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Vivica Fox Joins “Empire” As Cookie’s Oldest Sister

September 10th, 2015 - By Jazmine Denise Rogers
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Splash News

Splash News

The “Empire” season premiere is less than two weeks away, and we’re still hearing about actors and actresses being added to the long list of celebrities making guest appearances this season.

The latest addition to the musical drama is actress-turned-reality-star, Vivica Fox. The 51-year-old delivered the announcement to fans on Instagram Wednesday, noting that she will be playing Cookie Lyon’s oldest sister. She joins Tasha Smith, who made her series debut as Cookie’s middle sister, Carol, last season.

“OK!! Yall ready?? YES it’s true!! I will be playing Cookie’s older sister on #Empire!! Boom!! Thankx so much @theoriginalbigdaddy @tarajiphenson @Tasha4RealSmith 4 this amazing opportunity! Thankx @Shariceomari 4 the lovely portrait! #LifeIsGood #GodIsGood #Blessed #Respect #MyGrindDontStop #LegitimateCareer #ClassicBadChick ;-).”

According to Entertainment Weekly, Fox will enter the storyline during episode 8 when she embarks on a quest to locate her younger sister for unknown reasons.

“Cookie’s other family members are troublesome to say the least,” said “Empire” executive producer executive producer Ilene Chaiken.

This could be quite interesting.

Ladies! The Official Trailer For Chocolate City Has Arrived!

April 25th, 2015 - By Courtney Whitaker
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Ladies, ladies, ladies, the moment you’ve been waiting for is finally here.

The official trailer for “Chocolate City” has finally dropped and ladies, it’s full of well um…beautiful fine men. The film, set to hit theaters and Itunes May 22nd, stars Michael Jai White, Tyson Beckford, Ginuwine, and Robert Ri’Chard and Vivica A. Fox.

“Chocolate City” will follow Robery Ri’Chard as Michael,  a struggling college student who changes in an instant when he meets the owner of a male strip club who convinces him to give amateur night a whirl.

The film was shot in Inglewood, California and directed by Jean-Claude La Marre.

Will you be heading to theaters May 22nd?

Still Stunning: 15 Fierce Vivica A. Fox Looks

March 12th, 2015 - By Rich
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Vivica A. Fox is looking better than ever. The Independence Day actress has been keeping busy over the years by launching side projects such as launching the Vivica A. Fox Hair Collection. The hair line was built in 2009 alongside a strong team of hair stylists and industry insiders to put together a high-rated line of wigs and extensions.

Side gigs aside, (Celebrity Apprentice!) Fox is known for her memorable roles in films such as Set it Off, Independence Day and Two Can Play That Game to name a few. Vivica A Fox reminisced about the impact of the 1996 chick flick Set it Off:

I’ve had men come up to me with tears in their eyes. They thought they weren’t going to be affected, but they were. They really identified with it, and I wish we had known that as we were going in, because we wouldn’t have had all of us get killed. We could have done the sequel! It appeals to people of all nationalities, men, women, Mexican, white, black. It just surprised them, because we made for I think, $9 million, and it grossed over $50 million. And I went to promote it in Europe and they loved it. Studios here think African American films don’t sell across the waters, but they do.


Still Stunning: 15 Fierce Vivica A. Fox Looks

“I Was Like WOW”: 50 Cent Finally Responds To Vivica Fox Saying He Was The Love Of Her Life

March 6th, 2015 - By Victoria Uwumarogie
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vivica fox says 50 cent is love of her life


It’s safe to say that everyone was a little taken aback when Vivica A. Fox shared with the world that out of all the men she has dated and fallen for, 50 Cent was the love of her life. In case you missed it, she told Meredith Vieira that the rapper and businessman had her feelings all in a tizzy, and even though she loved him, she realized that he was not good for her.

“Even though he is absolutely the love of my life, dating 50 Cent was difficult. I really, really cared for him. I loved him very much and I always will, but he just wasn’t right for me. And that’s hard when you really, really love a person in your heart and you want to be with them, but you finally have to say, ‘He’s just not right for me.’ I wish him the best. He is amazing, and baby, he fine, but to just know that if you love someone, to just know that they’re not right for you. Sometimes love ain’t always right. The heart wants what it wants, but sometimes it’s just not right.”

Well, 50 sat down with Angie Martinez this week, alongside fellow G-Unit members Lloyd Banks and Tony Yayo, and finally responded to Fox’s admission.

“I saw that after. I was like WOW, that she would even say that at this point. It was a lot of confusion. At that point, I was real green. We at 2003, the release of Get Rich or Die Tryin’, largest debuting hip-hop album, and I’m sitting there like, ‘huh?’ We went out once before the [MTV Video Music] award show. I didn’t know the award show was going to publicly marry us. She knew better than I did what was going to happen, so when the train is taking off without you, you kind of feel really uncomfortable, and you don’t get to that point where you get to feel the way that the public is perceiving it. But women are more advanced than men emotionally.”

When asked if he has someone who is the love of his life, he told Martinez that the special person hasn’t come around yet.

“I don’t think I have. No. I have people I value for our friendship during the period we’ve been around each other, but I’m not sure what will happen in my life.”

He also spoke on his relationships with his sons. He says that his son, Sire, changed him.

“He’s cute right? He look like me. Eyebrows and stuff. I have so much fun with him, man. My spirit changes and I light up when you talk about him.”

But sadly, he still hasn’t reconnected with his eldest son, Marquise.

“I haven’t spoken to him. I don’t speak to him. With him and that situation, it’s so complex, Angie. Over time, she’s [Marquise’s mother] instilled her entitlement.

When asked if they could possibly work things out, the rapper said that he’s unsuccessfully tried and feels that his child, and the child’s mother, are too entitled.

“I’m listening to see what he’s saying. I don’t understand it to be honest with you. It’s a choice. My grandfather would tell you, your enemy’s enemies are your friends. Watch people, because you may not necessarily have an altercation with that person, but they’ll side with someone they think has an altercation with you on the common ground of disliking you. His mother’s views, he’s embraced. You saw him next to Floyd when I had a problem with Floyd. Seen him sit next to Slow[bucks]…it’s too cool to not be little 50 that he’s associated with everything around me but me. He keeps contact with everyone but me. There’s been points that I’ve went places that he was at, that he left. I don’t understand it. If you’ve done nothing but display love or affection towards someone…if you ask for something, like he’s a sneakerhead and likes to collect shoes. Say you getting a pair of Jordans and their $250 dollars. He says, ‘I want these new shoes.’ He asks his mother and she says, ‘Aight, I’ll figure out how to get ’em for you. But it just bothers me because your dad…you’re supposed to have more.’ Now you don’t even feel the gratification connected to you receiving what you wanted because you feel like you’re supposed to have more.”

This chat definitely had some interesting moments. You can check them out for yourself below. His comments about his sons start at the 12:55 mark, and his feelings on Fox come in around 25:33.


Vivica Fox Says Even Though 50 Cent Was The One, She Refused To Settle For His Shenanigans: “Sometimes We’re Afraid To Be Alone”

February 17th, 2015 - By Victoria Uwumarogie
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vivica fox says 50 cent is love of her life


We told you over the weekend that on an upcoming episode of “The Meredith Vieira Show,” Vivica Fox was going to reveal that out of all the men who have come and gone in her love life, 50 Cent was THE one. In case you missed that post, she said that dating the rapper was very difficult, and even though she had fallen hard for him, she had to move on from 50 because he was “just not right for me.”

Well, the full episode aired yesterday, and not only did Fox say that he was the love of her life, but she also shared, while fighting back tears, what she learned after she realized that while he might have been what she wanted, he wasn’t what she needed. This is what she had to say about the rapper being her biggest mistake, or in the words of Sheryl Crow, Fox’s “Favorite Mistake.”

“Even though he is absolutely the love of my life, dating 50 Cent was difficult. I really, really cared for him. I loved him very much and I always will, but he just wasn’t right for me. And that’s hard when you really, really love a person in your heart and you want to be with them, but you finally have to say, ‘He’s just not right for me.’ I wish him the best. He is amazing, and baby, he fine, but to just know that if you love someone, to just know that they’re not right for you. Sometimes love ain’t always right. The heart wants what it wants, but sometimes it’s just not right.”

Vieira went on to ask Fox what she learned once that relationship came to an end, and the actress said that she was reminded not to settle:

“To trust in my heart, and to know to take the time not to settle. I think as women sometimes we’re afraid to be alone. Or we think, ‘Oh my God, he’s a great catch!’ But make sure you’re not dating his agent. Make sure you’re dating him. Because you know the first three months, they’ll show you all the bells and whistles, and then the real one shows up. And that goes for guys and girls, because there are some girls who got some trick bags too!”

Check out that part of their chat below and share your thoughts. Auntie Viv was preachin’ about folks and their “agents”!


“Sometimes Love Ain’t Always Right” Vivica Fox Says 50 Cent Is The Love Of Her Life

February 15th, 2015 - By Toya Sharee
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vivica fox says 50 cent is love of her life


It was some time ago, but you may remember when rapper 50 Cent and Vivica Fox turned up on someone’s red carpet officially declaring they were a couple back in 2003. They had a nasty breakup that same year, both trashing each other’s names in the after math, with 50 labeling her a stalker and Vivica fighting back saying she was sexy long before hooking up with Mr. “It’s Ya Birthday” himself. But Fox recently revealed that there’s no love lost…in fact she might just have to see the G-Unit rapper next lifetime.

“He is absolutely the love of my life,” the 50 year-old  Celebrity Apprentice alum admitted to journalist Meredith Vierra on her talk show in an episode scheduled to air Monday, February 16. Vivica explains that dating the performer was “difficult.”  Both stars have said in the past that the demise of the relationship was due to conflicting schedules and the challenges that can come with maintaining a relationship while building a career.

“I really, really cared for him and I loved him very, very much and I always will, but he just wasn’t right for me.”

“That’s hard when you really, really love a person in your heart, you want to be with them, but you finally have to say, ‘He’s just not right for me.’”

Fox spoke honestly about her feelings for the 39-year-old rapper who made headlines last year mostly for the strained relationship he has with his oldest son, Marquise. He is also father to 16-month-old Sire whom he parents with girlfriend Daphne Joy.

“I wish him the best, he is amazing and baby, he’s fine, but… sometimes love ain’t always right,” she revealed. “The heart wants what it wants, but sometimes it’s just not right.”

50 Cent must have put the thang down on Ms. Fox, but it’s nice that she can put her pride to the side to talk openly and honestly about how much the relationship affected her. We’re glad they’ve been able to move on for the better.

“She’s Been Rewarded For Bad Behavior” Vivica Fox Talks Tension With Kenya Moore

February 10th, 2015 - By Veronica Wells
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 Vivica Fox Talks Tension With Kenya Moore

Source: Wendy Williams

Now that Vivica Fox essentially fired herself from “Celebrity Apprentice,” she’s making her rounds on the talk show circuit. She swung by “The Wendy Williams Show” as well as Huffington Post Live to talk about her tenure on the show, how she’s managed to maintain a career in the entertainment industry and of course, her on-going beef with Kenya Moore.

Check out a couple of highlights from her interviews.

First, her “Wendy Williams” appearance:

Wendy: At what point did you realize that she stole your phone?

Vivica: Let me answer a couple of things for you guys. A lot of people are saying how did she get her phone and get into her phone. I’m used to be around people I trust. So I didn’t have a lock on my phone. I didn’t. I had just gotten my phone and I’m used to handing my phone to the assistant, to the make up artist–I got legitimate things going on, ok?

And so when I sat my phone down, they rushed me out to go do an interview and when I came back, it was gone. We tore up that room, looking for my phone. And guess who was the one person who had their back turned and didn’t bother to help.

Kenya’s comments about menopause…Kenya is only seven years younger than us, so you’re on your way. 

Yes, it’s going to happen to you too boo. But for me, it made me take better care of myself, workout, drink more water. You just push through. It happens! It is life.

Kenya’s Malificent plastic surgery reference. Do you think that she crossed the line?

I just need to say this. If this reminds you of Malificent, it made 700 million dollars worldwide, so thanks for the comparison boo.

Then, on her interview with Huffington Post Live, she dug a little bit deeper about Kenya’s real issue, not just with Vivica, but with herself.

About Kenya: 

That one there, she’s something else. And it’s sad because I’ve known Kenya for a very long time, when she won the crown, Miss America or Miss USA–whichever one it was. But the Kenya Moore that I knew then is absolutely nothing like the Kenya Moore now.

Huff Post Host, Caroline Modarressy-Tehrani: How has she changed?

Well, desperate times call for desperate measures. And she’s been rewarded for bad behavior. So I think what happens is, it’s like an addict, they keep pushing, they keep pushing and she lives scandal after scandal that’s how she gets down. Myself, I do the work. I have talent and I’m glad that I get to go back to doing movies, doing legit projects that I produce and star in.

Do you feel like she has enough talent to be anywhere on your level?

Do I think she what?


Well, and there you have it. Silence is in the room.

Well, you can look at my resume and look at hers. You know. I don’t like to be the mean girl but the thing that was most upsetting about Kenya was that she doesn’t show respect. I’ve been doing this for 25 years and I’ve done the work. I think at one point she said that I have limited talent and that was just like…wooo.

You can watch Vivica’s full interview in the video below.

Vivica Fox Vs. Kenya Moore: Will The TV Drama Ever End?

February 5th, 2015 - By Rich
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Some are calling it the best fight in the history of Celebrity Apprentice.

If you didn’t see or hear about the epic boardroom battle between Vivica A. Fox and reality TV star Kenya Moore on Monday night’s Celeb Apprentice, well, consider yourself lucky because it was every bit as ratchet as it has been made out to be.

It started with the trivial back and forth about who had the biggest rump, then escalated to Vivica accusing Kenya of stealing her phone and tweeting an embarrassing message about her being menopausal. Sparks continued to fly when Viv called Kenya some names better left on a street corner and it ended with Kenya getting fired by the Trumpster.

Oh, Snap! One would think that with reality TV shows being a dime a dozen we’d have our fill of backstabbing, name-calling, neck-rolling divas and their never-ending drama! Yet somehow the trash keeps coming and so do we. Will it ever end? Or better yet, will we ever tire of it?

Eyelash extension expert to the stars and reality TV show junky, Dionne Phillips, says, “It’s only going to get more volatile, more Mad Max-ish because we’re so desensitized and isolated with our social media. This feeds our thirst for stimulation.”

It’s a sentiment echoed by a TV show producer that we’ll call ‘The Predictor of Doom.’ Not only does she believe it’s going to get worse, she’s afraid of what’s next. “You have networks making so much money with such little investment so they’re going to keep pushing the envelope. Plus you have regular people becoming overnight stars and they’re happy to give them what they want. And let’s face it, everyone loves seeing these train wrecks.”

Well, not everybody. Sady J, a senior who has watched more than her share of reality TV over the years, was not amused by the lady’s Apprentice show antics. In fact, she was embarrassed. “Think about it this way,” she said. “This was the worst fight in the history of the show and it had to be between two black women. Horrible.”

SMH indeed. But in many ways it does keep getting worse. WE tv just aired its version of ‘The Bachelor’ called ‘Match Made in Heaven,’ and what gained more attention than Shawn Bullard, the bachelor himself, were clips of his overbearing mom screaming, “I’ll f*ck a b*tch up if she messes with my son!” At least that’s what she appeared to say between beeps. It actually does get scary because she’s like Mama Joyce from The ATL Housewives on steroids! Where are we going with this?!

It starts feeling real conspiracy-ish because networks know exactly what they’re doing depicting us this way. ‘The Bachelor’ never needed a slick talking mom and neither does ‘Match Made in Heaven.’ So why do they do it? Ratings? To show us at our worse, further depicting us as low-class hoes? Trump is by no means a Saint in all of this. He has a show to sell to the public and he has no problem throwing black women under the bus to do it. Sadly, we have no problem throwing each other under the bus. Anything for that fame. Unfortunately, the real losers are black women because it does nothing to further us along. Hopefully, we’ll tire of seeing ourselves this way, and when this happens the ratings will speak for themselves.

Until then however…the Vivica Fox Vs. Kenya Moore drama continues…

Erickka Sy Savané is a freelance writer and creator of THE BREW, a social commentary blog. Before that she was a model/actress/MTV VJ. Follow her on Twitter and Instagram.

“That’s A Dirty A** B***h”: Vivica Fox And Kenya Moore Go At It On “Celebrity Apprentice” Over Phonegate

February 3rd, 2015 - By Victoria Uwumarogie
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For months we’ve heard about the issues between Kenya Moore and Vivica Fox, but we finally had the chance to see them unfold before us on last night’s episode of “Celebrity Apprentice.”

Moore had to team up with Fox to work on a campaign for King’s Hawaiian Buns, and she was the project manager for Team Vortex. When they went with Moore’s theme that “buns are like butts,” an idea the company was NOT feeling, their team lost the challenge and had to face Donald Trump in the boardroom (Moore, Fox and Geraldo Rivera were specifically put on the spot). Things started out civil between the women, but when Moore tried to claim that Fox wasn’t a team player because she was dealing with menopause, Fox went off.

“That’s a dirty a** b***ch right there.  That’s why I tried to tell you that this child has toxic tendencies. You are just a toxic trick!”

Moore tried to stay above the name calling in front of Donald Trump, but she didn’t have a problem with calling Fox “ghetto”:

“Oh my God, really? This is not the ghetto. Please don’t take it there.”

But Fox was not trying to hear it:

“You’re there, honey. That’s the only place you can be prevalent in, honey. Baby, I’m an international star. You’re a ghetto star. Don’t do that.”

The whole menopause conversation came up because Moore claimed that Fox sent out a tweet saying that she had been “acting a damn fool” because of such a stage in life. But Fox said that her phone went missing for some time, a claim that Rivera backed her up on, and that she never tweeted out anything like that. In fact, Fox says that she rarely tweets in general. It was Fox’s belief that Moore is the one who took her phone and sent the tweet.

After some thought, Donald Trump decided to send Moore home, despite Fox having five different losses in the competition so far, and Moore being pretty successful in the past. It didn’t help that Trump had to ask Moore beforehand, “Why are you so mean to everyone?”

When Moore was sent packing, she tried to pretend like she wanted to extend an olive branch to Fox, but things didn’t go as planned. Fox let her know how she really felt:

“I could care less. Bounce. Trick. She stole my phone. I’m glad they saw you for who the hell you are. Bye, trick.”

Watch the scene in full, starting around the 33 minute mark:

Time for you to figure out, as Fox says, who was “living a lie all day…”

And Don’t Come Back: 15 Stars Banned From Talk Shows

January 14th, 2015 - By Rich
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This list of stars banned from talk shows is almost surreal and the reasons behind why they’ve been banned run from the comical to the petty to the ‘what the what??” Our top contenders include Kathy Griffin who’s pretty much been banned from all the top shows and Piers Morgan who has a LIST of celebrities that aren’t allowed on our show. And oh that guy who got banned from setting Jay Leno’s couch on fire.

Source Binged Watch, Your Daily Scoop, WBLI. All images courtesy of WENN


And Don’t Come Back: 15 Stars Banned From Talk Shows