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The White House Announces New Initiative To Bring Solar Energy To Low-, Middle-Income Communities

July 7th, 2015 - By Tonya Garcia
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The White House has announced new measures that will bring solar energy, one of the fastest growing sources of renewable energy, to low-income and middle-income communities, including to those who rent.

One piece of the initiative is the “community solar” project which will use one solar facility to provide a number of homes with power. “It also includes a pledge to install a total of 300 megawatts of solar and other renewables in federally subsidized housing developments by the year 2020 (each megawatt represents roughly enough solar to power 164 homes),” reports The Washington Post.

Heretofore, solar energy has been something that companies and the affluent have been able to take advantage of. Even with the prices coming down, low-income Americans haven’t had the resources to reap the benefits of solar energy (which include lower energy bills). And those who rent can’t install solar panels even if they wanted to because they don’t own the building.

With this, the use of solar energy can spread. This will help the US to live up to the promise President Obama made in Brazil recently: Americans will triple the amount of solar energy it uses by 2020. There will also be $520 million in financial investment from various sources, including the private sector and charities. A National Community Solar Partnership made up of reps from the Department of Energy, state agencies and private companies is being established. And the White House would like to train 75,000 solar workers for this growing industry, which means jobs.

Solar power is on the rise. How high on your list of topics of importance is renewable energy?

The White House Has Created A Memorial Page For Beau Biden

June 1st, 2015 - By Tonya Garcia
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The White House has launched a memorial page for Beau Biden, the son of Vice President Joe Biden, following the news of his death this Saturday. He was 46 years old and had been battling brain cancer for two years.

Beau Biden was twice elected the attorney general of the state of Delaware and had been planning to run for governor of the state. Prior to that, he was an Iraq War veteran. He’s also known for a speech given at the Democratic National Convention in 2012.

Beau Biden survived a car crash in 1972 that killed his mother (VP Biden’s first wife Neilia) and his year-old sister Naomi. He was two years old at the time. He’s had health problems in addition to the brain tumor for the last few years.

In a lovely statement, President Obama praised the strength and integrity of the Biden family, adding:

“I have believed the best of every man,” wrote the poet William Butler Yeats, “And find that to believe it is enough to make a bad man show him at his best or even a good man swing his lantern higher.”

Beau Biden believed the best of us all. For him, and for his family, we swing our lanterns higher.

And from the VP:

“His absolute honor made him a role model for our family. Beau embodied my father’s saying that a parent knows success when his child turns out better than he did.

In the words of the Biden family: Beau Biden was, quite simply, the finest man any of us have ever known.”

The page is a place for visitors to offer their thoughts, condolences and well wishes to the Biden family. There has been an outpouring of condolences already from friends, family and admirers.

Searching “N*gga House” In Google Maps Will Direct You To The White House

May 20th, 2015 - By Jazmine Denise Rogers
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Six years in office and some Americans are still seriously troubled by the fact that our President is a Black man. It was recently discovered that if the search terms “n*gga house” or “n*gger house” are typed into Google Maps, Internet users will be directed to the White House.

It is not clear whether a hacker or an angry Google employee is responsible for the listing, but a spokesperson for the technology company says that they’re aware of the offensive listing.

“We apologize for any offense this may have caused. Our teams are working to fix this issue quickly,” a rep told TMZ yesterday.

As of this morning, the search term was still directing users to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. This, of course, isn’t the only inappropriate search term that leads to the White House. As one social media user pointed out, searching “cracka house” will also lead you to the White House as well as the government office of Congressman Mike Coffman.

Bryan Seely, who has created fake Google Maps listings for the Secret Service and the FBI, explained to Search Engineland last month how hackers are able to execute these pranks.

“You create a business in Google Maps at an address where you can receive mail and with a phone number you can receive calls to,” Seely explained. “You get Google to send you a verification postcard to the address. Once the business is verified, you delete it from your account. Then you use another Google account to claim this now orphaned business. You gain control over it by doing verification via phone. Once that’s happened, you’re free to move the business to anywhere you want, change the name and alter other details.”

After all of that, I have to ask who really has the time to go through all of that just to create a fake listing.


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Bet I’d Be Invited If I Were Married To Jay Z: Stars Upset That They Haven’t Been Invited To The White House

March 26th, 2015 - By Meg Butler
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Image Source: Shutterstock

Image Source: Shutterstock

Apparently Madonna has yet to receive an invitation to meet President Obama at the White House and she seems pretty upset about it. Well, she’s not the only one. These celebrities say they haven’t been invited to the White House either and they’re starting to take it personally.

Women Are Paid How Much? The Wage Gap Issue Comes Back To Bite The White House

July 9th, 2014 - By Kimberly Gedeon
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The wage gap issue is here to once again rear its ugly head at the White House. Back in April, the administration came under fire for all of its talk about closing the wage gap when a gap existed right in its own ranks.

Last week, the issue was back, with the Washington Post reported that male White House staffers were paid 13 percent more than their female counterparts. On average, men took home $88,600 while women pocketed $78,400. The gap is partially attributed to the fact that more men are seated at the upper echelon of the White House strata.

Josh Earnest, the new White House press secretary, says that, upon closer inspection, you’ll see that women hold a number of senior positions and their pay is commensurate with their rank. Also, the White House pointed out that six women were promoted in the past year.

The newspaper points out that when you look at women at every salary level however, it shows that there’s a discrepancy.

“A  key sentence from Goldfarb’s analysis is this: Currently, there are 87 male White House officials who make more than $100,000, compared to 53 female White House officials. The gap narrows, but persists, at the highest echelons of the White House. Among the most senior officials, there are two more men than women,” WaPo says.

Target Point, a conservative think tank, went even further with its criticism, saying that promoted women received — on average — an 18.5 percent salary increase. Promoted men, on the other hand, were given a 24.4 percent raise, Business Insider reports. Women are more likely to get smaller raises. Also, between 2013 and 2014, 46 men advanced to a better-paying position while 41 women were given the same opportunity (which, if you ask me, isn’t a significant difference).

But Alex Lundry, SVP and chief data scientist at Target Point calls “[t]he White House’s hypocrisy on this issue… stunning.”

Press Secretary Earnest expressed his views on the matter: “I wouldn’t hold up the White House as the perfect example here. We still have more work to do at the White House.”

In defense of Obama, though, Earnest added that the White House pay gap is slightly narrower than the national average: “The White House performs significantly better than the private sector.”

On average, women make only 77 cents for every man’s dollar, according to The New York Times. At the White House, that figure is increased to 88 cents for every man’s dollar.

Michelle Don’t Play That: White House Makes Photo Agency Delete Pics Of Malia Obama

July 9th, 2014 - By Veronica Wells
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White House Makes Photo Agency Delete Pics Of Malia Obama feat

We reported a few weeks ago that First Daughter Malia Obama was interning on the set of Halle Berry’s new movie Extant and since she’s been spending so much time in L.A., it’s not all too surprising the the paparazzi is on the prowl.

Monday night Malia and a few of her friends were spotted at Gjelina, famous restaurant in Venice, California. It’s often frequented by celebrities so the paparazzi were on site, snapping pictures of the 16 year old. A photographer captured a picture of Malia as she walked out of the restaurant and he sold the image to AKM-GSI for them to distribute to other sites. The agency posted the picture on their website for other media outlets to purchase. But within a few hours the First Lady’s office called AKM-GSI and asked them to please remove the photo.

According to TMZ, Mrs. Obama’s staff told the agency that they’d secured promises from several media outlets not to photograph either Sasha or Malia when they weren’t with their father, President Obama.

AKM-GSI agreed and then sent an e-mail to other media outlets issuing a “URGENT SET KILL NOTICE.”

It read: “Please delete the set of Malia Obama from your archive. The set was sent around earlier today. We cannot distribute this set.” 

When TMZ posted the story, they asked if this was a case of Mrs. Obama and the White House abusing their power when Malia made a decision to one intern in L.A. and then go to a very popular restaurant. There’s a poll and a majority of the people believe it’s an abuse. But if you ask me, this is just what parents do. Parents are supposed to do everything in their power to protect their children. And as it stands now, the more power you have the better you’re able to protect your children. That’s the way of the world. Plus, if the Obamas were really to abuse their power, I can imagine a few things far worse than asking a photo agency to delete a photo of their teenage daughter.

What do you think, were the Obamas wrong to flex this much muscle or is this just yet another example of people being mad at everything the first family does, whether it’s right or wrong?

White House Correspondents’ Association Recognizes Prolific Black Journalist, Harry McAlpin

May 6th, 2014 - By Lauren R.D. Fox
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The President speaking at the White House Correspondents Dinner.

The President speaking at the White House Correspondents Dinner.

The White House Correspondents’ Dinner, or #nerdprom, is an annual event that gets lots of attention for the celebrity and political star power it brings together in Washington DC… and a lot of criticism for those same reasons. This year, the dinner served a greater purpose than acting as a catwalk for our favorite designers. The White House Correspondents Association honored a historic black journalist: the late Harry McAlpin was served with a posthumous membership and scholarship that bears his name. The recipient of the newfound scholarship was Glynn Hill, a student of Howard University.

According to the Associated Press, Harry McAlpin was the first black reporter to attend a presidential news conference. Despite not receiving membership from the White House Correspondents’ Association, McAlpin became a steady reporter at the White House during the administrations of Presidents Franklin Roosevelt and Truman.

“The breaking of that barrier did not mean that everything was now fine inside the White House for blacks. Roosevelt press secretary Stephen Early refused to introduce McAlpin to the president, as was customary at that time, leading McAlpin to walk up to Roosevelt alone, said Earnest L. Perry Jr., who wrote about the attempt to credential a black White House correspondent for the Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication. Although he tried using his White House press pass, McAlpin was never credentialed to cover Congress. Louis Lautier ended up being the first accredited African-American congressional reporter.”

After making his career as a journalist, McAlpin decided to practice law in Louisville, Kentucky. He became an NAACP regional president, shortly after. McAlpin died in 1985. He is survived by his son and grandchildren.

Party Time: The White House Prepping For Michelle Obama’s 50th Birthday Bash!

December 29th, 2013 - By Madame Noire
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Michelle Obama


First Lady Michelle Obama’s new year will start off with a bang as she celebrates a milestone.

January 17th marks the 50th birthday of Mrs. Obama and according to the Chicago Tribune, the white house plans to have a dance party.

The gala, to be held on Saturday January 18th, will be called “Snacks & Sips & Dancing & Dessert”.

Save the date emails are being sent out, and guests are being instructed to wear comfortable shoes, eat before they come and practice their dance moves.

You can read the rest on  Can you even imagine being invited to the Michelle Obama’s 50th birthday bash? We’re excited at just the thought of it!

President And Mrs. Obama Talk About The Highs & Lows: “I Promised Her An Interesting Life.”

December 1st, 2013 - By Drenna Armstrong
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"Obamas Interview"

Credit: Eric Avram/ABC News

Well, it took almost the entire year, but we were finally able to see President and Mrs. Obama in their first joint interview of 2013.

First of all, can we just discuss how without even speaking, you can see the love they have for one another? It’s clearly one that you don’t ever have to question, it’s right in your face. That’s one of the things people love about President and Mrs. Obama. Barbara Walters, who conducted the interview during a segment on ABC’s 20/20 on Friday, acknowledged it and also asked if it ever gets a little more intense than these happy moments:

Both: Yeah. Absolutely. We’re married.

Mrs. Obama: We’ve been married for — I mean, we’re married. Do you go through the list of things that irritate us about each other?

President Obama: That’s the nature of marriage. You have to respect each other. You have to like each other. You have to be honest with each other. But it’s not always going to be smooth sailing. And there’s some work involved. And there should be work. And — there are gonna be tensions.

They also talked about their daughters, Malia and Sasha, and how they continue to try and make sure they have normal lives even though they’re in such a public view. If you can believe it, Malia, 15, is old enough to date! Walters asked if Malia actually dates but the Obamas quickly shut that question down:

Mrs. Obama: Oh we’re not gonna — we’re not gonna talk about that.

Pres. Obama: We’re not gonna put her business out there.

Mrs. Obama: She does what every — every normal teenager does. You know, we think about not just her life here, but her life after. Because she’s gotta be an independent, strong, smart, capable woman in the world. So, she has to get her training now.

Mrs. Obama added that in terms of social media, the girls are very limited in their usage. Because she’s older, Malia is allowed to use it some but Sasha, only 13, is not allowed to be on social media.

In terms of business, both President and Mrs. Obama say that his low approval ratings are part of the job and people won’t like everything he does. Now, Barbara took it further asking if he thought Mrs. Obama would have made a better President and based on Mrs. Obama’s semi-laugh and facial expressions, Barbara really tried it with that question. President Obama took the political route by saying she would have, but Mrs. Obama quickly refused that one:

Mrs. Obama: I absolutely don’t agree. You know, he has a level of patience and — and focus — and tenacity and calm, you know, that just doesn’t come by anyone. I definitely don’t have that patience.

Finally, one of the big questions is what will they do once his second term is over. Will Pres. Obama continue in politics?

Mrs. Obama: That’s a no.

Pres. Obama: I think it’s fair to say that I’ve run my last campaign. I won’t be in another elected office. Will I continue to care deeply about issues we are working on? Absolutely.

They both agree that where they will live will be decided, in large part, by what Sasha wants to do. Malia will be in college, but Sasha will only be a sophomore in high school so they want to make sure she’s good.

You can check out more of the interview here.

First Look: Check Out The Trailer Of Forest Whitaker And Oprah Winfrey In ‘The Butler’

May 8th, 2013 - By Brande Victorian
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The Butler


I think the fall is going to be a promising time for black film. We’re already anticipating the sequel to “The Best Man” in November and from the looks of this first trailer for Lee Daniels’ “The Butler,” October will bring good things are way as well.

We’ve heard a lot about this new cinematic feat — most recently because of Terrence Howard’s comments about Oprah’s tig ‘ol bitties — thankfully, this film is so much for than that. “The Butler” is the story of Eugene Allen, the African American White House butler who served several presidents over his 34-year post before retiring as head butler in 1986. Forest Whitaker plays the rple of Allen, but he is far from the only big name in this feature film. Oprah Winfrey, Robin Williams, David Oyelowo, Colman Domingo, John Cusack, Alan Rickman, Jane Fonda, Melissa Leo, Liev Schreiber, Jesse Williams, Aml Ameen, Lenny Kravitz, and Cuba Gooding Jr all have parts in this gripping story that, as you can see from the trailer, is about much more than Allen, capturing race relations between blacks and whites from the ’50s through the ’80s and how that shaped Allen’s own family dynamic.

I’m personally pretty excited about this one, and I think it will be much better received than “The Help,” although criticism has already reared it’s ugly head due to the subject of servitude. Check out the trailer and tell us what you think? Will you head to the theater to see this October 18?