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The Reason Why White Wedding Dresses Are Going Out Of Style

April 18th, 2014 - By Madame Noire
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From StyleBlazer 

This Bridal Fashion Week, we noticed something that we hadn’t seen before. Nearly all the designers showing new collections forgo the traditional stark white-colored dresses for shades of champagne, eggshell and ecru– to name a few. Essentially white is being phased out for a variety of reasons, and we had to get to the bottom of it.

On the eve of the new year, actress Kaley Cuoco wore a bubblegum pink custom Vera Wang gown for her wedding to Ryan Sweeting. As bold as the dress was, she was just one of the many women opting to wear a color other than white– and it paid off. Many will say stark white doesn’t photograph well or is limited, but we think there’s something more to it.

To speak on the subject, we asked experts in the field of wedding gowns about the transition from white dresses to colorful options.

See what they had to say at 

Straight From His Mouth: Do Men Care About Being Invited To Their Friends’ Weddings?

April 14th, 2014 - By RealGoesRight
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Source: Shutterstock

Source: Shutterstock

Almost five years ago, a friend (we’ll call him Jason) I’ve known since high school asked me if I would be the best man in his wedding. I didn’t hesitate to accept. Because we’d been friends for so long, I knew him well enough to know I probably wasn’t his first choice (we’ll get to that in a second), but in any event, I was excited that he asked. His wedding signified a couple of firsts for my life at that point. It’d be the first time I ever attended a wedding that actually happened with someone I was friends with, while obviously being the first wedding I attended as someone’s best man.

Part of the reason I was puzzled about why Jason asked me to be the best man is because Jason and I had a mutual friend (we’ll call him Calvin) he could’ve asked. Jason and Calvin had known each other their entire lives. I mean, “playing in the sandbox, played football as young kids, whole families knew each other,” whole lives. Jason was also the godfather to Calvin’s daughter. Calvin seemed like an easy choice.

After Jason asked me to be the best man in his wedding, Calvin called me a week or so later and asked if I was attending Jason’s wedding. I, without even considering the weirdness of the random call or question, answered in the affirmative. I told Calvin that Jason had asked me to be the best man and I was trying to get everything together so that I’d be able to fly down and fulfill my duties. Calvin got noticeably quiet after I broke the news to him. It was at that moment he told me he wasn’t going to Jason’s wedding. In fact, he hadn’t even been invited. Apparently, Jason and Calvin had had a falling out, having to do with Jason’s fiance, and Calvin “wasn’t allowed” to come to the wedding. Instead of of Jason taking up for Calvin, apparently, he did nothing. Calvin took umbrage with Jason’s lack of action on his behalf.

Obviously I was taken aback by what Calvin told me. I immediately phoned Jason and told him what Calvin said. I told him I felt awkward, because they’d been friends since childbirth and all of us had been friends since high school. We all went to college in Tallahassee and were roommates for the three years I lived there. We’d carried each other during the worst times and celebrated way beyond any of our limits during our best times. I told Jason that whatever issue he’d had with Calvin he needed to settle up, because I didn’t want this to be something that got held against him or me based on a misunderstanding. Jason told me not to worry about it and that whatever Calvin had told me wasn’t really the issue. He wanted me to be the best man, that’s why he asked me. And that was the end of that.

Or, so I thought.

Fast forward to the day of Jason’s wedding and who shows up after the nuptials are said and the couples are joined together in holy matrimony? Calvin. In his work clothes. I watched Calvin walk past all the guests, up between the aisles, and damn near up to the podium to give me a dap. “Just wanted to say what’s up bruh. Hadn’t seen you in a while and I didn’t know the next time you were going to be in town.” I gave Calvin dap and asked if he was going to talk to Jason. I’m not sure if he did.

In short, the answer to the question is yes. Men care if they’re not invited to a close friend’s wedding and if the relationship warrants it, they care if they’re the best man or not, too.


Kelly Rowland Finally Confirms Engagement: “Um, It Happened On Skype”

December 17th, 2013 - By Jazmine Denise Rogers
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Kelly Rowland

After dodging the tirade of engagement questions that have been hurled at her for the past couple of weeks, Kelly Rowland finally broke down and admitted to what we already knew: She’s engaged to her longtime boyfriend and manager, Tim Witherspoon. If you recall, engagement rumors about Kelly and Tim resurfaced a few weeks ago when she appeared in an Instagram video donning a huge rock on her wedding finger.

The “X Factor” judge shyly confirmed her engagement to her buddy Queen Latifah during a recent appearance on the “Queen Latifah Show.”

“He put a ring on it,” the “Dirty Laundry” singer finally confessed, holding up her left hand.

Her admission prompted the audience to go wild and Queen to release a big smile. Apparently the two have been engaged for years, but only Kelly’s closest friends—including Queen—knew about.

“Yes, it’s official. It’s been awhile. We’ve kept it very, very low for years to be completely honest,” the 32-year-old beauty continued.”

As for how Tim popped the question, Kelly adorably confessed that the proposal occurred while she and Tim were miles away from each other.

“Um, it happened on Skype,” said Kelly. “It actually happened on Skype. He asked me first on Skype and I was like, ‘We’re so far away from each other.’ I was in like Bulgaria somewhere. It was so late and I remember, we were both honestly, just starring at each other and he asked me.”

The former Destiny’s Child singer went on to say that without even having to think about it, she instantly agreed to marry her love bug.

“It was just that simple to say, ‘Yes.’ I have my best friend to ride through life with. He really is my best friend.”

Of course, now that she has openly admitted to being engaged, nosy folks like us are wondering when the wedding will be. But we won’t jump the gun. Instead, we’ll just offer our congrats!!!

Watch Kelly’s interview on the next page.

Rashidah Ali Talks Shaunie O’Neal-Produced Wedding Special And Why She’s No Longer Friends With Tahiry

December 4th, 2013 - By Jazmine Denise Rogers
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Rashida Ali

Source: VH1

In case you were disappointed by Rashidah Ali’s lack of camera time in the current season of Love & Hip Hop, you’ll get to see a lot more of her, as she recently announced that she will be collaborating with Shaunie O’Neal for a wedding special.

“Well right now I am actually currently working on a wedding special with Shaunie O’Neal executive producing it of course with the support of Mona because that’s my heart right there and you’ll be able to see him [my fiancé] there since I can’t do the wedding special by myself cause if I could I would,” Rashidah said during an interview with Bossip.

She also surprisingly revealed that her friendship with Tahiry is a done deal.

“The funny thing is that the people that you expect not to get out of line are the ones that get out of line. Tahiry and I are no longer friends and that’s not someone that you would expect to get out of line,” she continued.

Only God knows what caused a rift between the ladies and unfortunately, we may not see it play out on the show. Tahiry responded to Rashidah’s revelation during a follow-up interview with Bossip.

“I really don’t know if it’s gonna play out on the show. I really don’t know what Rashidah is talking about. She’s probably talking about it so you guys can talk about it. At the end of the day, I know what friendship means to me. I know the definition of a friendship. So I guess she’s saying that because she needs to so you guys can ask me about it because there’s  nothing else going on. I’m highly disappointed. It hurts me bad, but everyone does what they want to do when they’re on TV, I guess,” Tahiry said.

“We’ve known each other for eight years—in passing—the last five. When Joey and I lived together, Rashidah was our neighbor for like a year tops [...] There was a level of respect I thought we had. It was a level of friendship that I thought we had. Friends are not friends because you see each other everyday or you connect everyday. Friends are friends because no matter what happens, it’s like y’all never left,” she continued.

It sucks that these two aren’t friends anymore.

Watch Rashida’s interview below and Tahiry’s response on the next page. Would you watch Rashidah’s wedding special?

African-American Businesswoman Introduces dotWed For Couples

November 15th, 2013 - By Ann Brown
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via @Weddomains

via @Weddomains

Adrienne McAdory is hoping to shake up the wedding industry with her new top level domain, dotWED, offering couples a new address for their wedding website. According to her website, “No longer will couples getting married be stuck with undesirable .COM extensions or long URLs from secondary sites.  .WED domain names are sold to couples for one or two years to celebrate their wedding. The domain names then become available to another couple.” So imagine you are getting married. You and the fiance can have your own domain name, i.e. (instead of .com). McAdory charges a starting price of $50 per year for the first two years.

From December 30, 2013 through January 28, 2014 newly-engaged couples will have the opportunity to claim their own dotWED domain name as part of the pre-launch period. The first dotWED websites from will go live on February 1, 2014. For all other, general availability begins for the world April 1, 2014.

McAdory wound up with the ownership rights to dotWED almost by chance. A government IT consultant for more than a decade, she stumbled upon an article in the Washington Post announcing the sale of 1,000 new top level domains (TLDs). Seeing this a great business opportunity, McAdory cashed in a large portion of her savings, formed a company (Atgron Inc.) and purchased the rights to dotWED.

Her timing is great. A third of proposals each year occur between Thanksgiving and New Year’s, and another six million are predicted to occur on Valentine’s Day, reports Mashable.

McAdory plans to take dotWED global. “The Mississippi native who has lived in Ghana, Zimbabwe, Kenya and Beijing, has an international outlook on the reach of dotWED and refuses to settle for only domestic,” says the press release.

Besides the services of dotWED there are other online sites that can also help make your wedding unique. A few examples — courtesy of Mashable — are Wedding Window, which offers custom URLs and online RSVPs; Glo Site, which costs $19.99 per month or $75 per year to use services that include digital and paper wedding invitations and organizational tools for wedding-related activities; and, the old standby, WordPress, which is free but costs money for a domain name and hosting service. Beware, however. “WordPress is probably the service that can be customized the most, but it’s also the most difficult to use,” Mashable points out. You need to be familiar with web coding and because it’s open source, features are at times unreliable.

Ciara And Future Plan To Tie The Knot Next Year

November 6th, 2013 - By Jazmine Denise Rogers
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Ciara and Future

Source: Instagram

Unlike fellow bride-to-be Kim Kardashian, it looks like Ciara is already checking out potential wedding dates. During a recent interview with Entertainment Tonight, the newly engaged “Body Party” singer discussed wedding plans.

“It’s going to be around next year because he’s on tour now and I’m finishing up stuff. We wanted it to be at the best time. I just know I don’t want it to be when it’s super hot. I don’t want everyone to be burning up at the wedding. I want the perfect weather. There’s probably going to be two parts to it because we have so much family in Atlanta, but I like the sun. I like the exotic places in the world, you know?” she said.

The blushing bride-to-be also gushed about how it feels to be getting married.

“It feels so good. What’s so funny is, I was thinking about my life as a woman and all that’s happened to me and the things I’ve been through as a woman. It feels so great to be with someone who’s like, your best friend. I can almost cry talking about it now because every time I think about it, it really kicks in, but I feel so happy. I really do.”

She went on to say that she’s happy to call Future her fiancé.

“I’m just very proud. I think I just like being able to say ‘my fiancé.’ Not my boyfriend. It’s not just that word you toss around. That’s my fiancé! I love it. It feels so good.”


Kim Kardashian Says She’s Leaving The Wedding Planning To Kanye

October 28th, 2013 - By Jazmine Denise Rogers
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Kim Kardashian

Source: WENN

Speaking of marriage proposals and weddings, Kim Kardashian is already discussing wedding planning–sort of. During a recent interview with People, a newly engaged Kim opened up about future wedding plans. Though she didn’t give up much, she did say that she’s allowing Kanye to take the lead on this one.

“We honestly haven’t had a moment to talk about it or even breathe. So, we haven’t really talked about it, but whatever he wants.”

Though it’s pretty rare that you hear a bride-to-be is leaving the wedding planning to her fiancé, I suppose planning a wedding isn’t all that fun or exciting the third go ’round. She did, however, make it clear that she wants her stepfather, Bruce Jenner, to give her away at the wedding. The 33-year-old reality star also dished on what was going through her head during the proposal.

“I was shaking so much, shaking the entire time. Like, ‘Is this really happening?’ It was like an out-of-body experience,” she said.

In case you somehow missed it, Kanye proposed to Kim last weekend during her 33rd birthday celebration in San Francisco. The two have been dating for almost two years and share one daughter together.

Would you ever give your fiancé free reign over your wedding planning?

Guess Who Got Engaged Over The Weekend?!

October 28th, 2013 - By Jazmine Denise Rogers
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Future propose to Ciara.

Source: WENN

It looks like Ciara had a pretty exciting weekend. Not only did the “Body Party” singer celebrate her 28th birthday, but her rapper-producer boyfriend, Future, proposed to her with a 15-carat ring, the AP reports.

According to the couple’s publicist, Chris Chambers, Future popped the question during CiCi’s birthday celebration in New York City last night. In no time, the blushing bride-to-be took to Twitter to express her excitement and shock regarding the surprise proposal.

Screen shot 2013-10-28 at 9.23.54 AM

Screen shot 2013-10-28 at 9.24.04 AM

Screen shot 2013-10-28 at 9.24.14 AMAlthough CiCi may have been shocked by her boo boo’s ultimate expression of love, most of us could’ve predicted that a proposal was in the works. Back in August the “Never End” rapper told Hot97′s Angie Martinez that Ciara was definitely the one.

“It wasn’t like I met her and everything stopped…It’s crazy, me and my brother Rocko we was riding. It had to be like seven years ago…and she was shooting a video on the curb. I was like, ‘Dang, she look good. I’ma have her one day.’He was like ‘Man, stop and say something to her.’ I said ‘Naw I ain’t gonna say nothing to her, but I’ma be with her one day.’ That was seven years ago and I was saying that and it ended up happening”

“This the one. Like I said, I said it before…seven years ago, so for it to come around and happen, it was just meant to be,” he said.

So far no date has been set, but we’ll definitely keep you all posted!


No Plus Ones? 14 Ways You’re Probably Messing Up Wedding Etiquette

September 11th, 2013 - By Julia Austin
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Wedding etiquette is so intricate it’s easy to let your manners slip through some cracks. But just because you’re the bride, doesn’t mean you get to do whatever you want; some mistakes will make your guests feel slighted.

“I Don’t!”: Job Insecurity Main Culprit Behind Decline In Marriages

August 15th, 2013 - By Kimberly Gedeon
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Last week, MN wrote about guests declining marriage invites because attending weddings are too expensive. But now, let’s talk about the flip side: wedding extravaganzas are in decline because working class Americans simply do not have enough financial security, according to Health Day.

The latest findings show that the marriage rate has shrunk to 6.8 per 1,000 weddings. In 2000, the rate 8.2 and in 1970, it was 10.6. Currently, the average age that women are gettin married is 27 — the highest it has ever been. This coincides with a new study that discovers that women with college degrees are more likely to be married than women with high school diplomas; “a stark reversal from years ago,” Health Day added.

Working-class men and women claimed that job insecurity was the main culprit that is hindering their walk down the aisle; a lack of resources and low wages makes the prospect of marriage unnerving. “[T]hey had a hard time imagining being able to provide for someone else—financially or emotionally,” said Sarah Corse, a researcher involved in the study.

The working class are too concerned about the present — such as figuring out how to get a hold of sufficient funds — to plan for future. According to research from UCLA, low-income Americans want to get married just as much as their higher-income counterparts.  But they have a better grasp of the values needed to sustain a happy marriage compared to higher-earning classes. “Poor people were more focused on the role of a good job, and an adequate income, and having some savings as the important factors in having a successful marriage,” Forbes added.

“If you can’t handle your own problems,” Corse said, “how can you take on someone else’s? Marriage just doesn’t look very appealing.” As a result, young working class adults often opt for short-term relationships — such as co-habitation — rather than pursuing a long-term marriage.

Working-class men and women are waiting to move up on the social and economic ladder before they jump the broom, adds Andrew Cherlin, a marriage and family professor at John Hopkins University. Pretty rational, don’t you think? The biggest predictor of divorce is a married couple being unable to make ends meet.

“A good marriage is unrealistic given the economic stresses haunting blue-collar America and especially low-income black communities,” Forbes said. “The simple fact behind the decline of marriage in the US is economic pragmatism.”


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