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15 Things We Love, Hate, And Don’t Understand About Will And Jada Smith

March 21st, 2014 - By Julia Austin
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"Will and Jada Pinkett-Smith pf"


Like most of the world, we are very confused about the relationship between the Smiths. We can’t decide if they’re a beacon of hope, or the most twisted couple out there. Here are 15 things we just don’t understand about these two.

‘It Wasn’t About Sex:’ Jada Pinkett Smith Speaks On Her Relationship With Tupac

March 3rd, 2014 - By Jazmine Denise Rogers
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Sources: Instagram, WENN

Sources: Instagram, WENN

During a recent appearance on “The Arsenio Hall Show” Jada Pinkett Smith took a stroll down memory lane and discussed her relationship with slain rapper Tupac Shakur.

“Pac was probably one of the first male figures that I had in my life that saw the beauty and my talent and intelligence separated from sex,” Jada explained.

Jada went on to say that Tupac offered something that most fathers offer their daughters.

“That’s something that a young girl gets from her father, I didn’t have that. Pac was the first one that it wasn’t about sex it was about, ‘You, you’re a beautiful woman, you’re talented, you’re strong, I respect you and you’re my girl. You’re going to sit right here, I’m going to protect you.’”

“And that was about our relationship was like,” she added.

The mother of two also discussed encountering her husband, Will Smith, for the first time.

“One time meeting him at Bullock’s. Bullock’s is like this department store in Los Angeles and I’m with my mother and Will’s like ‘Hey Jada’ and saying hello to my mother and just as cheery as ever and happy as he always is and my mother’s like, ‘Why can’t you date a nice guy like him?’ I said, ‘Will, that’s the Fresh Prince, what I’m going to do with him?’, and of course look at me now.”

Little did she know, she’d later audition to play Will’s girlfriend on “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.”

“When I was 19 I auditioned to play one of his girlfriends on Fresh Prince [of Bel Air] and they told me I was too short.”

While she didn’t get the original role she went out for, Will later circled back and asked Jada to play his girlfriend for another movie project that he was working on.

“Many years later once I started a film career, Mr. Smith decided he wanted to come and ask me to play his girlfriend and I had to tell him no.”

She adds that if she’d taken Will up on his initial offer, they probably wouldn’t be married today.

“I think if I had done it we would not be married today because you have to meet people at a time that you’re ready. Neither one of us were ready at that time.”

Watch a clip from Jada’s interview on the next page.

Afropolitan Dreams: The Best Black Love Couples Of All Time

February 25th, 2014 - By Kevin L. Clark
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Source: WENN

Source: WENN

News about love is hard to come by in the mainstream press. Whether it is due to willful ignorance or just not enough hours in the day, violent news gets more traction than an episode of Maury. Que sera, sera. There is a silver lining in all of this: couples are championing love in spite of negativity. (Full Disclosure: I’m a part of the Champion’s Club!)

With divorce rates and infidelity gossip creating headlines — and the recent news of Robin Thicke and Paula Patton’s separation — we want to salute good love with a list of the best representations of Black love to ever grace this place called Earth.

Crank That! Will Smith And Jimmy Fallon Dance The Evolution Of Hip Hop

February 18th, 2014 - By Veronica Wells
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will smith and jimmy fallon

Jimmy Fallon kicked off the debut of his hosting “The Tonight Show” with a bang. There were all types of celebrities in the building. Robert DeNiro, Tiny Fey, Mariah Carey, Kim Kardashian, Mike Tyson, Lady Gaga and Tracy Morgan to name a few.

But the highlight of the night came when Jimmy Fallon and Will Smith performed a dance duo detailing the evolution of Hip Hop.

Will Smith has roots in Hip Hop and last night we got to see if the 45 year old has still got it. Before their interview, Will and Jimmy did their thing. They did some of our favorites like the Running Man, the Kid ‘N Play and the MC Hammer.

But the party ended when Jimmy started twerking…

Watch the video below.

Check out the next page to see Will talking about being 45 and conquering his fears by sky diving.

Will Smith Passes On ‘Independence Day’ Sequel; Michael B. Jordan Being Considered To Step In

February 10th, 2014 - By Jazmine Denise Rogers
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Source: WENN

Source: WENN

18 years after the release of military sci-fi blockbuster “Independence Day,” director Roland Emmerich and co-writer/producer Dean Delvin are busy at work on a sequel,” Deadline reports.

The long-awaited sequel will reportedly be released in theaters on the original film’s 20th anniversary, July 4, 2016. The star of the original 90s blockbuster that grossed $811 million worldwide, Will Smith; however, will be visibly absent. According repots, the 45-year-old father of three has decided not to participate in the sequel. Not all hope is lost though, as TheWrap reported back in September that Oscar nominee Michael B. Jordan is being considered for the leading role in the action flick.

Sources say that Jordan’s name has been mentioned during several creative meetings for the film and he’s actually interested. This would be a great look for Jordan, who revealed during an interview last summer that he looks forward to playing  the role of a ” action hero” in the future.

“I would love to play a psychopath,” he told Vulture. “Oh man, that would be amazing. I want my love role. I’ve never been in love [in a movie] before, so I want to know what that’s like. I want to play that action hero, that guy that saves the day. I want to play the role that’s a little off and weird. I want to play the killer. I want to get inside the head of somebody like that. I want to be a pilot. I want to play the astronaut. I want to play the oil rigger in the Pacific. I can’t wait to be up for, say, the next Jason Bourne.”

20th Century Fox has yet to comment on the casting rumors, but we’ll keep you posted as this story develops.

Do you think Michael has what it takes to star in the “Independence Day” sequel?

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“I’m The Pearl”: Willow Smith Covers V Magazine And Shares Why The World Is Not Ready For Her Music

January 28th, 2014 - By Lauren R.D. Fox
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Karl Lagerfeld/V Magazine

Karl Lagerfeld/V Magazine

A few weeks ago, we shared Willow Smith’s new song “5”, featuring her brother Jaden Smith. As the record played, we heard a new Willow Smith- more mature than the little girl we met via “Whip My Hair.” “5″ offered Willow up as a sound young woman and even better she recently showcased her growth on the cover of V Magazine. Photographed by iconic creative director of Chanel, Karl Lagerfeld, our sister site StyleBlazer noted:

“You see as ‘regular’ as Willow wants to be, she’s still a child of Hollywood, and that comes with a certain set of demands–ones Willow doesn’t necessarily want. She recently pulled out of playing  Annie in the film’s revival, which is being produced by her father, saying, “I just wanted to chill, and be at home, and decompress, and just find out what I wanna do and where I stand on this planet, with the little tiny place we have.” “

For the shoot, Lagerfeld instructed  Willow to bring some of her favorite pieces and surprisingly,  she paired boy-drag  boxer shorts with low rider jeans and oxford shoes. She told V Magazine: “I kind of just put on what feels right. Sometimes that’s Converse and a T-shirt, sometimes it’s Givenchy heels and leather pants.” During her time with Lagerfeld, whose aura comes off as mysterious, Willow shared he was extremely friendly despite being  a legend in the fashion world.

Given the constant chatter that’s surrounded her upbringing, with wisdom Willow told V Magazine, her present goal is to be stress free. She noted: “I just wanna do things that make me feel good and not stressed. I just chill and open my eyes and think, just relaxing and being silent. Because the world is so loud.”

Although the world may nag her,  Willow shared her music career will not end, even  if people do not support her music. After releasing her summer jam, “Summer Fling,” incumbents of social media wagged their fingers too hard at Willow, noting the song was not age appropriate. To keep it light, Willow created a plan to keep her music to herself until she thinks the world can receive her art. She may release a track here or there on SoundCloud but Willow claimed:

“I just feel like I want to do it different than the world’s ready for. It’s like a pearl—I’m reading that book right now. You put a piece of sand in it, which is the imagination. You close it over a bunch of years, making it awesome, and then Bam! It comes open. And I’m it! I’m the pearl.”

You go girl!

Get into the pictures from her V Magazine shoot below.

Karl Lagerfeld/ V Magazine

Karl Lagerfeld/ V Magazine

Karl Lagerfeld/ V Magazine

Karl Lagerfeld/ V Magazine


The Most Expensive Music Videos Ever: Were They Worth The Expense?

January 23rd, 2014 - By Kimberly Gedeon
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thriller videoIt’s not surprising at all that the late, great Michael Jackson (and his sister Janet) topped Business Insider‘s list of having the costliest music video of all time — Scream (1996). With a funky wardrobe, a futuristic spaceship, and black and white visuals, Scream cost a whopping $7 million!

But as I scrolled through the list, I was shocked that the King of Pop’s Thriller – arguably one of the most spectacular music videos ever — was absent. Diddy’s Victory (1998), not nearly as memorable and enduring as Thriller, made the list and cost $2.7 million! Clearly dropping excessive amounts of cash on a video doesn’t necessarily mean it will resonate with the public.

So this brings up a new question: Which videos have a low budget, but made a huge impact on the musical landscape? On the flip side, which videos cost an arm and a leg, but were mediocre at best? Let’s find out!

“All My Life” And Other Songs Singers Wrote For Their Children

January 23rd, 2014 - By Iva Anthony
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Singers often look into their own personal lives as inspiration for songs. These 15 artists got very heartfelt and emotional by singing about the joys of parenthood and their children. Here are some of our favorite songs singers wrote for their children.

Songs Singers Wrote For Their Children

Source: Tumblr


Superstar singer Beyonce is normally a private person but after having her first child, Blue Ivy, the former Destiny’s Child member has opened up about the joys of motherhood. In addition to sharing intimate photos of mother and child, Beyonce penned the song “Blue.” In the song, which is on her latest album Beyonce, Blue sings about feeling alive when she looks into her daughter’s eyes. At the end of the song, Blue Ivy joins in and sings with her mommy before asking if they can go see daddy.

Celebs Who Put Their Lovers In Their Music Videos (Sometimes More Than Once)

January 21st, 2014 - By Iva Anthony
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Being in love is always a great feeling and it’s even greater to share it with the world, like these artists who weren’t shy about having their boos star in a music video with them for all to see.

Celebs Who Put Their Lovers In Their Music Videos

Usher and Chilli

In 2001, Chilli made a lot of women jealous after she started dating Usher. Although their relationship only lasted for two years, that was enough time for Chilli to appear in two of Usher’s videos: “U Got It Bad” and “U Don’t Have To Call.” After their relationship came to an end, many speculated the songs off of Usher’s Confessions album (which hinted of an affair and a love child) were about their relationship, but the TLC member revealed that Jermaine Dupri’s love life was really the inspiration behind it all.

BitterSweet Goodbyes: “Fresh Prince” Cast Reunites At James Avery’s Memorial

January 14th, 2014 - By Veronica Wells
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Source: Twitter

Source: Twitter

The cast of “Fresh Prince” reunited this past Saturday to say their goodbyes to their television father and real life role model James Avery.

Alfonso Ribeiro, who served as a host for the memorial ceremony, posted the above picture on Twitter with this caption:

“We said goodbye to the amazing James Avery last night. I was honored to host the memorial for Barbara Avery. It was a wonderful tribute and celebration of his life. He will be deeply missed”

Daphne Reid (the second Aunt Viv), Tatyana Ali (Ashley), Karyn Parsons (Hilary Banks), and Joseph Marcell (Geoffrey) and Avery’s wife Barbara were all there to celebrate his life.

**Update** For those of you wondering Will is currently in Dubai. Maybe he’s working on a project. I’m not sure. But he did issue a statement on Avery’s passing.  And the original Aunt Viv wasn’t there because she pretty much didn’t and perhaps still doesn’t get along with her former cast members. 

Yesterday, Ribeiro posted pictures from the service on his Faebook page.

According to TMZ, Avery suffered from heart disease, kidney disease and type 2 diabetes and died from cardiorespiratory arrest in Glendale Hospital on December 31, 2013. He was cremated and his family spread his ashes in the Pacific Ocean. Check out more pictures from the ceremony on the following pages.

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