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White Mothers, Biracial Daughters and The Hair Dilemma

April 20th, 2011 - By madamenoire
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Rebecca Carroll, a writer at AOL’s Black Voices,  was a typical pre-teenager. She worried about growing breasts, which boys were checking for her and which Nikes she would add to her shoe collection. But unlike some other preteens Rebecca, who is the biracial daughter of a white mother, also worried about her hair. She worked tirelessly to get it to “behave” and look like Julie McCoy’s from ‘The Love Boat.’

All to no avail. Rebecca didn’t learn to fully embrace her full fro until she was in college, after a (black) girlfriend told her about the importance of moisturizing.

So when Rebecca learned that one of her white friends was going to adopt a black child, the question of whether she knew what to do with black hair came up.

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