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Vivica Fox Takes A Stance On Bill Cosby Scandal: “I Stand By Him As Well”

January 9th, 2015 - By Jazmine Denise Rogers
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Vivica Fox

As the Bill Cosby scandal continues to make national headlines, more celebrities who know the comedian personally are being asked to take a stance.

During a recent appearance on “Meredith,” actress Vivica A. Fox offered her take on the controversy. She started by praising her “Celebrity Apprentice” co-star Keshia Knight Pulliam for the way that she handled being questioned about the controversy.

“[She handled it] like a class act,” said the 50-year-old reality star. “It’s part of it that they would attach her name to Mr. Cosby because they have history together.”

She went on to say that during her time spent with Cosby, he never behaved inappropriately.

“I’ve worked on ‘The Cosby Show’and was honored to do the show,” she added. “I have to agree with Keisha: The man I met was nothing like the man they are describing. He was nice, kind. There were no sexual overtones.”

Lastly, Vivica expressed her support Cosby.

“I defend him, and I stand by him as well, too.”

It’ll be interesting to see how the public and Cosby’s accusers respond to her comments.

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Vivica A. Fox, Rev. Al Sharpton & Others Create Hollywood Diversity Task Force

January 7th, 2015 - By Lauren R.D. Fox
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sony logo

Reverend Al Sharpton has announced the formation of the Hollywood Diversity Task Force in direct response to the racially insensitive emails Sony executives sent to one another about President Obama, Kevin Hart and other Black entertainers. For example, as we previously reported:

“In a leaked email exchange between Sony Pictures executives, Clint Culpepper rips into Kevin Hart and refers to him as a ‘whore’ for requesting more than the $3 million he was paid to appear in a film to tweet about the project.”

The Force plans to combat the systematic racism that still prevails in modern Hollywood by advising them how be more inclusive toward Black entertainers and audiences. The selected members of the Force are: former Fox head of diversity, Ron Taylor; CEO and founder of Hollywood Black Film Festival, Tanya Kersey; Nobel Laureate, Dr. Woodrow Clark; producer/director Jean Claude LaMarre; Rev. K.W Tulloss of the National Action Network; actress/producer, Vivica A. Fox; Pastor William Smart Jr, of Southern Christian Leadership Conference; and author/filmmaker Gary Hardwick.

In a statement actor Jean Claude LaMarre who was worked with Sony said:

“As a 15-year veteran of this business, first as an actor then as a director, this is not only an important step in the right direction for Sony, it’s a necessary step.”

The Task Force plans to meet with  Sony executive Amy Pascal later this month to discuss how Sony can change their business practices in regards to people of color. Below is a picture of a few of the Task Force members.

SONY Task Force

SONY Task Force

“Twirl On That” Vivica Fox Continues Feud With Kenya Moore

January 7th, 2015 - By Veronica Wells
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vivica fox continues feud with Kenya feat

Kenya Moore seems to make enemies wherever she goes. And her spot on celebrity apprentice is no different. This time it was Vivica Fox who she sunk her claws into.

Earlier in the year we told you about Kenya stealing Vivica’s smartphone in the middle of filming an episode of the show. 

While filming for the series has ended, now that the show is airing on NBC, Vivica is reliving all of that madness. And she still feels a way about it. She took to Twitter to air out her frustrations.

But Vivica Fox isn’t the only one lobbying these allegations against Kenya. When Geraldo Rivera was on “Good Morning America” he also said he witnessed some criminal activity.

And in the most surprising move of all, Kenya chose not to clapback directly. Instead, a day later she posted this subliminal message on her Instagram page.

They have no power

A photo posted by Kenya Moore (@thekenyamoore) on

And then today:

Thanks @cynthiabailey10 had to reiterate 😘

A photo posted by Kenya Moore (@thekenyamoore) on

Truth of the matter is that Kenya has issues with so many different people, this could have been directed at anyone.

“I Had To Learn To Stop Dating Little Boys” Vivica Fox Talks Love Life And Missing Motherhood With Oprah

October 10th, 2014 - By Veronica Wells
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Source: OWN

Source: OWN

This Sunday, Vivica Fox will sit down with Oprah for her “Where Are They Now” episode. Vivica’s a charismatic lady so you know she and Oprah gelled well together. Plus, Oprah’s able to ask questions most of us can’t get away with. Anyway, during their sit-down she asked Vivica did she ever regret the fact that she didn’t become a mother and her answer was very candid and a bit sad, actually. See what she had to say.

Oprah:  Do you ever miss being a mother?
Vivica:  Of course.
Oprah:  Really?
Vivica:  If that’s the biggest regret of my life that I have was that I didn’t have a child but I’m a good godmother.
Oprah:  Really?
Vivica:  Oh yeah, I bring the best gifts and throw the best parties. If that’s the one thing that I have a regret about, that would be that I didn’t have a child.
Oprah:  Really?
Vivica:  Yes.
Oprah:  I didn’t expect that answer.
Vivica:  Yeah, that’s the only thing. I’ll never forget seeing Halle on the red carpet and she’d just had Nahla. And I said, “Wow she so beautiful.”  She said, “Vivica if I knew then what I know now I would’ve had 5 of them.” And she said the joy I see in her eyes is just like no other high that I’ve ever experienced so I don’t get to see my eyes in a child.

Wow. It’s so beautiful but also really unfortunate for Vivica, considering it seems like it was clearly something she wanted for her life.

But on a lighter, much more hilarious note, Oprah asked her one of her staple questions: what do you know now that you wish you knew then. I would think Vivica would speak about something in her career. Instead, the conversation veered off into her love life and how she used to get completely distracted by a six pack and a smile.

Oprah: What do you know now, that you wish you had known then that could have saved you so much time?
Vivica: Just to have a little bit more patience. Not to basically fall in love so quick. I have a tendency– I would jump into the shallow end of the pool head first. Now I’m a little bit more cautious with getting to know people, especially for my love life.
Oprah: So what are you now looking for that you weren’t then?
Vivica: Gosh, a man more than anything else. I had to learn to stop dating little boys. I had to learn to stop falling in love with a six pack and a smile, honey. It used to just be the curse for your girl. I did honey. if a six pack and smile came my way, I was just the worse.

I can’t help but think of at least a couple of men she’s referencing. *Calls 50 Cent and Vivica’s former fiancé Omar “Slimm” White to mind.* I know she’s happy to be out of that phase…

You can watch these clips from the interview in the videos on the next page.

You Don’t Want It With Her: Kenya Moore Steals Vivica Fox’s Phone & Gets Cussed Clean Out

May 21st, 2014 - By Veronica Wells
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kenya moore steal vivica fox's phone feat

If it’s one thing Kenya Moore knows how to do, it’s make new enemies. As you know it’s been reported that the RHOA star is on the upcoming season of “Celebrity Apprentice” and though the show has yet to air, she’s already found herself in trouble with her competition. I don’t know what Kenya thought but apparently she set her sights on taking down fellow contestant Vivica Fox. Lawd why? Everyone knows that Vivica is as sweet as can be until you take her there. And then the hood comes out.

Apparently Kenya didn’t get the memo or was still going to test the waters because on the show she came for the veteran actress in the most juvenile way imaginable. She stole her phone.

And she stole it to tweet this message.

Kenya Moore Steals Vivica Fox's Phone

Source: Twitter

“This menopause id [sic] killing me I can’t think straight, im acting a damn fool half the time 50 just isn’t sexy.”

The tweet was deleted but according to the Daily Mail, all hell broke loose on set afterward.

“It was World War III on that set. Vivica cursed her out so bad that the entire set was speechless, even Kenya.”

And apparently Trump didn’t take too well to Kenya’s antics. Her firing was more severe than usual as he told her, “You’re the most evil woman I’ve ever met in my life.”


Sadly, Vivica wasn’t the only person Kenya tried to bait. She also antagonized Keisha Knight Pulliam. Smh. Who beefs with Rudy?!

Vivica’s phone was stolen last month. But in response to the news coming out recently, Fox posted this image on her Instagram.

Source: Instagram

Source: Instagram


For those who aren’t familiar, it’s a shot from her movie Two Can Play That Game. 

She included the caption: “REALLY? The truth will be revealed very soon TRICK!! I’m just saying! MY PHONE WAS STOLEN BY U!!”

Lawd… It’s a shame black women act like this on television but someone like Kenya brings the worst out of people. And if she’s going to act a fool, I hope the cameras caught Vivica checking her.

As of now the official cast of this season as well as an air date for “Celebrity Apprentice” has yet to be announced but please believe we’ll keep you posted.

Celebrities Who Should Be Featured On Unsung’s Spin-Off, “Unsung Hollywood”

January 9th, 2014 - By Victoria Uwumarogie
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Good news! After so much success catching up with the underrated and often off-the-radar music stars in music with Unsung, TV One is about to bring us Unsung Hollywood. Same format, but giving us a back story on all the ups and downs of the careers and lives of black folks we love from TV and film. They already have episodes with Pam Grier, Kadeem Hardison and Robin Harris (to name a few) on deck, but we couldn’t help but throw a few options of stars they need to also profile out there. Check ‘em out!

Dorothy Dandrige Promotional Photography x Google Images

Dorothy Dandridge

Talk about a beauty. Dorothy Dandridge was the first African-American woman to be nominated for an Academy Award, but the road to getting the nomination, and how life went for her after the fact wasn’t easy. Dandridge had the type of story that (if any of her colleagues are still alive to tell it) had everything from financial struggles (accountants swindled her out of thousands and she owed back taxes), nervous breakdowns, affairs, career explosions and moments that stalled, and the reinvention of her career later in life. She only lived 42 years, but her life and career has been one that has influenced everyone from Halle Berry, Cicely Tyson and more.

Vivica Might Be On To Something: 15 Reasons We’ll Pass On Dating Men Under 30

October 9th, 2013 - By Meg Butler
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Image Source:

Image Source:

Vivica Fox is newly single and announced, at 49, that she’s done dating men under 30. We think she could be on to something because we’ve got a list of gripes about our 20-year-old exes that’s a mile long. Here are the reasons we say “pass” when it comes to dating men under 30.

Can’t Knock The Hustle: Black Faces That Seemed To Be In Every Black Movie And Show Back In The Day

July 9th, 2013 - By Clarke Gail Baines
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Have you ever watched a black film or TV show and thought to yourself, “Dang! He/she stays in a movie!”? It’s not that they’re the greatest actors of all time, but these people were just very good at getting in where they could fit in for a check. Whether they’re playing an aunt, a mom, a dad, an ogled over love interest or a shady character, these people have had some type of role, big or small in most of the movies we’ve tuned in to over the years. I dare you to look at this list and say you don’t agree.

Bet You Didn’t Know: Secrets Behind The Making Of “Booty Call”

April 22nd, 2013 - By Veronica Wells
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Source: Columbia Pictures

Source: Columbia Pictures

We all love our classic films. We love to see a good story beautifully told through the vehicle of film. But every now and then, it’s alright to…indulge in something that’s a little less high brow and a little more ridiculous. That film is Booty Call. You probably haven’t seen it since it was released in 1997, so to refresh your memory, check out the trailer below.

Now that you’ve been updated on the storyline, let’s get into the behind the scenes secrets.

Bet You Didn’t Know: Secrets Behind The Making Of “Two Can Play That Game”

March 4th, 2013 - By Veronica Wells
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Source: Sony Pictures

Source: Screen Gems

If you’re into playing games, you might have seen a bit of yourself in the 2001 film, Two Can Play That Game. It was all about the foolish things men and women do in order to keep the upper hand, maintain their sense of power in a relationship. That’s what Shante Smith (Vivica Fox) was doing when she noticed that her man Keith (Morris Chestnut) was “acting up.” You remember the whirlwind journey these two went through; and if you paid attention you might have even picked up on the take away message. You remember it all but we bet you don’t know these behind the scenes secrets. Check them out.