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Guess Who

December 19th, 2013 - By Brande Victorian
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Before we make you mad, we’ll just tell you who this little cutie’s suspect mama is. It’s Winter Ramos, the former Love & Hip-Hop New York reality chick who quickly got on a lot of people’s bad sides when she suggested Emily B stick with Fab because she wasn’t going to get anything better. Winter was a regular cast member on last season’s series of LHHNY and almost as soon as the cameras stopped rolling, her baby bump made its debut.

Winter confirmed her pregnancy in an interview with us this past March and now we see from Instagram pics that her little bundle of joy is here! Two days ago, Winter showed us the very first pic of her little one with the caption, “Say hi to Summer! #Loveofmylife.” She also posted a couple more candids of the cutie who appears to be all smiles all the time.

Since leaving LHHNY, we haven’t really kept up with Winter or the fallout from her tell-all book in which she exposed a number of rapper’s indiscretions, like her ex-boo Jadakiss, but from the looks of her Instagram account she appears to be doing well. Check out more pics of her 2-month-old daughter below. Isn’t she adorable?


Don’t Be Ashamed! Tell-All Tea-Spilling Books You Know You Want to Read

April 17th, 2013 - By Meg Butler
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Reality shows have made drama junkies of us all. And if 22 minutes a day of shade throwing and tea spilling just isn’t enough, you need to read one of these tell-all tea spillers. These authors have told on everyone from Tupac to Kim Kardashian and most of what’s in their pages is way too hot for TV. So if you need a book for the night stand, look no further.

Confessions of a Video Vixen

Confessions of a Video Vixen

This is the tea spiller that started it all. When Super Head wrote Confessions of a Video Vixen in 2005 she put almost every rapper in the game on blast from LL to Jay-Z.

The book is also about her struggles with homelessness, sexual assault, drug and alcohol abuse and it’s so scandalous that it made the New York Times Bestseller list. Before you read the rest you should check out the one that began the trend.

Tiny Packages And Ratchet Tattoos: A Recap Of The Love & Hip Hop Reunion (Part I)

April 9th, 2013 - By Clarke Gail Baines
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So who else partook in the foolery of last night’s Love and Hip Hop reunion (part I)? Don’t make us think we were the only ones! It was definitely the definition of messy. People’s incarcerated fiancés were having their private parts joked about, lie detector tests were administered, Olivia and Erica had a one-sided sing-off to determine who really needs to have the boring song “Where Do I Go From Here,” and Mona Scott-Young tried to prove she could be a good moderator by yelling at her employees like children. All in all, it was an entertaining hour to say the least. Here are a few things we took away from the 60 minutes of ratch — and if this isn’t enough, head here.

You Can Plug That Leak: 15 Celebrity ‘Secrets’ They Can Keep

April 5th, 2013 - By Meg Butler
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Halle Berry

Image Source:

Threatening to spill tea is a great way to get everybody’s attention. But you’ve got to have a juicy secret to get folk to stop and listen. These celebrities are spillin’ stories, but holding back on what we really want to know. Here are the secrets we’ve heard and why we think they can do better on the rumor front.

Winter Ramos Is Pregnant!

March 14th, 2013 - By MN Editor
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Congratulations are in order for “Love and Hip Hop New York” star Winter Ramos. Our brother site, Bossip initially reported and later, in an exclusive interview with MadameNoire, the industry chick/reality star/author/future mommy confirmed that she is pregnant. See when she found out and what else is in store for Ms. Ramos in the video above.

Scandalous: LHHNY’s Winter Ramos Confesses to Creeping With The Game to Get Back at Jadakiss

March 13th, 2013 - By Jazmine Denise Rogers
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Source: VH1

Source: VH1

Love & Hip Hop star Winter Ramos’s book, Game Over: My Love for Hip Hop isn’t scheduled to be released until April and she’s already ruffled a few feathers. It started with her co-star Lore’l after she read an excerpt from the book, exposing the rapper to the guests in attendance of her book cover unveiling event. It appears that putting he ex-friend on front street was only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to her forthcoming tell-all. In an excerpt of her book acquired by All Hip Hop, the reality star exposed some of her own dirty laundry about spending intimate time with rapper The Game. According to Ramos, it was an attempt to get back at her then-boyfriend Jadakiss, after she suspected that he was out cheating. The excerpt reads:

“Jason [Jadakiss] wasn’t there and hadn’t been there. I got mad. What kind of business could he be handling that would keep him gone all night? Immediately, I jumped to the conclusion and figured he was with another b***h, although he’d never played me like that before. Out of spite, I returned to Game’s room.”

She went on to the reveal that the two spent time drinking, smoking and hanging out in the hot tub. She claims they didn’t sleep with each other that night, but many are led to believe otherwise. Especially, considering The Game’s track record with getting busy with other men’s girlfriends. Remember the alleged Gloria Govan and Matt Barnes love triangle.

In a recent interview with CocoFab, Winter discussed dating Jadakiss in college.

“Back in the 90s when I was in college we were in a relationship, and we remained friends throughout the years as we got older. I’ve seen him come from sharing a room with five guys to now having his own suite and his own tour bus. I’m very proud of him and vice versa. He saw me in college tying to figure out what I want to do with my life to now becoming a grown woman”, she said.

She also says that he asked her not to sign on to do Love & Hip Hop.

“As you read the book you’ll see how Jadakiss went from super excited about me doing the show to don’t do it with no explanation. Just a text message. This is me going through negotiations with lawyers and conversing with him about it like they want me to move to New York, and going back and forth with him having hour long conversations about this. And on the day I went to sign, I told him I’m on my way to the lawyer’s office and he texted me back like, “Don’t do it.” He didn’t answer his phone, he didn’t hit me back and say nothing, it was just, “Don’t do it.”

Rumors imply that Winter’s book will recount the details of some of the 250+ men that she’s in some way, shape or form  “encountered.” That could of course mean a host of different things, but it won’t be long before it all gets aired out.


Turn the page for footage of Winter discussing why she’s nothing like Karrine Steffans.

Superhead 2.0? Love & Hip Hop’s Winter Ramos Exposes Rapper Sexcapades In New Tell-All Book

January 14th, 2013 - By Jazmine Denise Rogers
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In case you were actually waiting around for Karrine Steffans to finish composing her super emotional and most likely über explicit memoir about her relationship with Lil Wayne, it looks like there will be another Hip Hop tell-all book hitting the streets soon to hold you over. At least until Karrine is done pouring out her soul on the pages of How To Make Love To A Martian. It seems that “Love and Hip Hop” star Winter Ramos, whom we will learn more about during tonight’s episode, is planning to release a tell-all book of her own entitled Game Over: My Love for Hip Hop. If you’re having a hard time recalling which one Winter is, she’s the one who made a couple of cameos last season as the assistant of rapper Fabolous.

The memoir is said to shed light on what it was like for her working in the music industry and of course, expose a few of her famous former lovers. The book’s description reads:

In Game Over, Winter puts all of her emotions on the page leaving no experience, emotional abuse, or former lover uncovered. From her days as assistant to rapper, Fabolous and friend to Jadakiss, to appearing on Love and Hip Hop and being Creative Costume Designer for Flavor unit Films, Winter delivers a tell-all book on her famous ex-lovers and experiences in the music industry. As the chick that was always in the mix and cool with everyone, Winter was privy to the cray beyond the videos, private flights, and limos that the cameras caught for us. Her reality and theirs was no game. Game Over is Winter’s cautionary tale for the next generation of young women who believe that the fabulous lives of celebrities unveiled in blogs and on reality television shows are all FIRE! Stay tuned, because this GAME is about to get real.

During tonight’s episode, she introduces herself in a rather questionable way that somewhat implies that she plans on spilling a lot of tea.

“I’m Winter Ramos. You guys may know me as Fab’s assistant, but I’ve been in the music industry for a really long time. I’ve worked with Puff Daddy, Biggie Smalls, Junior Mafia, DMX, Eve, Ja Rule, Ashanti, Irv Gotti… I’ve dated these guys, I’ve slept with them, I’ve worked for them. I know the girlfriend, I know the baby mother, I know the wife. I even know the side chick.”

She also revealed that her “friend” Jadakiss, who is also a rather large part of the book is actually the one who suggested that she pen the tell-all. The book’s release date is April 2nd.

Many feel that the whole concept of women coming out and exposing industry insiders is completely played. But I believe that for every tell-all, there’s a nosy person who will buy it.

Check out a sneak peek of tonight’s episode on the next page to see Winter discuss her book. Are you at all interested in what she has to say in her book?

Are You Ready For This? Meet The New Cast Of LHHNY

December 5th, 2012 - By Brande Victorian
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It seems like just yesterday we were watching Chrissy throw them bows at Kimbella and cuss out Yandy every chance she got, but Baller Alert is confirming that it’s already time for the next season of Love & Hip-Hop NYC, and that the next cast members have been officially confirmed by VH1. Though we suspected a few of these folks would be a part of the crew, there are a few interesting names added to the mix. Check out the list:

 Joe Budden– Fierce free-styling artist Joe Budden is widely considered one of hip hop’s most gifted lyricists. His Grammy award-winning song “Pump It Up” was featured in the hit movie 2 Fast 2 Furious. This ladies’ man is also known for posting about his very public relationships and break-ups online.

Tahiry Jose– Tahiry is a charismatic urban model who is best known for her rapid-fire sarcasm as well as her painful and very public break-up with Joe Budden.

Raqi Thunda– Radio personality and DJ Raqi Thunda has no problem keeping it real. Raqi and Joe Budden insist they are just long-time friends. However, Raqi and Joe’s ex, Tahiry don’t see eye- to- eye and have a tumultuous relationship.

Consequence – NYC rapper Consequence has established a successful career working with the likes of Kanye West and A Tribe Called Quest. His five year relationship with fellow cast member Jen Bayer and their 1-year old son Caiden has left the couple bickering about how to raise the child based on differing cultural and religious beliefs.

Jen “The Pen” Bayer – Known for dishing up gossip with DJ Whoo Kid and The Hot Boyz of Chicago, Jen has spent the past year raising Caiden, her son with cast member Consequence.

Winter Ramos – With a brief appearance in the second season of “Love & Hip Hop,” Winter Ramos, former assistant to rapper Fabolous, is making her name in hip hop history as she writes a tell-all book on her roster of famous ex-boyfriends and her life in the music industry. She is currently the Creative Costume Designer for Flavor Unit Films.

Rashidah Ali – Known as the “Blinged Out Bombshell,” Rashidah is most known for being a shoe consultant to the stars and is currently working on launching her own shoe line, Encore.

On top of this, BA says that Yandy, Erica Mena, Rich Dollaz, and Olivia will be returning for next season which means this cast is officially on steroids. I’m assuming Mona Scott-Young and ‘dem are trying to get the NY cast to live up to the foolery of Atlanta so they figure the more the messier? I don’t ever recall this version of the series having quite this many players.

BA says the series will premiere Monday, January 7 at 8pm and it looks like we’re in for a hot mess of a time, especially since Joe Budden and Tahiry have already kicked off the dramatics on Twitter. Let the scripted games begin.

Will you be checking out the next season of LHHNY?


Oh Word? There Might Be a White Girl On LHHNY Next Season

August 10th, 2012 - By Brande Victorian
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Source: Bossip

Perhaps minorities won’t be the only ones critics can say are poorly represented on “Love & Hip-Hop” next season when it comes back around to New York. Back in July, Bossip speculated that Rapper/Producer/Songwriter “Consequence” and his longtime white girlfriend Jen The Pen would be joining the cast, and now is confirming it’s true—along with a few other potentials we mentioned before.

I’ve been informed that Mona Scott-Young has so far pulled in rapper Consequence and his white girlfriend/baby mama, Jen The Pen for season four. Also joining the cast are Tahiry José (Joe Budden’s ex of five years), a female rapper named Lore’l (pronounced like the cosmetics), a woman named Raqi Thunda (who apparently also dated Joe Budden), and Winter Ramos (Fabolous’ ex-assistant/friend).

Anyone else read that as messy, messy, messy?

Having a white girl in the crew will likely be the least of the worries next season if two ladies who used to date Joe Budden have to be captured behind one small camera screen together. And if Fabolous has the nerve to appear on the show with Winter when he wouldn’t with Emily? Side eyes until kingdom come.

Though the cast doesn’t sound that exciting since no one knows any of these people, when you remember that nobody knew who Joseline, Stebie, Mimi, or any of the other Atlanta crew were two months ago, and now we can’t get enough of them, we’ll probably be addicted to these unknowns in a few months too.

More on Madame Noire!