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Where They Do That At? Mother Tells Wendy Williams She Wants To Be Son’s Prom Date

April 17th, 2014 - By Madame Noire
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The Wendy Williams Show

The Wendy Williams Show


From EurWeb

When a female audience member told daytime talk show diva Wendy Williams that she needed to get a “do over” from her 1989 prom because her dress was wrong, and that’s why she wants her son to take her to his upcoming prom, the audience, howling at this point, couldn’t believe it.

Nor could Wendy.

Apparently Benita Gray‘s son had promised to take his mom to the prom. Thing is, he was  5-years-old then and didn’t have a girlfriend.

Both of those things have changed now. But mom still wants him to keep his promise saying, “I love my Joey love bug.”

Wendy, called the woman “ridiculous,” and in her typical no-nonsense manner, couldn’t ask the lady to sit the hell down fast enough.

Read more about this mother and son relationship at 

Wendy Williams Tells NeNe Not To Let DWTS Producers Paint Her As The “Angry Black Woman” On The Show

April 16th, 2014 - By Victoria Uwumarogie
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NeNe Leakes on DWTS

If you’ve been keeping up with Dancing With The Stars, I’m sure you know that last week, the dancing couples were flipped around. NeNe Leakes usually dances with pro Tony Dovolani as her partner, but was matched with Derek Hough just for the week. When Leakes reunited with Dovolani, there was some tension, even a little bit of jealousy in the air, and after too many awkward moments and comments, NeNe walked out of practice, claiming that Dovolani had a bad attitude she wasn’t trying to deal with.

“I’m dead a** serious, you have a damn attitude, and that s**t ain’t gon’ work…I don’t deserve an attitude. Here’s your mic, and goodbye.”

Well, you know Wendy Williams was watching this, and on her show on Tuesday, she told NeNe to be careful, because producers seem to be trying to make her out to be the ‘angry black woman’ on the show. Williams claims they did the same thing to her, even though she was only on the show for a minute, and was the second contestant voted off.

According to Rumor Fix, when Wendy was on the show, she told her audience that producers wanted her to say and do certain things she wasn’t comfortable with. She would tell them:

“Wait, this is not how I’m feeling today. I would not say that, I would tell the cameras, so I would say what I wanted to say. They were writing my script to be angry black woman.”

She said that at one point, she was so pissed that she wanted to talk to Dovolani, who was also her partner during her time on the show, in private, without microphones on to let him know how she felt about the producers’ requests.

“Tony, let me ask you something.  Why are they scripting my supposed natural comments to the camera? And why is all my scripting coming off like I’m supposed to be ‘angry black woman’….that’s not me.”

Williams says they are doing exactly what they did to her to Leakes, and they even dressed the RHOA star in the same exact dress for promo photos as they did Williams. In the end, Williams warned Leakes, saying, “Nene, don’t let them do it to you!”

Watch NeNe’s little skirmish with her partner, Tony Dovolani, below and share your thoughts on it, as well as on Wendy’s comments. Are they making NeNe out to be a so-called ‘angry black woman’ on the show?

Did Y’all See? Nene Has A Criminal Past And Evelyn Lozada Checks Wendy Williams

March 30th, 2014 - By Brande Victorian
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This week it seems if you weren’t flat out throwing bows like Porsha Stewart and Kenya Moore you were throwing shade. The queen of talking stuff, Wendy Williams, had some not so nice things to say about “Basketball Wives” cast member Evelyn Lozada and her newborn son and when the former reality TV star got word of it she let the talk show host have it.

Was Wendy Williams wrong to call Evelyn’s baby a “cash register” or was she just being typical Wendy Williams? We’re talking about that plus Nene’s criminal past in this episode of Did Y’all See? Check it out above and weigh in in the comments section.

ICYMI: The Hottest Stories Of The Week

March 29th, 2014 - By Lauren R.D. Fox
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This week we learned about iconic ’90s hip hop artist Mase’s and his  double life. His church congregation was not too happy to find out their pastor still records bars in the studio while he preaches on Sunday. Speaking of hidden lives, we found out about Columbus Short and Nene Leakes criminal pasts. Much to our surprise, Kobe Bryant shocked the nation with his thoughts about Trayvon Martin’s death in an excerpt he wrote in The New Yorker. Tamar Braxton and Porsha Williams has several bones to pick with Kenya Moore. You will be surprised to hear what happened to Moore after the Real Housewives of Atlanta  reunion taping. Actress and comedienne, Mo’Nique shared an uplifting story about her marriage and how it helped her lose weight. To top the week off, Alicia Keys got a makeover  and Evelyn Lozada shut Wendy Williams down when the gossip queen called her son a “cash register.” Get into all this news, below!

Source: Instagram

Source: Instagram

Werk! Are You Feeling Alicia Keys’ New Haircut?

Eh eh eh eh eh eh eh eh eh, it’s a new daaay! And Alicia Keys has a new haircut. Alicia Keys posted a pic on Instagram with a simple “Hi….;-)” showing off a new haircut. A. Keys still has a bit of a short pixie, but she updated it with shaved sides and a tail that makes us say we most definitely approve.


Who Is Linnethia?! NeNe Leakes' Criminal Past Revealed feat

Who Is Linnethia?! NeNe Leakes’ Criminal Past Revealed 

Honey, when NeNe says she can’t believe her life… we have to agree. This woman has done just a little bit of everything. From the stripper pole, to a housewife, to reality tv star, actress and now a contestant on “Dancing With The Stars.” The trajectory of her life is something out of a movie.  But before all of the success she’s experiencing today, NeNe Leakes was Linnethia Johnson and she found herself in quite a bit of trouble.

You Only Need A Handful! Celebrities Who Overdid Their Boob Jobs

March 28th, 2014 - By Iva Anthony
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Many celebrities make a trip to the plastic surgeon to have work done at some point in their career. However, sometimes these celebs get a little too carried away trying to enhance one part of their body, like “the girls.”

Celebrities Who Overdid Their Boob Jobs

Source: Instagram

Naya Rivera

Naya Rivera currently stars on the hit show “Glee” and is engaged to rapper Big Sean but last week she made headlines for a totally different reason. Pictures surfaced of the “Glee” star with her breasts remarkably bigger than they were before. However, Rivera has denied getting a boob job even though it appears she’s gone up at least two cup sizes.

How YOU Doing? Celebrities Who’ve Publicly Slammed Wendy Williams Over The Years

March 27th, 2014 - By Victoria Uwumarogie
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Wendy Williams beef

Photo Credit: Joseph Marzullo/

After the social media-based tongue lashing Evelyn Lozada gave Wendy Williams yesterday for referring to her newborn son as a cash register, and reading the different responses from our readers, it’s clear, Wendy is a polarizing figure. Folks either love her or hate her, but in celebrity land, there are quite a few people who can’t seem to stand her. Comments she has made on her talk show, and in the past on her radio show, have put her out there for criticism from many people, and now that social media is big, many of these celebrities have spoken against the talk show host and former shock jock online. Here are a “few” examples:

Credit: Shutterstock

Credit: Shutterstock

Whitney Houston

Who could forget this interview? After years of speaking on Wendy and her drug use on her radio show, one day, back in 2003, Williams finally had the opportunity of a lifetime to chat with the Houston. However, it didn’t go well–for Wendy. The legendary singer went all the way in during the interview, calling Williams out about her comments about her and her family (she was still married to Bobby Brown at the time), and at one point told her, “If this were back in the day in Newark, I’d meet you outside” and “‘Im sure when you look in the mirror you have some reservations about your look, too … I’ve seen you! I KNOW how you look!”

“#DontComeForMe”: Evelyn Hits Back At Wendy Williams’ “Cash Register” Comment About Her Son With Scathing Response

March 26th, 2014 - By Victoria Uwumarogie
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Wendy Evelyn

Don’t come for Evelyn Lozada unless she sends for you.

We told you earlier this morning how Wendy Williams made a less than tasteful comment while congratulating Lozada on giving birth to her second child, a son by the name of Carl Crawford, Jr. with her fiance, Carl Crawford.

“I also want to congratulate Evelyn Lozada. Evelyn gave birth to a cash register–I mean, a baby boy, with her her fiance, the $142 million dollar, Carl Crawford. I didn’t mean to make that cash register joke, but you see why it’s easy to be said.”

She went on and on, and basically, Williams was saying that Lozada should focus on being a housewife, ditch the Basketball Wives cast, open a Dulce shoe store in LA (and ditch the one in Miami) and be the “queen of the castle.”

But just as quick as she said it, Evelyn Lozada heard about it and posted a scathing response to her statements on Facebook:

Evelyn Lozada Wendy Williams



Those hormones are still probably all over the place, so Williams messed with the wrong one. But don’t expect the talk show host to acknowledge Lozada’s statements, because that means she would have to face the fact that she says some not so nice things about people on her show, would have to apologize, and then she might have to have second thoughts about her “Hot Topics” segment. So yeah, that’s not happening.

What do you think about Lozada’s response?

“He’s Upgrading Her”: Wendy Williams Says Evelyn Birthed A “Cash Register”; Encourages Her To Be A Housewife

March 26th, 2014 - By Victoria Uwumarogie
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Evelyn Lozada son

This week on the Wendy Williams Show, the host congratulated Evelyn Lozada on giving birth to her son, Carl Crawford, Jr. But of course, Wendy implied that the child would be Evelyn’s “cash register,” keeping her comfy in her relationship with her fiance, LA Dodger outfielder, Carl Crawford. She encouraged the former Basketball Wives star to ditch her reality show dealings, the friends she made in the cast, and Miami altogether, to focus on being a Mrs. This is what she had to say:

“I also want to congratulate Evelyn Lozada. Evelyn gave birth to a cash register–I mean, a baby boy, with her her fiance, the $142 million dollar, Carl Crawford. I didn’t mean to make that cash register joke, but you see why it’s easy to be said. Evelyn, girl, congratulations. Carl, like a lot of sports players and a lot of artists, he’s not a bad looking man, but he certainly wasn’t getting the likes of an Evelyn Lozada if he wasn’t playing baseball. She upgraded him, and now that she’s had the baby, he’s upgrading her. If I were her, I would be like ‘Miami who? Miami what?’ I would never go back to Miami. First of all, Evelyn is a woman of a particular age. She’s like 40 years old. Somewhere around there, 38, 40, 41, 38? Same difference. To me, by the time a woman is 38 years old and has liiiived–now remember, her oldest, her only daughter, Shaniece, is in her 20s, so Evelyn was a young mother. She also birthed Shaniece out of a basketball player type situation, that’s why she was on Basketball Wives. Evelyn has clearly liiiived, to the point that right now, this is perfect. Evelyn, I don’t know where ya’ll are going to live, hopefully close to Dodger stadium. Get yourself a little apron, a little Epsom salt to make sure your man’s joints are all taken care of. Take care of your cash register. And you know what Evelyn? Lose the telephone numbers of all those hating basketball wives who are going to want to hate on your situation. I like Shaunie O’Neal who was the creator of Basketball Wives too, but I would even lose Shaunie’s number too–I would start a whole new life as the queen of the castle.

And by the way, Evelyn, very smart to name the child Carl Crawford Jr., just to make ‘ol cash register over here feel well. You should become involved in a lot of charity work. And also, talk to your man about opening you up another Dulce, except Dulce Beverly Hills, not Dulce Miami.”

Of course, Dulce is the name of Lozada’s shoe store that was often featured in earlier seasons of Basketball Wives. Not sure what the status of it is, but Lozada is co-owner of the shoe boutique.

As for Wendy’s comments, I find it interesting that she’s all for these reality TV wives and girlfriends having babies with men so that the child can become a comfort blanket of sorts for them (not saying that this isn’t what some of these women do, but why encourage it?). This was part of the criticism Porsha Williams had of Wendy when she spoke against the TV host last week:

“She’s calling me ‘less than smart’, she’s less than a woman. You shouldn’t do that. I’ve been through a very traumatic situation that hurt me, all I’m trying to do is stand and be strong and possibly inspire somebody else and all she does is knock me down. But this is the same woman who said that I should’ve had a baby by my ex to get cash. Really? Never. Never stoop that low.”

Well, what do you think about Wendy Williams saying Lozada gave birth to a “cash register”? Dead wrong, or does she have a point? Check out the video below, the part on Evelyn begins at the 5:50 mark.

“You Don’t Have To Chase Girls” Future Explains Why He Chose To Marry Ciara

March 24th, 2014 - By Veronica Wells
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Source: YouTube

Source: YouTube

I have to admit that before he started dating Ciara I had no idea who Future was, though he’s pretty accomplished in the music scene in his own right. And even though he has his own thing going on, the most interesting thing about Future right now is the upcoming birth of their baby boy and he and Ciara’s wedding. We’re assuming that’s the reason Wendy Williams invited him onto her talk show. She could talk about the all the girly baby/wedding/love details and he could promote his album. Win-win.

While on the show Future talked about this past weekend’s baby shower, his engagement tattoo, wedding plans and why he decided to marry Ciara. Check out the highlights from the interview below and then you can watch the entire thing, including a performance in the video at the end.

The baby shower
Wendy: Did you stay the whole time?
Future: No I didn’t stay the whole time. I was downstairs. She wanted me to come and support her though. I had to be there for her. I had to.

Wendy: I see a C for your engagement ring… do you have her full name on you anywhere?
Future: No, not yet. You know you have to get the full name.
Wendy: Well…

The wedding plans
Future: The wedding plans are going great. I’m letting her handle the wedding.  I’m doing my album, the album comes out April 22 so she’s coordinating it. Very well, she’s doing a great job at that.
Wendy: There are certain things a man should just stay out of and just show up, like the planning of the wedding.
Future: I’m just approving everything.

Why did you choose marriage?
Future: For me I just believe it just gave me balance. It’s giving me balance, you know with a busy career, you’re doing so much. So you just focus more on your career, you don’t have to chase girls, chasing different women.


You can catch Future’s full interview with Wendy and him performing his new songs in the video below.

“Wendy Never Builds People Up In A Positive Way”: Porsha Williams Slams Wendy Williams

March 21st, 2014 - By Victoria Uwumarogie
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Porsha Williams Wendy Williams

While doing an interview for V-103 in Atlanta this week (she’s doing heavy promo for her new single “Flatline”), Porsha Williams talked about the usual: RHOA, her love life–same ol’, same ol’. But one topic that Williams spoke passionately about that isn’t really brought up was her disdain for Wendy Williams. If you’ll recall, last year Wendy stated on her show that Porsha was less than smart. She said it once to her face while Porsha was a guest, but it seems that she also said it again to her audience–going as far as to encourage the audience members to call her stupid (which they did). The radio personalities played the clip of Wendy Williams and her audience calling her “less than smart” and basically stupid on her show for Porsha, and here is what she had to say in response:

“You know what? It’s just enough. It’s enough of women of power, women of color, not supporting each other. Like every time I see her say something about me, I’m disappointed in her. She’s calling me ‘less than smart’, she’s less than a woman. You shouldn’t do that. I’ve been through a very traumatic situation that hurt me, all I’m trying to do is stand and be strong and possibly inspire somebody else and all she does is knock me down. But this is the same woman who said that I should’ve had a baby by my ex to get cash. Really? Never. Never stoop that low. So for me, I have no thoughts on Wendy, at all. You know what, for her to have that type of platform she has, she should use it better than she does. I’m disappointed in her. I’m not even going to really insult her and go too low, I’m just disappointed in a woman like her to do what she does every single day. It’s the influence that she has. As a TV host, Oprah, for instance, she influences not only her audience, but the world. And to get to that level you have to be intelligent and know how to deal with that power and use it positively. Oprah will definitely go in, if she had an interview with me she would dig in deep, but she would also build me back up. Wendy never builds people up in a positive way, definitely not black women. And for me, I feel like it’s low and it’s just sad. But…she only fools the people in her audience. If you go to her Instagram and Twitter, it’s a completely different opinion. So for me I feel like her audience is just like *clap* clap* *clap* say yeah, say yeah, stupid, whatever. If they have their own mind and they’re at home and they’re on their Twitter they voice that she’s wrong for not saying that she’s sorry that I had a miscarriage. How could you say something about me having a baby by him to get cash and you knew that we had gone through something so traumatic? I feel like, as a woman, she just doesn’t sit and think and do things, so at the end of the day, she might be less than smart.”

What do you think about Porsha’s feelings about Wendy and how she uses her influence? Share your thoughts below.

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