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If I Were You I Would Pay Wendy Williams’ Advice About Not Marrying Before 30 No Mind

April 17th, 2015 - By Madame Noire
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Wendy Williams' Marriage Advice

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By Alissa Henry

Should women – who want to have a successful career and family – wait until they’re 30 to think about meeting a guy? Wendy Williams certainly thinks so.

This week, the talk show host made headlines for an interview she did with Moira Forbes for Forbes Lifestyle saying that women shouldn’t get married in their twenties because marriage and kids stunt a woman’s career growth. She said she always advises women to “use your entire twenties working your behind off in your career and get some ground footing, then think about meeting that guy.”

There is more to life than work, and there are a whole host of things that can derail your career whether you are married or not. But – for the sake of discussing this topic – let’s pretend that a dream job is everything and that your career success hinges totally on whether or not you are married in your twenties.

The first issue with Wendy’s advice is that it suggests thirty is a magic age. If you’re twenty-seven or twenty-nine then having a career and family is an impossibility, but on your thirtieth birthday suddenly you can have it all?

The second issue with this advice is that it’s conflates being married with having kids. There are married couples who do not have kids and there are women who have kids and are not married. Is it the combination of marriage and children that stunts career growth? Is it one or the other? What are you really saying?

I can’t speak on what having children does to your career prospects because I don’t have any, but I know for a fact marriage can certainly help a career.

Three months ago, I was in a car accident with a semi-truck and seriously injured my right foot. I didn’t want to stay home alone collecting short-term disability checks, so my husband drove me to work every day (including early Sunday mornings!) for three months. When I was offered my first job in television a few years ago, it was a part-time gig. I couldn’t afford to work a part time job if it weren’t for my husband picking up the financial slack. When that job turned into a full-time position, he taught me how to edit my stories, videotaped several of my interviews, and serves as a general sounding board and built-in support system. Good days and bad days, he is always on my side. Being married to him has made me even more successful at work then I could have imagined.

So, I don’t think the answer is to not get married at all. Better advice is – whether you tie that knot at twenty-five, thirty-five or forty-five – marry someone supportive.

In her book, Lean In, Sheryl Sandberg noted that “the single most important career decision that a woman makes is whether she will have a life partner and who that partner is. I don’t know of a single woman in a leadership position whose life partner is not fully—and I mean fully—supportive of her career.”

Like Sheryl, I believe that marrying a supportive man whom you’ve been honest with about your career goals is one of the most important decisions you can make.

If you follow Wendy’s advice but then pick the wrong guy, you run the risk of “using your entire twenties working your behind off in your career” only to have serious marriage problems when you finally do decide to get married.

Besides, building a life with someone seems much better than building a life by yourself and later trying to fit someone else in.

What do you think? Is it a bad idea to find time for love while you’re still in your twenties?

Keke Palmer Explains What She Really Said About Cory Hardrict And Tia Mowry’s Tweet

April 16th, 2015 - By Veronica Wells
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Keke Palmer Explains What She Really Said About Cory Hardrict

Source: WENN

Tia Mowry and her husband Cory Hardrict have a relatively private marriage. Even when the couple would appear on their reality show together, we never really knew much about their romantic relationship. But recently, we got an unexpected peek.

As you know Brotherly Love stars Hardrict and our girl Keke Palmer. The film premiered in LA on Monday and naturally Tia was there to support her man. Keke Palmer, who is also in the film, was on the red carpet doing interviews.

Early on April 15, two days after the premiere, Tia tweeted something interesting and quickly deleted it. TheShadeRoom  saw the tweet and captured it with a screenshot.


Immediately people began wondering who she could have been talking about. It wasn’t long before the internets surmised that it was Cory’s co-star, Keke Palmer. We were all wondering what did she say? Was it really inappropriate? Was Tia really in her feelings? What the hell happened?

Well, in one of the most timely interviews ever, KeKe Palmer appeared on the Wendy Williams show. And Wendy, with the tea, asked Palmer what happened.

She explained:

Wendy:They were intimating that you were crushing on her husband Cory and then later on Tia Mowry addressed it by tweeting, so what’s going? 

I’m sorry to be laughing at this but it is very funny to me because it’s all so twisted. Everything got misconstrued. What happened was, I’ve known Cory since I was 10-years-old. He auditioned for ‘Akeelah and The Bee’ to play my big brother in the film. And in the interview I was talking about how the whole ‘Brotherly Love’ cast, we kind of grew up together. I’ve known Quincy since I was 14. I’ve known most of the cast since I was very young, including Cory. And I was like ‘I’ve known Cory since I was 10 and I was like I’m going to marry this man,’ as a 10-year-old. It was me quoting how I was as a kid. 

That’s not my style. But I do love Cory. I do love Cory and Tia. 

Wendy: Tia, settle down.

Now all of you trolls out there can stop calling KeKe a hoe/thot or whatever other derogatory name you’re hurling this week.

While Keke cleared her name from this controversy, it still doesn’t really explain why Tia felt the need to tweet about Keke talking about her husband. Maybe there’s more to the story that we don’t know. But from the looks of things it would seem that Tia had a moment of insecurity…or something.

This whole story made me wonder how other women would react in similar situations. Until you get the full details, on the surface this does seem a little sticky.

So I want to ask you, if your husband’s coworker, (past or present), said, openly, that she had/has a crush on him, how would you respond?

Personally, I would skip Twitter, I wouldn’t speak to the woman and I would tell my husband, my man, to keep his eyes peeled. You know men can be oblivious to the subtle flirting signs. I would let him know that she might be plotting and he should keep his antennas up and don’t be caught slipping. Some things you should just keep in house so your marriage doesn’t look fragile and another woman is not needlessly dragged into something messy.

What do you think about this situation with Keke, Tia and Cory and what would you do in a similar situation?


Wendy Williams Says “Marriage And Babies” Will Stunt Your Career Growth

April 13th, 2015 - By Lauren R.D. Fox
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Wendy Williams Says "Marriage And Babies"


In a recent sit down with Forbes Lifestyle, Wendy Williams opened up about how she relates to her fans and the challenges women face in their personal lives.

She revealed she is no longer interested in being friends or having the glamorous lifestyle many of the celebrities she interviews adhere to. Williams also shared how important it is for her to maintain normalcy in her day-to-day life. For example, after airing her talk show, Williams says she does her own grocery shopping and supports her teenage son Kevin at his track practices.

After sharing her career journey, Williams gave some debatable advice on what women should expect in marriage and parenthood in her Forbes interview. She told interviewer Moira Forbes that marriage and children stunt a woman’s career development and women lose out in marriage. After noting she, herself, has been married for 17 years, Williams said:

“We can debate this all day. Every woman has a different view and there are some women who have an opinion and are scared to voice it. But I’m not afraid to voice mine— don’t throw tomatoes! I do feel it is difficult for men to accept really successful career women. Whether it be that we out-earn them or on the marquee, our names are brighter than their own. I also feel like marriage and babies stunt a woman’s growth career wise and people don’t understand once you get married and once you have kids, you cannot do all the things that you used to do while  maintaining this important precious thing you’ve built as a family. So my suggestion to women, always, is to use your entire twenties working your behind off in your career and get some ground footing, then think about meeting that guy. Even if you’ve met him at twenty-seven, don’t get engaged and don’t move to where he lives. This is about you and your career. Because we are the ones that lose in marriage. Not men!”

Do you agree with Williams’ career and dating advice?

Exclusive: Wendy Williams On Debuting Her HSN Clothing Line: “Fashion Shouldn’t Be Complicated”

April 2nd, 2015 - By Lauren R.D. Fox
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Wendy Williams On Debuting Her HSN Clothing Line


To say Wendy Williams is winning is an understatement. The household name media mogul was recently nominated for a Daytime Emmy award and Investigation Discovery just signed Williams to host and executive produce their new network show, Death By Gossip. The Hollywood Reporter says the show will be based on how places such as the gym, office or neighborhood store are great settings for the rumor mill… until there’s a murder.

While Williams has built an empire by being in the know in Hollywood, fans also know her for wearing her staple wrap dresses and pencil skirts, giving her the opportunity to share her closet with the world. By partnering with the Home Shopping Network (HSN), Williams debuted a line of dresses, pants, sweaters and skirts fit for the everyday woman. Proclaiming that fashion should not be complicated during our interview, Williams also shared why launching this line was so important to her. Check it out below!

MadameNoire: Why did you wait to launch a clothing line?
Wendy Williams: I didn’t want to put the cart before the horse. You cannot launch a clothing line six months into starting your talk show. You have to gain accessibility in the households of your viewers. Now my talk show is in 54 countries; it was really hard trying to crack the Midwest demographic! Especially when you’re a city slicker. When you live on the East Coast, you have an entirely different mind-frame than conservative women in the Midwest and the majority of the country is that woman. So after six seasons in and our ratings are better than ever, now was the time to focus on inviting myself into your closets.

MN: Can you tell us about the process you had creating a line with HSN?
WW: The process occurred in New York because that is where my manufacturer was based. I spent a lot time crossing town to work on the clothing line after my daily talk show would air. I spent my time feeling a variety of fabrics and buttons. Or the manufacturer would send things to my office to see what could and could not work. It was so important for me to see real-life women wear my clothes that we would have fashion shows at the manufacturer’s office. I loved every second of it but it was quite the process. I feel as though I’ve given birth!

MN: How will your Home Shopping Network clothing line stand out to your fans?
WW: I decided to not look at the other clothing lines that have been produced by the Home Shopping Network. My style is my style and I don’t know what other celebrities do when they put their names on things. But I know I believe in truthful advertising from saying it how I mean it on my talk show to saying that I love wrap dresses and actually seeing me wear one. My line is 100 percent stuff that I would actually wear especially since I have found my fashion voice. I believe my line has good solid pieces that every woman needs in her wardrobe.

MN: What were the challenges you faced while creating your line?
WW: The biggest challenge was designing for women who are a size extra-small to 3X. One great thing that HSN does is make fashion forward clothing for plus-size women. Those particular women only have a few stores and I wanted to make them feel confident because sometimes plus-size women wear the same outfits because of the limited variety.

As a designer and manufacturer, you do not want to throw away the plus-size consumer because of their size. You want to respect their bodies and figures just like you would respect the average woman’s body size. I think my HSN line has truly captured that. My skirts are tasteful in length, even though I have been known to enjoy a shorter length [laughs]. The colors are vibrant and gorgeous. I know for sure my clothing line will make any woman feel feminine. The fabrics are terrific because there is nothing worse than getting something you paid for and it not be up to par.

MN: What advice do you have for women who want to be like you, “The Jill of All Trades?”
WW: Number one: Not everything that glitters is gold! Be you! One thing I would also pass along to women is have tenacity! Be true to your word because people spot a phony a mile away. You can only fake it but so far before you have a chance to change into a genuine person.

Wendy Williams Scores New TV Show “Death By Gossip”

March 30th, 2015 - By Jazmine Denise Rogers
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After the airing of the Aaliyah biopic, Wendy Williams expressed that she hopes to produce more projects. According to Variety, her wish has been granted.

The 50-year-old media maven is set to executive produce and star in her very own show titled “Death by Gossip.” The series has already received the greenlight from the Investigation Discovery channel. “Death by Gossip” will explore crimes provoked by rumors and lies.

The news isn’t exactly shocking since Williams has already established a bit of a relationship with the network. In the past, she hosted a Valentine’s Day special titled “50 Ways To Leave Your Lover.”

“It’s no rumor … I’m obsessed with ID to the point that it keeps me up at night,” Williams said in a statement. “I couldn’t be happier to host and executive producer my own project on one of my favorite networks and showcase my brand of talk, which won’t get you killed, but it will kill in the ratings!”

The folks over at ID also seem pretty excited to welcome Wendy aboard.

“There’s nobody better than the daring doyenne of daytime, Wendy Williams, to offer this cautionary tale to those who indulge in chatter and innuendo,” said Henry Schleiff, group president of Discovery Networks. “‘Death by Gossip’ proves that sticks and stones may break your bones…but words can really kill you.”

“Death by Gossip” is slated to première this fall. As someone who spends many of her weekends binge watching ID shows, I am so thirsty for this series to air.

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“Black People Don’t Want This Girl To Win Because She’s White”: Wendy Wants You To Stop Hating On Iggy Azalea Already

February 19th, 2015 - By Victoria Uwumarogie
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Wendy Williams

In case you have been living under a rock, you should probably know that some people–well, make that a lot of people actually–don’t really like Iggy Azalea. There are a range of reasons, including claims of cultural appropriation, a snotty attitude, and feeling that she lacks actual rap skills, but the disdain for the Aussie rapper has some people going in on her for just about everything. And that includes her cellulite.

The rapper vacationed in Hawaii recently with boyfriend Nick Young, and when she came back, she was upset to find that paparazzi had taken unflattering photos of her, and that even worse, people online were criticizing her over them. She was so frustrated by it all that she announced that she was done with social media, and was going to let her team take over her accounts:


Igg 2Igg 3Igg 5Igg 6Igg 7Igg 8

Well, there is someone who is standing up for the rapper after watching people go in on her butt and her cellulite, and that’s Wendy Williams. The talk show host had some words for those she feels unfairly attack Azalea for any and everything, and those people, according to her, are a majority of black folks.

“Would you guys stop with Iggy Azalea? Like, how much hate do you have? Everyone’s talking about this new photo that leaked of Iggy Azalea in a bikini. Quite frankly, I see nothing wrong with it. Most women either have one of two evils: We either have cellulite, or stretch marks…this right here is fine. Do I think she had something done? Sure. A lot of girls do get stuff done. A lot girls I was reading online were saying, ‘Well, if she allegedly has butt implants, why does she have cellulite?’ There is no cure for cellulite. I don’t care what doctors say. Trust me, I’ve got all day long to figure out cures for stuff. I’m just saying. I’m here for one hour, I’ve got 23 hours a day to read up on stuff and make appointments and seek cures for stuff. If I could cure cellulite, believe me you, I would share it with you.

But I want you to all to leave her alone, and I know who the haters are–my people. It seems like black people don’t want this girl to win because she’s white. Who are you people? And also because she’s from Australia. We here in the country are very territorial about our rap music. So you come here, you have an accent, you’re white, you hook up with T.I., one of our rap kings, you take over the radio, you can be heard on hip-hop stations, top 40 stations–my father, who just turned 84, knows who Iggy Azalea is. The little goobers running around in nursery school know who Iggy Azalea is. White people and black people. In other words, you’re a hater because she’s crossed over and she’s managed to make it. You’re a hater because she got herself what looks like a black girl’s butt and a black boyfriend, Nick Young. You need to stop that hate and get a life, haters.

And again, I’m not sticking up for her because I know her. I’ve never met the girl in my life. I’d be fine if I never met her. I’m just taking a moment to…I told you, you have to compartmentalize your hate. You just can’t hate across the board. And by the way, if she does something that I really don’t like, I will call her out on that. You know what I mean? Because I’m a woman and I’m allowed to be flip flop with my mind. But for you to get on my Facebook and tell me I’m two-faced, no I’m not two-faced, I’m a flip-flopper.”


I will say that I do think some people have taken their issues with Azalea to an over-the-top level, but I don’t think it’s done mainly because she’s white. How about you? Check out Wendy’s statements, which start at the 6:30 mark, and share your thoughts:


Toya Talks New Book “How To Lose A Husband” On Wendy Williams

February 18th, 2015 - By Veronica Wells
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Source: Wendy Williams YouTube

Source: Wendy Williams YouTube

Ooo wee. If we thought Toya was going to take the high road during this separation between she and her husband Memphitz, we might have been mistaken. In promotion for Reginae’s episode of “Super Sweet Sixteen,” she stopped by the “Wendy Williams Show.” And since her personal life is really juicy these days, she also talked about her marriage and how she’s handling things.

And child, she kept her cool for most of it but there was some drama. Check out the highlights from the interview below.

Do you think the party was too extravagant?

Reginae is a great child and it’s her sixteenth birthday. Everybody do it big for their kids’ sixteenth birthday party…if they can. If you can go all out, go all out.

What do you think about Wayne and Christina Milian?

I don’t think about that.

Then Wendy got right into the state of her relationship with Memphitz.

Why are you separated?

My husband started to feel like he was living in my shadow. When I met him he was a big music executive. He discovered talent like T Pain, K Michelle, all different types of artists. And to go from begin a music executive to being known as Lil Wayne’s ex wife’s husband…it just started to take a toll on him.

What happened to his career?

He started mixing business with pleasure. He got into a relationship with his artist, K Michelle and it was a lot of allegations that he beat her and stuff like that. The person that you see right now, that’s a person who’s dealing with a lot of hurt and pain and that’s just how he’s choosing to deal with it.

Have her allegations affected your marriage?

I wouldn’t say she affected my marriage. This is how I feel about the whole situation, there’s three sides to every story: her side, his side and the truth. And to be honest with you, no one knows the truth only the people in that room. And you know, we’re all going off the information that we believe to be the truth. So we all are entitled to our own opinion.

How is he mentally right now?

You see he’s acting out on Instagram. How he chooses to deal with his stuff is how he chooses to. How I choose to deal with mine is different. I’m hurt too. I decided to write a book called “How To Lose A Husband.”

Would you like to reconcile?

I would love to work things out with my husband because here’s the thing Wendy, a lot of people get married and when things go wrong they give up on their marriage. You make a vow, it’s for better or for worse.

Did his appearing on Tiny and Toya affect his position at Sony?

Absolutely. I just feel like they didn’t accept him in a tv world. They were looking at him like, you’re more of a behind the scenes type of guy now you’re “mister tv man.” In that world, the tv industry, reality that is, is not really respected.

Memphitz asking Toya to join “Love and Hip Hop Atlanta” 

Mona Scott Young asked Memphitz and I to join the show. And to me, that’s not something that I want to be a part of. And I didn’t feel that was the right thing to do for my marriage. We were newlyweds. To go on a show to go back and forth with your ex…I was like ‘No. You go on the show. I’m not going on the show.’

After Wendy and Toya had time to talk all of their grown women talk, she called Reginae out to chat about her recent birthday party, the drama between Birdman and Wayne and her future plans.

The best part was getting my car because I love driving. My security…he’s been teaching me how to drive since I was 14 years old.

I home-school now. This is my first year of homeschooling, so up to ninth grade.

Wayne and Birdman

With me, I love them both and that’s business. My loyalty belongs to my father, anything that he goes through. I love my father and I love my godfather. When my father was in jail, my godfather, he took care of me. So I love them both and I’m praying that they get through whatever they have…

Why Memphitz wasn’t in the show

Toya: He was at her Super Sweet Sixteen. They cut him out of the special, I guess because of what is going on. But he plays a very important role in her life.

Are you going to college or are you going into the industry?

I’m going to, of course, go to college still. But I am going to sing and rap. But right now, with the label goring through what they’re going through I’m on hold as well as my father.

Why did you leave the OMGirlz?

It was business . With the different labels and who to sign with…it was just a business thing.


“EVERYBODY AIN’T GETTING A** SHOTS!!!” Taraji Claps Back At Wendy Williams’ Producer For Claiming She Enhanced Her Butt

February 12th, 2015 - By Victoria Uwumarogie
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If you watched last night’s episode of “Empire,” which was EVERYTHING, you know that Taraji P. Henson showed her ass. Literally and figuratively.

In a scene where she thought she was meeting up with Lucious to rekindle their romance, she is faced with the news that in reality, Lucious is actually engaged to Anika (aka, “Boo Boo Kitty”). Considering that she rolled up in a sable coat with nothing underneath it but lingerie, Cookie is not happy. After making a scene, she throws her sable coat to the side, shows off her plump posterior, and tells Anika, “this is an ass!” before smacking it and strutting off in only the way she can.

That scene definitely had people talking, not only because Cookie (in her words) was serving boooody, but because it was yet another jaw-dropping scene/moment from a show that provides so many of them in only 60 minutes.

But other people were a little bit too focused on Henson’s backside, and that includes the folks over at the “Wendy Williams Show.” As it turns out, one of the producers tried to insinuate that her butt had been enhanced, a statement that Williams briefly entertained when doing “Hot Topics” with her audience. But Henson just so happened to be watching this episode of the talk show, and she decided to set the record straight about her curves:


Let ‘em know, T!

No matter what’s going on with her body, the 44-year-old actress looks amazing, and she continues to give us life on a weekly basis. Excuse the hashtags: #winningallaround #shegotadonk #allnatural

“She’s Been Rewarded For Bad Behavior” Vivica Fox Talks Tension With Kenya Moore

February 10th, 2015 - By Veronica Wells
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 Vivica Fox Talks Tension With Kenya Moore

Source: Wendy Williams

Now that Vivica Fox essentially fired herself from “Celebrity Apprentice,” she’s making her rounds on the talk show circuit. She swung by “The Wendy Williams Show” as well as Huffington Post Live to talk about her tenure on the show, how she’s managed to maintain a career in the entertainment industry and of course, her on-going beef with Kenya Moore.

Check out a couple of highlights from her interviews.

First, her “Wendy Williams” appearance:

Wendy: At what point did you realize that she stole your phone?

Vivica: Let me answer a couple of things for you guys. A lot of people are saying how did she get her phone and get into her phone. I’m used to be around people I trust. So I didn’t have a lock on my phone. I didn’t. I had just gotten my phone and I’m used to handing my phone to the assistant, to the make up artist–I got legitimate things going on, ok?

And so when I sat my phone down, they rushed me out to go do an interview and when I came back, it was gone. We tore up that room, looking for my phone. And guess who was the one person who had their back turned and didn’t bother to help.

Kenya’s comments about menopause…Kenya is only seven years younger than us, so you’re on your way. 

Yes, it’s going to happen to you too boo. But for me, it made me take better care of myself, workout, drink more water. You just push through. It happens! It is life.

Kenya’s Malificent plastic surgery reference. Do you think that she crossed the line?

I just need to say this. If this reminds you of Malificent, it made 700 million dollars worldwide, so thanks for the comparison boo.

Then, on her interview with Huffington Post Live, she dug a little bit deeper about Kenya’s real issue, not just with Vivica, but with herself.

About Kenya: 

That one there, she’s something else. And it’s sad because I’ve known Kenya for a very long time, when she won the crown, Miss America or Miss USA–whichever one it was. But the Kenya Moore that I knew then is absolutely nothing like the Kenya Moore now.

Huff Post Host, Caroline Modarressy-Tehrani: How has she changed?

Well, desperate times call for desperate measures. And she’s been rewarded for bad behavior. So I think what happens is, it’s like an addict, they keep pushing, they keep pushing and she lives scandal after scandal that’s how she gets down. Myself, I do the work. I have talent and I’m glad that I get to go back to doing movies, doing legit projects that I produce and star in.

Do you feel like she has enough talent to be anywhere on your level?

Do I think she what?


Well, and there you have it. Silence is in the room.

Well, you can look at my resume and look at hers. You know. I don’t like to be the mean girl but the thing that was most upsetting about Kenya was that she doesn’t show respect. I’ve been doing this for 25 years and I’ve done the work. I think at one point she said that I have limited talent and that was just like…wooo.

You can watch Vivica’s full interview in the video below.

We’re The Ones Who Got Him On ‘Iyanla:’ Kita Williams Is Tired Of Terrell Owens Dragging Her Name

January 20th, 2015 - By Veronica Wells
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Source: YouTube

Source: YouTube

I don’t know if you’ve noticed but Terrell Owens is attempting to rebrand himself. First, he sat down with Iyanla on OWN, married that random, White woman and then showed up on “Celebrity Apprentice.” And while he is trying, a lot of people are still hung up on what the hell happened to his career, his friendships, and in Wendy Williams’ case, his money.

And even though she mispronounced his first name and substituted Williams for Owens, Wendy, still wanted to know what exactly does Terrell Owens do for money now that he’s no longer in the NFL, doesn’t have his own show anymore and is no longer on “Celebrity Apprentice.”

The whole topic of money led Wendy to ask Owens if he felt like Kita Williams and Monique Jackson, his former publicists shafted him in any way.

Here’s what he said:

“They did do some things that were uncharacteristic for myself. Growing up, and as I’ve matured, sometimes you have to listen to your intuition and you have to listen to your parents. My mom, she felt a certain way towards them and I just didn’t take notice to it. Again, I have to be my own man at some time. I really thought that they were my friends but obviously, otherwise.” 

You can watch the full segment in the video below.

Well, Kita didn’t take too kindly to that and in a recent interview with C. Nikky, Kita spoke out about Terrell’s loose, and in her opinion, lying lips.

“We have had the most amount of good, bad, highs and lows with Terrell Owens, or as Wendy called him on the show Terr-ell Williams. But what I will say is this–because I don’t throw shade, I don’t throw mud. I definitely believe in being a woman of integrity.–But Terrell is completely out of order when he talks about Monique and I doing him wrong. 

Ultimately, that show was about him and it included us. Monique and I sold the show. We never took a percentage of his money. We never dealt with his money, the 13 years that we’ve known him, so we’ve never stolen his money from him. And I just want him to be clear about it. 

One of the things about Monique and I is that– I will say is true– we always pushed him. And if you notice on “Celebrity Apprentice,” he’s trying to change his brand and that’s what the show did for him. So all of these opportunities Terrell Owens, excuse me Terrell Williams, that you’re getting is a result of  you doing “The T.O. Show,” which is what Monique and I did for you. So, you’re welcome. 

As far as clarity is concerned, Monique and I have never done anything to defame his character and I won’t do it now. But if he continues to say things, it can mess with my money. I work with other celebrities, who’ve done more than catch footballs, and it’s unfortunate because if they hear him say things that make them think that our characteristics are a bit shaky, it’s messing with my professional lifeline and my brand. If he continues to do that, I will sue. 

At the end of the day, Terrell Owens didn’t make me. This chick here has an MBA, before you boo. And I will continue to move forward. So love, light and many lessons and blessings. And I wish him well and I just want him to do the same for us. You don’t have to like me or love but at least respect the fact that we’re no longer going to be on this journey together. So, ‘How You Doin’.” 

Then C. Nikky, asked Kita if either she or Monique had reached out to Terrell…and that’s when she really started spilling the tea.

I wish we could really tell you why he’s upset. If you saw a little bit of “Celebrity Apprentice” they eliminated him because he didn’t raise any money. You know? And the hard part about that is, you have to look at that from the perspective of you’ve been in this business with multimillionaires, athletes, celebrities. You’ve hob knobbed with so many and you couldn’t get a couple of checks beyond $2,500? So it says a lot in terms of the seeds you’ve planted in the past and the bridges you’ve burned. It has nothing to do with Monique and Kita. It has everything to do with Terrell Owens, the man. So from his baby mama drama, to his problems on the field with his quarterbacks and his teams, we’re not the issue. 

So we’ve definitely tried to reach out to him. In fact, the “Iyanla Fix My Life”… What he does not know is that we set that up for him, blindly. Because we felt like he needed it. We felt like he needed to see himself and fix it! But ultimately, there’s been a lot of things that we’ve continued to pass on to him anonymously, that has money attached because I’m not a hater. 

I just saw him at the Golden Globes party…He couldn’t take it because I was there just like he was there, not because of his name but because of mine. He’s uncomfortable when he sees us because he knows there’s unfinished business.  Terrell is not good with confrontation. Monique and I will speak the truth. And when he’s ready to sit down to talk, I’m ready. Because the lies that he is telling right now, are really getting on my nerves. 


I went through several different emotions watching this interview. First, I was sympathetic to her animation. People affecting your business with what you perceive as lies, will have anybody ready to defend themselves. But while Kita said she doesn’t throw shade, there were a few times in there where she did just that. Clients who do more than catch footballs. Terrell Williams. Anyone can see that’s shade.

And just when I was starting to think she was taking the petty route, Kita brought up that point about she and Monique setting Terrell up on “Iyanla Fix My Life,” and my eyes bulged. Nothing will upset you more than going out of your way to help somebody and they turn around and attempt to drag your name through the mud.

So, while Kita’s response was definitely not shade free, I believe her. And the crunkness was warranted. Like she said, Terrell’s own track record shows he’s not exactly good at maintaining relationships…personally and professionally. The fact that Monique and Kita are continuing to look out for him when they don’t have to and are still willing to sit down and have a conversation with him, seems to speak volumes about their true intentions.

You can watch her full interview with C. Nikky in the video below.