determining their fate by wearing longer dresses and pants as a preventative measure because miniskirts are “signs of moral decadence in our country.”

There has been an increase in rape cases in Zimbabwe. According to statistics obtained by the National AIDS Council, an average of 392 female juveniles were sexually abused monthly in 2014, translating to an average of 13 girls having been raped daily. Considering the serious problem that sexual assault is in Zimbabwe, the First Lady’s remarks have received both widespread criticism, and in some cases, praise.

Can you imagine how this shifts the male perspective on rape in that country considering such dangerous rhetoric is coming from the wife of Zimbabwe’s president? It takes away the attention from the perpetrators and places blame on the victims, once again.

When it comes to women’s rights issues and campaigns, many organizations and foundations often partner with women who have far reach (such as Angelina Jolie, First Lady Michelle Obama or actress Emma Watson) to be the voice for women who otherwise we would never know of or hear. With that in mind, the First Lady’s remarks were extremely problematic because, as a respected figure in Zimbabwe, she could have certainly used her voice to promote and uplift women and to call out their attackers. But instead, she turned to victim blaming and defended those abusers. The message she gave was that it’s not okay for men to rape women, but can you blame them if all they wear are short skirts?

We as women tend to be our own worst enemy and worst critics when it comes to addressing some very important issues, and that includes domestic violence and sexual assault. We stand divided on so many things it’s no wonder there is skepticism about our credibility when it comes time to stand up and fight. Victim blaming is an all-too-common response to rape. This is especially true in parts of Africa with larger populations, few anti-rape laws, and where things can get so bad, that even the president is considering castrating offenders. It was very disappointing to hear such a comment made by such a prominent woman. Especially when full clothing isn’t keeping sick men from teaming up to rape 9-year-olds.

So shame on First Lady Mugabe, a woman who could at any moment change or have a huge part in improving the treatment of women in that country. Instead of doing so, she took the low road and made them into targets to be victims once more. If we can’t stand by each other, then who will?


“Be The Boss” Contest Entry: Ashley Woods

September 23rd, 2015 - By jade
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Ashley Woods has been involved in music, dance, and entertainment for over a decade. She majored in Communication Studies at Loyola Marymount University; and upon graduating from college, she joined Teach for America’s New York City corps. After completing Teach for America, she joined ABS Collective as a member of the production team in 2014. During her time at ABS she has worked on projects with UNICEF, Goapele, and Stevie Wonder’s House Full of Toys. She has had a vast amount of experience working in Event Production with several entities such as Nike, Essence, The Grammy Foundation, and the National Association of Women Business Owners.

Check out her video entry above and for more info on how you can nominate a woman you know to “Be the Boss” and win a makeover courtesy of African Pride, click here.


Contest Entry: Khadijah Neumann

Contest Entry: Tracey Woods 

Contest Entry: Eboyne’ Jackson

Contest Entry: Angel Toney 

“Be The Boss” Contest Entry: Khadija Neumann

September 23rd, 2015 - By jade
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#BeTheBossMN #Khadija #MadameNoire #Lovera

A video posted by Lynn Allen Jeter & Associates (@lajass1) on

Khadija Neumann is an international supermodel and women’s advocate from Senegal. After pursuing a modeling career in Switzerland and Paris, she signed with New York Model Management in 2009. In 2013, she launched her passion project LOVERA, a natural female nutrition supplement that boosts and balances libido, hormone levels, and energy.

Check out her nomination above and for more info on how you can nominate a woman you know to “Be the Boss” and win a makeover courtesy of African Pride, click here.

Today is the last day to enter!!!!

Contest Entry: Tracey Woods 

Contest Entry: Ashley Woods 

Contest Entry: Eboyne’ Jackson

Contest Entry: Angel Toney 

From Push Presents To Period Packages: Gifts For Women That We Didn’t Know We Were Supposed To Get

August 28th, 2015 - By Meg Butler
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Ice T and Coco, Ice & Coco Show

‘Ice & Coco’ Show

Am I the only one who just discovered “push presents” when Ice-T said he wasn’t down with giving Coco one? Are our friends and family dropping the ball? Or are these gifts for women doing a little too much?

Enter Our “Be The Boss” Contest For A Chance To Win A Free Makeover From African Pride

August 24th, 2015 - By Madame Noire
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Are you a woman who's about her business or know someone who is? We want to hear from you!

MadameNoire is providing two women a chance to win a makeover by African Pride for sharing their story of their journey to becoming a boss with us. To get your name in the running, upload a video of yourself or a family or friend you want to nominate to Facebook or Instagram explaining how this person is a boss why they should be picked for the makeover and be sure to use #BeTheBossMN hashtag. Then send an email with the following:

- subject headline: #BeTheBossMN Contest Entry
- Link to your video on FB/Instagram
- headshot of the person nominated
- Full name
- Age
- Location
- A short paragraph explaining why the nominee should win the makeover

When uploading your videos to Instagram and Facebook, please make sure the privacy settings are public or we will not be able to see your entry.

Check out the video above for more details and good luck!

Girl On Fire: Alicia Keys ‘A Revelation’

August 11th, 2015 - By Kweli Wright
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Scrolling through my Instagram timeline the other morning, I was stopped in my tracks by an awesome image of Alicia Keys boxing underwater. It’s a recreation of Flip Schulke’s iconic series of Muhammad Ali boxing underwater, originally published in Life magazine in 1961. Under her pic by Brendan Forbes, she wrote:

I only got 28,000 of those days. So what the F**K am I waiting for?? 😉 Let me elaborate: (click link in bio) #inspiredbythegreatest #Ali #28000days

Yes, 28,000 days is the name of Alicia’s new single but it’s also a call for everyone to think about what you’re doing with your life and the precious time we have here. Are you wasting time hating on someone or feeling sorry for yourself, or are you enjoying life and attacking the challenges like they could be your last?

Alicia took to her site,, to pen this revelation she’s had about life and I know I could relate, so I thought it would be great to share her with you moms who maybe feeling like you’re not giving life your all.

Here’s some of what’s in Alicia Keys ‘A Revelation’:

For as long as I can remember, I’ve hidden myself. It might have started in school when I realized that I caught on to things a little quicker, and teachers started to show slight favor to me, or use me as an example. I remember feeling like my friends would make fun of me or look at me as if I was different from them and so… I started hiding. Not intentionally, I didn’t mean to, but I did. Little pieces at a time.

I remember feeling that same way when I first started to get recognized as an artist. I had the baggy/braided/tough NY tomboy thing mastered, that was who I was (or who I chose to be) and I felt good there. Then, because of the way I spoke or carried myself, people started calling me gay and hard and I wasn’t gay, but I was hard and although I felt comfortable there, it made me uncomfortable that people were judging me and so slowly I hid that side of myself. I put on dresses and didn’t braid my whole head up, so people could see more of the “real” me, even though at that point I’m sure I was more confused then ever of what the real me was.

I became comfortable hiding, my intelligence, my physical appearance, my truths, my thoughts, myself.

And just the other day it hit me! OMG! Alicia!!! Why are you choosing to be that person?? That is so old and outdated!! STOP!!

You are allowed to be smart
You are allowed to be beautiful
You are allowed to be radical and have strong thoughts that others might not agree with
You are allowed to be tough
You are allowed to be sexy


Read the full text here.


Help Wanted: I Date In The Hopes Of Finding A Husband As Opposed To Just Enjoying The Moment

August 6th, 2015 - By Deja Jones
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Being a forward thinker comes in handy at several points in adult life. You’ll never or hardly ever run into a complex financial situation that you can’t strategize your way out of. You’ll be able to make decisions based off of sound judgment. But what happens when being a forward thinker begins to do more harm than good when it comes to your love life? It seems like you’re just at the beginning of the tunnel and trying to see what’s on the other side instead of enjoying the journey.

For most women, when we hit 25 we start to think obsessively about things such as career stability, financial security, and who we’re going to spend the rest of our lives with. If you’re single and have been for some time, one of your deepest desires can turn into an obsessive goal—to meet a guy. So you start to look for the qualities you deem a must-have in every man you come across and quickly move on to the next if they don’t add up. Dating takes on an entirely different meaning for you. Sure, you might entertain a few flings here and there, but what you really want is someone who’s going to stick around and put a ring on it. You’re not just dating for the hell of it, to kill some time, or so you won’t be lonely. If you’re giving of your time, it’s because you see something in a man that interests you. However, you can be a little high strung and too hung up on what the end result could and will be. I can relate because this is a major issue for me.

Long story short, I started dating a guy who was a year younger than me in age, and, it seemed, a lot younger in terms of his wants and needs. I was interested, but I couldn’t ignore that, so things didn’t work out. I shut it down quickly.

Now, I’ll admit, sometimes I do expect things to just happen overnight, but I know realistically that they won’t. However, whenever I meet a guy that I’m really interested in and like, my mind is already daydreaming about us having a beautiful brownstone in Harlem, or a fancy loft in the Lower East Side with great careers and children. I start to see possibilities that begin to obscure reality.

Some days I see what I’m looking for and some days it’s hard to tell. My friends have told me countless times to be in the moment and enjoy the guys I date. Others say that if I can’t see it, as in a future with a guy, I shouldn’t waste my time.

I know my biggest issue is patience. In retrospect, being a forward thinker seems to be the reason a lot of my relationships have ended before they’ve even taken off anywhere. I come into a dating situation knowing full well what I want and expecting it just to click right away. Being a forward thinker means that you’re always one step ahead of the game, but sometimes being so far ahead also means missing what’s right in front of you.

I think it’s okay to be a forward thinker and have expectations for yourself in building a relationship. But it can be unnecessarily stressful when you start creating expectations for someone else before you even get to know them well. I know I need to slow down my mind, but it’s difficult when my biological clock is on warp speed…

Any other women in a quarter-life or mid-life love crisis having this problem?


Taking A Perfume And Baby Wipe Shower And Other Hilarious Confessions Of Gross Things Women Do

July 24th, 2015 - By Meg Butler
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Image Source: Twitter

Image Source: Twitter

Have you seen the Foul Bachelorette Frog meme? Ladies all over the Internet have been spilling tea on all the secretly foul things they do from time to time. Let’s have a real talk, y’all. Share one of your confessions in the comments.